The U.S. Exploits Chaos To Expand Its Footprint In Syria

MONERO (XMR): 884Bz8UH63aYsjVdkfWfScRYWZGGNbjFL7pztqvWNSrtYT4reFSwyvkCj9KEGUtheHhhMUj87ciTBFyzoesrMJ4L1FvSoxL. The exchange of fire between the Turkish Armed Forces and the factions it backs against the Kurdish groups is continuing with full force in Northeastern Syria. The most recent flare up began when a Turkish MRAP Kirpi armored vehicle was targeted with a guided missile while on...
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The Maldives’ ‘India Out’ Campaign

The Maldives relationship with India has habitually oscillated between support and opposition. Currently certain domestic elements in the Maldives have skillfully attempted to drive the relationship to a nadir by driving anti-India sentiments. Unfortunately, on this occasion India has yet again been a victim of the internal political situation in the Maldives. India plays a critical role in economic, defense, and humanitarian sectors in the Maldives and will continue to do so despite the campaign. Only a change in political leadership and government might affect the capacity of India’s affairs with the Maldives.

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Turkish Developers Compete For Middle-Class UGV For Ankara’s Armed Forces. Turkey is steadily and almost surely moving towards military self-sufficiency. In addition to that it is moving towards one of the leading positions of unmanned systems producers. The Bayraktar TB2 UAV is infamous at this point, with its affordable price and easy maneuverability and capability to carry out strikes in various environments. Now, Turkey’s indigenous manufacturers compete to produce an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). Four unmanned ground vehicles are competing to enter service with Turkey’s military under the force’s medium-class UGV project. Turkey’s largest defense company, Aselsan, is participating in the competition with its Aslan UGV, while Havelsan is pitching its Barkan; Best Group is offering its Fedai; and Elektroland Defence is proposing its Hancer. All four feature Aselsan’s SARP remote-controlled weapon system. According to a statement released by Turkey’s top defense procurement official, Ismail Demir, the indigenously produced UGVs have reached the final phase of the competition. The four finalist UGVs carried out tests with their 7.62mm guns and the contest is expected to conclude with a final winner system in Aug 2021. Demir described five categories on which the UGVs will be evaluated: general inspection, mobility, autonomy, firing and performance. Due to confidentiality no other specifications or information were provided. There are, however, expectations that if more than one system is sufficiently good, there could be more than one winner, up to four, as there are that many finalists.
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Seattle to Salt Lake City Road Trip Through Oregon

A Seattle to Salt Lake City road trip is a great idea. Maybe you are heading home from or heading to a vacation or maybe you found cheap flights out of the SLC airport. Utah is home to some of the most unique landscapes in the U.S. in my opinion so a Seattle to Utah road trip is definitely a good idea for a fun family vacation.

Alfi Study Predicts Programmatic Advertising Spending to Increase

Global Senior Advertising Executives Cite Automation, Real-time Measurement and Sophisticated Targeting as Key Benefits. MIAMI BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 26, 2021 / The use of automation and machine learning technology to purchase and display digital ads to segmented audiences in real time is set to increase dramatically over the next three years, according to new research from Alfi (Nasdaq:ALF), an AI enterprise SaaS advertising platform. Responses revealed that 49% of senior advertising executives expect spending on programmatic advertising to increase dramatically over the next three years, and 43% believe there will be a ‘slight' increase in expenditure.
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Kiwanis Club volunteers make community better

CLARION -- Chartered Jan. 30, 1923, the Kiwanis Club of Clarion is the local charter of Kiwanis International, a global organization of volunteers. Kiwanis clubs focus on changing the world by serving children, one child, and one community at a time. The Kiwanis club of Clarion currently has 25 members...

Combat Footage: Kurdish Fighters Hunt Down Turkish-Backed Militants In Northern Aleppo With ATGMs

On July 22, the Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) released videos of three recent attacks on Turkish forces in the northern countryside of Syria’s Aleppo. The first video shows an attack that took place in the district of Rajo in northern Afrin on July 16. ALF fighters targeted a mini truck of Turkish-backed militants with an improvised explosive device. Three militants were killed and another was wounded.

This Week in Comic Collecting: The Best Masters of the Universe Books

So much of this hobby and industry is driven by nostalgia. It's that unexplainable emotion that takes you back to a time that is easy to romanticize. It's why so many of us, when we finally reach adulthood, spend a lot of our money attempting to buy back our childhood. It seems like the comic market is no different. Kids who grew up in the 80s want GI Joe and Transformers, while kids from the 90s love Spawn and Power Rangers.
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Willie’s Garage Summer Spectacular

Http://patreon.com/FoundFootageFestival Hello, Rhondas! Nick and George are back for a mid-summer ALF update (or ALFdate), in preparation for Season 2 of Willie’s Garage and the 35th anniversary of ALF in September. Instead of recapping an episode, Nick and George uncover some ALF rarities, including outtakes, NBC specials, and a little seen Paul Fusco cartoon called “Space Cats.” Then, in a supersized “ALF Crap,” carnival mirrors, fan art, knitted bike seats, foreign ALF toys, and a new piece of ALF crap coming out this fall. Stay tuned for a special announcement about the ALF-A-THON, happening Sept. 22nd on http://twitch.tv/FoundFootageFestival.

CIB - Investment Banking - France & BeNeLux ECM - Analyst - London

CIB - Investment Banking - France & BeNeLux ECM - Analyst - London. Analyst within the Equity Capital Markets team in London at J.P. Morgan covering France & BeNeLux. The ECM team is responsible for the oversight of execution of a variety of ECM transactions (IPOs, rights issues, ABBs/blocks, equity-linked instruments, equity private placements and SPACs)
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54 Biggest Movers From Yesterday

Aehr Test Systems (NASDAQ: AEHR) shares climbed 87.9% to close at $6.39 on Monday after the company won a $10.8 million single purchase order from its lead silicon carbide test and burn-in customer for multiple FOX-XP systems and complete sets of WaferPak Contactors to meet their increased production capacity needs.