Adams Police investigating school threat made over Airdrop

ADAMS, MA (WGGB/WSHM)-- The Adams Police Department is investigating a threat made at Berkshire Art and Technology Charter School. Officials told Western Mass News the threat was made using Airdrop, a digital sharing service utilized on iPhones. Police said an initial investigation revealed the threat was not credible, but they're...
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Police Investigating Threat Made at BArT Charter School

ADAMS, Mass. — Staff and students at Berkshire Arts & Technology Public Charter School were instructed to shelter in place on Thursday after a student received a threat via cellphone that was later determined to be "unsubstantiated." The Adams Police Department posted on its Facebook page late Thursday that...
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LifeAfter's Spring Festival 2022 celebrates the Year of the Tiger with new mini-games and rewards

The Doomsday World need not always be a place crawling with zombies and monsters. Where there’s darkness, there’s light too, right? LifeAfter is welcoming this light to its survival world through the Spring Festival. Players can hop in to receive free items like outfits, participate in a number of activities and mini-games, and of course, drive away special infected and bring in the spring season.
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‘Deliveries’ App Update Supports Shortcuts on macOS Monterey

The Deliveries app update now supports macOS Monterey and iOS 15. The version notes for Monterey include Shortcuts support. The update includes a lot of improvements and bug fixes, so here is just part of the notes: Shortcuts are now supported on macOS Monterey. Note: due to limitations in macOS, shortcuts only have a written or spoken description, rather than showing the relevant deliveries like on iOS. The “scan a package” shortcut will open the “Add a Delivery” window since scanning barcodes is not supported in Deliveries for Mac. Notifications that a package has been delivered are now marked as Time Sensitive on macOS Monterey. Sharing a single delivery via Messages now just sends a link. Sharing via AirDrop now sends a link instead of a file, so it’s easier to share with someone that doesn’t have the app.

What Is Cyberflashing? Is It Illegal?

A new form of online abuse called cyberflashing is on the rise. Harassers who cyberflash send obscene or inappropriate images to victims by abusing security flaws in services like AirDrop. Cyberflashing is becoming more common, but you can avoid this kind of harassment with simple changes to your apps' security settings.

Top 10 Ethereum Token Airdrops in 2022

Crypto Briefing provided a list of 10 De-Fi startups expecting to airdrop tokens to early adopters in January. To date, three of the 10 companies on the list have dispersed bitcoins, netting new customers thousands of dollars in digital assets. The first app on our list to award its users...

BetaMars Ticket NFT Airdrop Activities Closed on Febuary 1st! Last Ticket Numbers in This Article, First Come First Served

According to officially reported, BetaMars official website will close the Ticket NFT airdrop claim channels at 0:00 (UTC ), Feb 1st. After that, the Ticket NFT numbers sent before will not be able to be redeemed. The BetaMars Ticket NFT minting channel will be open on Febuary 4th ( By 100 USDT, a Ticket NFT can be minted. Users will have the chance to get a 3% drop rate rare Ticket NFT!

Airdrop season, packs and choices

The sales of Chaos legion packs have slowed down somewhat but that's welcome development for anybody looking to invest in the game. The reduction in the pace of pack purchases opens up an opportunity for smaller investors and it also ensures that more people can gain from the airdropped monsters.

DragonSB – Free-to-Earn Metaverse Dragon Game on Terra and BSC

If you are looking for a game that both entertains you while being stuck at home, and accumulates earnings without initial capital, then DragonSB is what you need. DragonSB is an RPG Metaverse game built on the Terra platform and the BSC blockchain. The game is the place where players take control of dragons to fight and explore a whole new world – the world of dragons. In particular, players take the role of ancient humans who train, upgrade equipment, and control dragon warriors to participate in fierce battles, destroying powerful monsters. The goal is to defeat the dark dragon lord for peace.

BitMEX to Launch BMEX Token in 2022, Announces Airdrop

Major crypto derivates exchange BitMEX said it will launch its token, BMEX, in 2022, in two phases. The first phase, an airdrop, “starts now,” the company said, adding that users trading from now until the end of March, will be airdropped BMEX according to their trading volume. The...

What Are Airdrops?

Airdrops are the mainstay of crypto adoption. Free and low-effort, developers rely on token airdrops to attract new users to their DeFi protocols (and even crypto projects). Sometimes, competitive protocols become the target of airdrops as well, as it happened between 1inch and Uniswap decentralized exchanges (DEXes). For those reasons,...

🔥 BitDAO Just stealth launched now |Renounced Ownership ✌️Exchange Listing ✅ Audit & KYC ❌ Anti-Dump CG/CMC incoming |No Airdrop | GEM x1000 moonshot | LP Locked 1 year

BitDAO aims to use its significant financial and talent resources to foster and invest in innovation, collaboration, and growth across DeFi. Telegram : []( BitDAO decentralized Binance Smart Chain Token our mission is to bring people an ease bsc transfers, strong community, and sustainability. It’s a 100% community token, every...

Winning 2 Legendary Cards From A Single Daily Quest + Airdrops - Splinter Stats Season 65 Report Card

There have been some turbulent times in the markets. Not only cryptocurrencies; but also other assets such as stocks have seen some downturns. Gazing upon my @splinterlands assets, I have realized that they have not had that much of a bad time when it comes to Cards that are being used as part of the game. DEC and other Land Expansions related Tokens are a different story.

DefiAi Launches Official Token As It Plans Airdrop

DEFIAI, a popular decentralized intelligent aggregator of DeFi 2.0, has announced today its DFAI token launch. DFAI token will become the governance token of the system and authorize DFAI holders to vote for platform updates. Combined with the government mechanism and incentive holders, it will serve as a means of coordinating different stakeholders in the system.
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Poll: Have you used Nearby Share before?

Android's take on AirDrop has been around for a while now, but have you used it?. One advantage Apple devices had over Android for a long time was the AirDrop file sharing feature, offering a seamless local file-sharing experience compared to most other protocols. Google stepped up in 2020 with the Nearby Share feature, offering no-frills local file-sharing too.

AirDrop Not Working? 5 Fixes

If your AirDrop transfers aren’t working, you’ll need to troubleshoot it. In this short guide, we cover the most common fixes to get AirDrop working again. If you’re an Apple device owner and you’re looking to share files between your devices, you’ll need to use AirDrop.