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Teaching Florida’s students about the Ocoee massacre is just the start | Editorial

Schools begin classes in two weeks, and it will be the first time students across Florida will learn about the worst-ever Election Day violence in American history, which happened right here in Orange County. However, teaching the facts of the Ocoee Massacre, sparked in 1920 by a Black man trying to vote without paying a poll tax, is not enough. Consider that this important moment in Florida ...
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Prevention and treatment strategies for chronic kidney disease

This content is sponsored by MedStar Washington Hospital Center. The kidneys are a powerful metabolic engine that filter blood through millions of microscopic blood vessels. These vessels extract fluid and waste, which exit the body as urine. Because kidneys use blood flow, any disease that affects the blood vessels also...
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Chez Rhonel art gallery in San Francisco's Hunters Point bursts with color and stories

Artist and entrepreneur Rhonel Roberts discusses his artwork at Chez Rhonel in Dogpatch San Francisco, California.Janessa Robinson/Artistry Land. Tucked away in Hunters Point along the San Francisco Bay sits the Chez Rhonel art gallery, a space bursting with color on canvas from the hands of artist and entrepreneur Rhonel Roberts. Roberts is a Stockon, California native who relocated to San Francisco in 2003 and has been operating Chez Rhonel at a former U.S. Navy shipyard since 2013.
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Our Man in Arlington

“The Arlington Story,” a history pamphlet published by Arlington Public Schools in 1962, offered a matter-of-fact explanation of what today might be called voter suppression. “A capitation or ‘poll’ tax is required by the Virginia Constitution,” reads the essay edited by teacher and Arlington Historical Society member Seymour Stiss. “It is a tax of $150 that is levied on voters. In order to vote, the citizen must have paid this tax for three years previous to the time of voting. This payment must be made six months before the election.”
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How Communities Can Address BIPOC Mental Health Needs

There are clear disparities in the strength and persistence of mental health disorders across race and ethnicity. Structural racism and its associated trauma can help to explain these disparities. Community-centered solutions can be used to reduce these disparities. Sometimes when I look at population-level data, I’m reminded of the old...