Taliban order female city workers in Kabul to stay home

The Taliban have ordered all female city workers in Kabul who can be replaced by men to remain at home, an indication that the militant group now in control of Afghanistan is bringing back its extreme interpretation of Islam that it employed in the 90's. Kabul's interim mayor, Hamdullah Namony,...
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Afghan women in Panjshiri share stories in resistance fight against Taliban

KABUL, Afghanistan – When the Taliban stormed to power last month, one prized province refused to cower: the Panjshir Valley, a hub of hundreds of local fighters and former Afghan Special Forces soldiers who coalesced under the umbrella known as the National Resistance Front (NRF). But it was not only...
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Taliban With Assault Rifles Mingle With Children And Families In Kabul Zoo

Assault rifle-wielding Taliban soldiers mix with families in the Kabul Zoo, an unusual event for many of the young Afghan insurgents from the countryside. A group of highly armed Taliban fighters watches over picnickers eating ice cream and salted pomegranate seeds as they set up their blankets and spread out their food in the sheltered areas of the park.
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Marine killed in Kabul suicide bombing honored in memorial at home

A U.S. Marine killed in the suicide bombings at Kabul airport during the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan was memorialized back home on Saturday. The coffin of Lance Cpl. Kareem Grant Nikoui, one of 13 American service members killed during the blasts, was laid out in Riverside, California, for family and those who wished to honor his service.

Largest evacuation flight since Aug. 31 takes off from Kabul

A chartered Qatar Airways flight carrying more than 230 passengers, including Afghan and American citizens, took off from Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport on Sunday and is headed to Doha. Qatari Assistant Foreign Minister Lolwah Al-Khater first announced the departure, and CBS News' Ahmad Mukhtar confirmed the news. The flight...

Sanders calls deadly Afghan drone strike 'unacceptable'

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Sunday said the drone strike in Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of 10 civilians was "unacceptable." "I certainly hope they understand what happened and make sure that never happens again. And this is not only a human tragedy, it reflects on us before the entire world. It's unacceptable," Sanders said of the Biden administration while appearing on CBS's "Face the Nation."
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Pompeo: US military was under ‘political pressure’ to carry out drone strike

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ripped President Biden for the drone attack that killed 10 civilians, including seven children, in Afghanistan, saying military officials bowed to “political pressure” and carried out the strike in a “rush.”. Pompeo called the killing of aid worker Zemari Ahmadi and members of his...
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Witnesses say explosion targets Taliban, 2nd in as many days

Kabul, Afghanistan – Witnesses say an explosion targeted a Taliban vehicle in the provincial city of Jalalabad, the second such deadly blast in as many days in an Islamic State stronghold. The Taliban and IS extremists are enemies, and fought each other even before the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan...

Biden falters in pledge to strengthen US alliances

President Biden has promised to strengthen U.S. alliances, but some of his high-profile moves in the early months of his administration have rankled allies. France is outraged by a new partnership between the U.S., the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Australia on nuclear-powered submarines; the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan has caused allies to question U.S. commitments abroad; and Europeans are frustrated over the administration’s decision to maintain coronavirus-related travel restrictions even as countries open their borders to vaccinated Americans.

CIA issued a warning of civilians before U.S. airstrike in Kabul - too little, too late.

In a recent CNN video report, we can see a journalist shown blood splatter of children caught in the crossfire of a U.S. drone strike. An Afghan resident, a father of one victim, tells the journalist, "This was a big mistake." He also says the residents haven't started cleaning up the blood and bricks yet, because they're still in shock - an irreplaceable loss.