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Yes, there’s a ‘Squid Game’ Alarm Clock that shoots you to wake you up

Talk about a deadly awakening. ‘Squid Game’ on Netflix has been picking up steam, along with its eerie, larger-than-life doll that’s gained a nationwide following and caused nightmares for some watchers. Well, the giant ‘Red Light, Green Light’ doll doesn’t just appear on the big screen. For $38 on Amazon,...
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I Started Waking Up With a Sunrise Alarm Clock, and I Feel So Much Better

Wrap yourself up in cute knitwear and switch on as many festive lights as you want, but there's no avoiding the truth of it. The winter months can be bleak. Now that they are officially looming over us, there's an undeniable change in the wind. The days are getting shorter and colder, and for those of us who are affected by the shift in weather, it's time to get a self-care game plan underway.
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Sunrise Alarm Clocks

As we enter autumn, many consumers experience seasonal depression and difficulties walking up due to low sunlight explore -- cue the Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock by YYDS. Designed to mimic the sunrise, the alarm clock slowly emits light (starting from red to bright yellow to simulate the natural dawn) 10 - 60 minutes before your desired wake-up time. The clock boasts 20 levels of brightness with 16 volumes levels, making it suitable for all types of sleepers.
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Unsettling Series Alarm Clocks

The Red Light, Green Light Doll Alarm Clock is a decor item for the bedroom that will provide avid fans of the dramatic Squid Game series with a way to incorporate one of the more unsettling aspects of the show into their living space. The clock features a doll-shaped construction...

Things That Wake Up Grand Junction Colorado Besides Our Alarm Clock

We had a blast this morning talking about things that wake us up in Grand Junction other than our alarm clock. There's nothing like being woken up by something other than your alarm clock, and there is certainly nothing like being woken up when you are nowhere near ready to be woken up. If you have to wake up real early like radio people do, being woken up is probably one of life's big pet peeves.

The Best Alarm Clocks for a Gentle Wake-Up Call

The era of using your smart phone as your alarm clock is over: In some respects, it's time to go old-school and situate a good-looking time teller permanently onto your nightstand. Today's alarm clocks, however, are anything but retro—there's no need to go back to the cumbersome black block, ominous red display and all, that once jolted you awake with a digitized shriek.

The “Squid Game” Alarm Clock

Somebody made a “Squid Game” alarm clock and posted a clip of it in action. It’s a mini version of the animatronic pig-tailed doll in the “Red Light, Green Light” game. If you miss the alarm, the doll’s neck stretches open, she turns toward the bed, and fires a dart...

OxygenOS 11.2.A.12 with October 2021 patch update rolled out for OnePlus 9/Pro

The OnePlus 9 Pro is a legitimate flagship phone that is genuinely competitive with the best Android phones on the market — at least from features and quality perspective. Yet in terms of market and mind share, it’s still destined to be a niche device for a small group of enthusiasts looking for a specific kind of elegance in their Android device.

This ‘Squid Game’ Alarm Clock Is Scaring and Delighting Fans of the Series

By now, millions of fans have seen the Netflix K-drama Squid Game. In the show, hundreds of desperate people compete in deadly children’s games for a huge cash prize. The brightly colored sets and childhood nostalgia combined with all that violence and gore make Squid Game incredibly eery. Now, fans are experiencing that eery feeling outside of watching the show. An inventive fan came up with a concept for a Squid Game alarm clock that is both freaking out and intriguing fans.