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We’re obsessed with this Alexa-enabled Christmas tree

Shoppers usually take advantage of Black Friday deals to purchase presents that they will give out on Christmas, but it’s also the best time to purchase holiday decorations for your home. However, if you want to do some early shopping, you can already take advantage of certain Best Buy Black Friday deals, including the retailer’s offer for the 6.5-foot version of the Alexa-enabled Christmas tree by Mr. Christmas, bringing its price down to just $300 after a $100 discount to its original price of $400.
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Amazon Fire TV adds free local news for 158 cities across the US

Amazon has greatly expanded the number of cities that have access to its free local news portal, bringing the number to 259 cities across the US. The Fire TV news portal makes it easy for anyone, particularly cord-cutters, to get local news broadcasts, providing regional weather information and other data relevant to their cities.

Amazon’s Fire TV news app now offers local channels in 60 more cities

Today’s expansion includes cities like Charleston, Wichita, Tucson, Reno, Raleigh-Durham, Honolulu and Lincoln, and doubles the local stations available from 126 to 259. Amazon notes that Fire TV will automatically detect your local news station when you open the app. When users launch the app for the time, they can...

Amazon Alexa Smart Home Tech for Everyone on Your Shopping List: From the Ring Doorbell to the Fire TV

Hey there, Santa. Are you looking to fill up your sleigh with Amazon's Alexa smart home tech? Like Midge from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, we put together a tight ten(-item list) of some of the best Amazon gifts to give this year. Toss a Ring video doorbell in your shopping cart for your parents, Echo Frames for your siblings, an Echo Dot Kids for the little ones and an Amazon Fire TV for yourself. And viola! You'll be ready for Christmas like Ebeneezer Scrooge after his three-ghost night.
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Wealthy buyers snap up luxury villas in the Caribbean and Mexico

Last year, the pandemic proved to resort developers that wealthy New Yorkers want to put down seriously expensive roots abroad in the form of baller vacation villa sanctuaries. Now, new beach spreads are going up by the score in sun hubs like the Bahamas, Mexico and Grenada. Baker’s Bay Golf...

Amazon’s Passing Out Old Fire TV Stuff at 30 Percent Off

Last year’s $386 billion in revenue clearly wasn’t enough, because one of the world’s biggest retailers wants more more more more more, and is happy to slash prices on streaming devices to get exactly that. Not one but four Amazon Fire TV units are going for between 26–30 percent off their usual rates. These are all at least a year or two old, but they’ll all still play your latest episodes of Succession or You. Meet the Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael of Amazon devices currently on sale well ahead of Black Friday:
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Alexa’s controversial drop-in feature could be critical to saving lives

Alexa’s drop-in feature for its smart displays has been clutch for me so many times. From peeking in to see if the cats are up to no good on my desk when I’m not there to simply asking my fiancé a question about her coffee order while I’m at the brew shop waiting and she’s at home, drop-in has proven to be a very convenient and valuable feature on many occasions.

Entrepreneur awarded "Rookie of the Year" during pandemic

While the pandemic has been hard for many businesses, one person was not only able to start their own but also receive recognition out of all the startups across the country. "I always wanted to own my own business. I hadn't necessarily wanted to start in the middle of a pandemic but that's just kind of the way it worked out....We wanted to be in Tucson, and as I was looking for the right business, HomeTeam kind of found me."

Checkers has the upper hand in a drive-thru future

This edition of A Deeper Dive is brought to you by Softtek. The world has come around to Checkers’ way of doing things. This week’s episode of the Restaurant Business podcast “A Deeper Dive” features Frances Allen, CEO of Checkers and Rally’s, who talks about the chain’s growth, the industry’s current challenges and her outlook going forward.

RHONY's Dorinda Medley's Favorite Halloween Decor Is All Available on Amazon

Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley definitely knows a thing or two about home decor—just take one look at her Stanford White-designed Berkshires estate, Blue Stone Manor, which was available to rent through Airbnb earlier this year. Naturally, tricking out her countryside home for Halloween was a must—and the television personality knew just how to do it with style.