Banks Must Maintain Human Element in Digital Race: Temenos Survey

When improving their digital offerings, banks must be mindful to maintain a human element, the results of a recent global survey of more than 4,700 banking customers by banking software company Temenos suggest. A total of 43 per cent want easier ways of paying bills and sending money online, while...
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Flood warning issued for Ayrshire and Arran

Ayrshire and Arran could be set for floods later on today according to the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), who have issued a warning for heavy downpours. Heavy showers are expected to develop across the area this afternoon and evening. The worst of the showers are expected to be in...
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YouTuber helps a little streamer in an adorable way

The world of streaming is particularly difficult to conquer. Getting known is just as good luck as hard work or good contacts. And with his new series “SOS Streaming”, the famous Squeezie wants to enable little videographers to quickly make a name for themselves. A stroke of luck for the first elected: namely a certain maxim, better known as fr_zod on Twitch.
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Skeb Extends Service to Enable Artists to offer Paid ‘Advice’

It is not as exciting as some of their recent additions to the service such as Text and Video support, but Japanese commissioning website Skeb has unveiled that users can now seek paid advice from their favourite artists, with prices available for 500 yen onwards. This feature has been rolled out to all Japanese and international users of the site, although surprisingly was enabled by default for all artists.
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Dutch Labor, Employment and Pensions Update

On 2 June 2021, the Dutch Social Economic Council (SEC) presented its ‘Advice on the Labor Market’ (the Advice). In the Advice, the SEC addresses the request posed by the Dutch government to offer an updated review on the future of work (i.e., labor market 2021-2025) and recommends changes to current employment laws and regulations. Key elements of the Advice are as follows:
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Amazon customers hit by scam which accesses your bank account

Amazon customers have reported receiving emails seemingly from Amazon themselves stating that their account is locked and they must update their personal details. However, when the customer clicks the email link, it asked for account and bank information, and it is a well constructed scam. An Garda Síochana told RSVP...

Best free apps to help you stay fit at home

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, we Malaysians have been staying home for the longest time. Similar to how our ways of communication have been leaning through virtual means, we can also rely on free apps to continue pursuing our fitness goals even if we’re stuck at home. Here are some...
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Y-Arts presents ‘Dear Edwina JR’

The Boothbay Region YMCA Y-Arts group did two performances of “Dear Edwina JR” at the YMCA Saturday, July 10. Dear Edwina JR is about a youth theatre group, Spoonapple Repertory Theatre, trying its best to impress a talent scout to earn the final spot in the Kalamazoo Advice-a-Palooza Festival with its performance of “Paw Paw, Michigan.” The theatre group’s young director, Edwina (played by Scout Martin), wants to prove herself worthy of her high-achieving Spoonapple siblings. She has to hire an inexperienced cast member, her neighbor Bobby (played by Franz Finn), after one gets injured in an accident. Edwina also gets caught up in a few script changes, including a letter from her suitor, Scott (played by Ford Harris) which Edwina refuses to read. Later in the performance, Edwina and others discover that the talent scout fell asleep, there are disruptions galore from cast members, and finally, Scott, sings about his love for Edwina, much to her chagrin. The talent scout has a surprise ending for Edwina and her group – they want just Scott to sing the national anthem at the Advice-a-Palooza Festival and not the rest of the cast! Edwina is disappointed but her sister, Katie, reminds her that “ if you do what you love, that's the best thing of all.”

ASIC warns young investors on social media risk | #socialmedia

The financial regulator has delivered a stern warning to both young and inexperienced investors not to be swayed by social media and online forums that promote investments when deciding where to park their money. Information garnered online via social media or forums may be inaccurate, while advice from financial celebrities,...

Meet the Coolest Cats and Hottest Catfluencers in Town: The Atome Kittens!

We’re all in love with boy bands and girl groups, but what about a feline supergroup? No, I am not kidding!. Please welcome, the world’s first-ever supergroup comprising of kittens – The Atome Kittens! This is the mighty group that has melted our hearts with its adorable #AtomeKittens dance challenge on TikTok, which is currently seeing no less than 4 billion views in Indonesia and Malaysia in early June!

Edinburgh universities advised to ‘postpone’ freshers’ week

Universities in Edinburgh have been advised to postpone freshers’ week activities in September due to the risk of Covid-19. A Scottish government advisory group has warned that a proportion of students will arrive on campuses in Edinburgh and across Scotland for the 2021/22 academic year with one vaccine dose, and that “mass activities” could increase the spread of coronavirus.