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Government review of ELMS farming subsidies stokes anger

A major overhaul of farm subsidies that rewards landowners in England for their environmental work is in doubt after the government signalled a review. Environmental groups and some farmers worry the government could water down the overhaul, known as environmental land management schemes (ELMS), but the NFU farm union had requested a delay.
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Will Madera Co.’s SGMA rebellion offer blueprint – or warning – for reckoning with farm water restrictions, costs?

In front of a standing room only crowd, the Madera County supervisors met as the board of the Madera GSA on September 13, 2022, in the county office building. The key agenda item was consideration of penalties for growers who exceed their water allocations. Over a hundred farm workers and their families were on hand, coordinated by local labor contractors and grower Ralph Pistoresi.
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Fresh fun at the farmers’ market

For those willing to wake up early and enjoy the crisp morning air, the Brazos Valley Farmers’ Market has Texas goods to support local businesses. Located in Downtown Bryan, the Brazos Valley Farmers’ Market has been committed to hosting local vendors every Saturday to sell their goods, according to their website. The market is open from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. year-round, but due to being outdoors, visitors are asked to prepare beforehand for the weather. With over 30 local businesses, the market offers goods or services that might not be available at grocery stores, such as artisan crafts.
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Bakersfield ag automation company wins investments, industry attention

Harvesting table grapes has always required hard work by skilled laborers toiling in tough conditions. But their tasks are getting easier, thanks to a Bakersfield ag-tech company on the leading edge of farm work automation. Vinergy has developed and continues to build upon zero-emission vehicles that guide themselves among tight...

Climate change: Greener focus for farm funding popular - poll

People living in the Welsh countryside support the idea of changing farm subsidy payments to help nature, a survey has suggested. The WWF Cymru poll found 60% felt only farms working to protect wildlife should receive grants in future. New legislation putting a greener focus on agricultural funding is set...

GABEL | The folly of the fake meat market

President Joe Biden's administration issued an executive order on biotechnology and, in it, directs the Secretary of Agriculture to determine how to best use biotechnology to, among other things, beef up fake meat. While I was blinking back the baffled thoughts, a friend texted me a Wall Street Journal opinion...

Some Phoenix residents using community and personal gardens to save money—hot housing market, increased growth contribute to higher Valley food costs

The Valley’s hot housing market and intense population growth account for the majority of increase in the cost of living—a whopping 13% —which includes gas and food in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has factored in a blistering Phoenix housing boom...

Adams Apple Orchard in Williston celebrates 50th anniversary this fall

WILLISTON, Vt. — Apple orchards across our region were busy this past weekend andAdams Apple Orchard in Williston was no exception. The orchard is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Farmer John Adams is making sure the community has some fun. On top of having food trucks every weekend,...

Corn moving to maturity

Fall is officially here and farmers will soon be busy bringing in the harvest of corn and soybeans as the growing season comes to an end. We have yet to have a frost in our valley and the extended forecast doesn’t call for any in the near future. Any year that we can avoid a frost in September is a victory to keep the fall flowers looking nice and allowing the squash and pumpkins to mature.

"From sheep to shelf," Dillon family ranch supplies wool for Duckworth Apparel

DILLON, Mont. — Almost ten-years ago, fourth-generation Dillon sheep rancher, John Helle, co-founded Duckworth Apparel Company in Montana. Duckworth outdoor wear is now marketed all over the world. The family ranchers are meeting contemporary clothing needs by keeping their pioneer history alive. The company brands its products "from sheep...