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Alabama basketball is JD Davison's to lead, if he is up to the challenge | Goodbread

It's the little breaks in college basketball action, during stoppages for fouls or at the end of timeouts after the coach has had his say, that can often tell the leadership tale. That's when the five on the floor huddle, and if there's a true alpha in the mix, he speaks while four heads drop in attentive silence. The coach on the floor. Teams can have more than one vocal leader make important points in these moments, of course, so this isn't exact science. Social science never is.  ...
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Inconsistency Once Again Plagues Alabama Basketball

The highs are high, and lows are incredibly low. Just a mere four days apart, Alabama basketball has seen one of the highest and one of the lowest points of its season, both in the same building. Following last Saturday's 90-71 win over South Carolina, Alabama looked to have some...

Closer Look At Free Throws In Alabama Wins And Losses

Alabama Basketball Coach Nate Oats is all about analytics, so he undoubtedly knew about this correlation that I first saw in an article by Pete Fiutak at The item was this:. Alabama “is 11-1 when [opposing] teams make 13 or fewer free throws, and it’s 8-12 when the other...

Crimson Corner: Alabama Basketball Bracketology - March 2, 2022

With just two games left in the regular season, Alabama basketball is all but guaranteed a spot in this year's NCAA Tournament. The Crimson Tide still has one home game vs Texas A&M before a road trip to LSU puts a cap on the regular season, and things are looking solid for Alabama. According to, Alabama's odds of making it to March Madness are 100 percent thanks to the impressive amount of high-profile wins that the team has been able to bring in thus far. Subscribe for full article.