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Game of the Year 2021 voting round 5: Alan Wake Remastered vs. The Medium

Our Game of the Year voting continues, this time pitting the much-requested return of Alan Wake against Bloober Team's dual-reality psychological thriller, The Medium. Don't worry, we'll still be doing a more traditional straight-up GOTY vote later in the month, but we thought a bracketed tournament with daily face-offs might be a fun way to keep the conversation going throughout December, plus it'll be interesting to compare results at the end. We picked the 32 highest-rated new games based on their TA user scores (omitting a handful of games that didn't really fit the bill of being 2021 releases, mainly new-gen ports like Control Ultimate Edition), then seeded them randomly to keep things interesting. Check out the full bracket below to see what other clashes are coming up — voting for each will be open for 24 hours, after which we'll kick off the next showdown at 13:00 UTC every day throughout December. But enough chit-chat... to battle!
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The announcement of Play Has No Limits hides at least three games that have not been announced

PlayStation Showcase, a special broadcast dedicated to upcoming PlayStation releases, served to Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic Remake, the announcement of Spider-man 2 and Wolverine Insomniac, the first gameplay of God of war ragnarok, new details of games already announced as Forspoken and the release date of Gran Turismo 7, among other details. The broadcast opened with a new spot of real image that still continues to speak: hints at at least three games that have not been announced.
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Alan Wake Remastered sales have “started well” according to Remedy

The return ofAlan Wake in its Remastered version obviously attracted enough people to satisfy Remedy Entertainment. According to the studio, the sales have “started well”, as explained in its quarterly tax report. This means that at a minimum, sales are at the level of what Remedy Entertainment expected for his...

Rumor: Alan Wake’s console remastered the release date and time.

A remastered version of Alan Wake might be released shortly. Pre-orders for the action-adventure game are currently available on Taiwanese websites. However, neither Remedy Entertainment, THQ Nordic, nor Nitro Games have made any public statements. It’s worth noting that console versions of the game are available for pre-order. The PS4 and Xbox Series X versions of Alan Wake are being advertised on Taiwanese websites such as Rakuten and Ruten.

[Watch] Dimfrost Studio Releases First Gameplay Trailer For Nordic-Inspired Horror Title ‘Bramble: The Mountain King’

After giving fans a treat last month with the concept art for their upcoming horror adventure title Bramble: The Mountain King, developer Dimfrost Studio has released a new trailer showcasing the title’s gameplay. The trailer shows off some of the gameplay mechanics, including the game’s combat, stealth, as well as the environmental puzzles you’ll encounter.

Alan Wake Remastered is promoting smartly and his flashlight sheds gentle at the long-awaited sequel

A unmarried name inside the similar saga (despite the fact that we already know that its universe has given for a lot more), and nonetheless Alan Wake may completely be thought to be probably the most cherished Treatment Leisure IPs by means of the avid gamers. And it isn’t handiest as it belongs to the horror style, but in addition for its historical past, for its environment, for its originality when coping with the topic of sunshine, and lots of extra causes.

Alan Wake Remastered Sales Have 'Started Well' - News

Remedy Entertainment in its latest earnings report revealed fan reception and sales for Alan Wake Remastered have "started well." "In September, we announced that the smaller of the two Epic Games Publishing projects, Alan Wake Remastered, was completed and ready to be launched in October on PC on the Epic Games Store, Xbox, and for the first time in the franchise’s history, PlayStation consoles," said Remedy Entertainment CEO Tero Virtala.
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Microsoft adds FPS Boost to 37 more games on Xbox Series X / S

Microsoft is enabling its Xbox FPS Boost mode on 37 more games today, bringing the total well beyond 100 games. Titles getting FPS Boost include the entire Gears of War franchise, the original Assassin’s Creed, Alan Wake, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas (the full list of games getting FPS Boost is available below).

Condor and Bigger Control Project Progressing “According to Plan” – Remedy

Remedy Entertainment has been fairly busy this year, releasing Alan Wake Remastered, opening a new studio in Sweden and preparing CrossfireX for release. But it has even more in the wings, namely its co-op multiplayer spin-off Condor and a bigger budget Control title. In its Q3 business review, the developer confirmed that both projects were progressing “according to plan.”

Microsoft Enables FPS Boost for 37 More Xbox Games

Microsoft not only announced today that they were adding 76 new games to the backwards compatible program, but also that they are bringing their FPS Boost feature to 37 new titles. Some of these new titles include some of the newly backwards compatible games but FPS Boost is also being...