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Maybe You Know! What’s the Latest on the ALDI on Rt. 70 in Toms River, NJ?

The ALDI in the new location in Toms River looks ready to go and I can't find any information on it. I've been searching and searching trying to find information on this ALDI on Rt. 70 and Massachusetts Avenue in Toms River and the Lakewood border. I've been trying to find when the "Grand Opening" is and nothing. The building looks complete and there is no action happening?
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Few business open Sunday for ship passengers

The second American Cruise Lines ship, The America,” arrived on schedule Sunday morning. Three ACL buses were observed roaming the east-end of the town, dropping a few passengers at the corner of Ninth Street and Avenue G, or further down at the Sheaffer Pen Museum. However, since it was a...
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8 best robot vacuum cleaners that clean your floors and carpets effortlessly

Whether you love them or loathe them, household chores are a necessary part of everyday life. So wouldn’t it be great to have someone or something to pick up the slack? Enter: robot vacuum cleaners, a worthwhile investment for any busy household.Robot vacuum cleaners have recently hugely risen in popularity, especially as more affordable models have joined the vacuum market with options that suit most budgets – Aldi even brought out their own model last year which promptly sold out. Manufacturers offer a wide range of features on these smart cleaners like voice control, room mapping and even automatic dirt...
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Aldi's sellout beauty buys are back in stock – but you'd better be quick!

When heading to the supermarket, your skincare routine isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, your head is filled with endless meal ideas and shopping lists and whether you remembered your reusable bags sitting in the back of the car. However, your weekly shop is about to become...
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Kettering’s choice to head business growth brings Dayton-area experience

KETTERING — A familiar name in Kettering and Dayton-area economic development is now overseeing business growth in Montgomery County’s most-populated suburb. Former Kettering City Councilwoman Amy Schrimpf is that city’s new economic development manager. Schrimpf, 48, took the job and its $106,500 annual salary after several years with the Dayton Development Coalition, where she was project manager and government affairs director.

Grocery Stores That Give You The Most Bang For Your Buck

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We are all trying to save a little money (especially coming out of this pandemic), so check out our list of local grocery stores that give you the most bang for your buck. Whether you’re shopping for the whole family or just for yourself, WCCB has curated...

Aldi join Tesco in drastic attempt to tackle empty supermarket shelves

Aldi has announced a salary increase for its lorry drivers in an effort combat the ongoing driver shortage leading to empty supermarket shelves. The move follows Tesco offering a £1,000 joining bonus fee to lorry drivers amid staffing pressures on UK supermarkets. The payment, which applies to new starters who...

Great Britain: Aldi attracts truck drivers with higher wages

Aldi branch in Manchester: Driver shortage creates gaps on the shelves. In the fight against the shortage of truck drivers in Great Britain, Aldi opens its wallet: The German retail giant is increasing wages. The BBC reported, citing the Aldi website, that hourly wages are now between 14.15 to 15.34...

LLYC Acquires Spanish Advertising Agency China

MADRID — LLYC, the communications and public affairs agency focused on the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world, has taken a 70% stake in Spanish advertising agency China. The announcement comes after LLYC, which rebranded from Llorente & Cuenca in 2019, made its debut on BME Growth, the Spanish stock market, on 22 July. Shares in the firm started trading at €9.39, giving it an opening value of €109m, and the firm closed its first day at €12.40 per share.