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2021 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar

It’s time again for one of my favorite holiday traditions: the 14th annual Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar. Every day until Saturday, December 25, this page will present one new incredible image of our universe from NASA’s Hubble telescope. Be sure to come back every day until Christmas, and follow us on Twitter or Facebook for daily updates. I hope you can enjoy these amazing and awe-inspiring images, as well as the continued efforts of the science teams that have brought them to Earth. It’s always such a joy to put this calendar together every December.
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SampleRadar advent calendar: get a free sample pack every day this December

Ho, ho... holy sh*t that's a lot of free samples! This Christmas we're gifting producers one sample pack each day in our SampleRadar advent calendar. It's that time of the year again, when every producer hopes Santa will be dropping a synth or two down the chimney and stuffing stockings with music-making gizmos and gadgets galore.
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Chocolate-Coated Christmas Horror The Advent Calendar Is Enjoyably Twisted

Patrick Ridremont’s The Advent Calendar kickstarts the Christmas horror season by demonizing an otherwise innocent holiday tradition. That’s when festive frights are at their best, after all. Gingerbread men become ninja assassins, or a wooden box filled with 24 treats—one per pre-Christmas December day—summons a connected evil. Spoken in French, as influenced by German lore, The Advent Calendar releases a Silent Hill-inspired genie that’ll grant your wishes through magic chocolates with sacrifices aplenty. Ridremont succeeds in crunching bones and raising hell, all with a seasonal waft of cloves and corpses from behind a wishgiver’s crooked smile. It’s chilling, teeters between moral stances and is a hellish-jolly greeting that should please horror fans in the mood for merriness gone malevolent.

Raspberry Pi Advent Calendar Dispenses Daily Candy

Christmas is a time for giving, and we’re eternally grateful to all-round geek and The Pi Cast guest Richard Hayler for gifting us this Raspberry Pi project: a chocolate-dispensing advent calendar that will only dispense precisely one treat per day. Hayler, a programme manager with Raspberry Pi who works on...

The hale and healthy RPS Advent Calendar 2021

Ah, gentle friends! That time has come again, and we must celebrate the birth of many sweet video games across this (once again) extremely cursed year. We were lucky enough to feast upon so many pixely entertainments this year; such glorious toys to keep us occupied while other things went totally down the toilet. Yes, let's raise a glass together for The RPS Advent Calendar 2021!

The Best Advent Calendars to Kick Off Your Holiday Countdown

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. The best Advent calendars are full of surprises—literally. The magic of the holiday Advent calendar, which is ostensibly used to count down the 24 days before Christmas or, in some cases, the 12 days of Christmas (there are no rules here) is that you never really know what each day will bring. Think of it as a fun pregame for Santa's official touchdown, with a new, super-tiny present to open daily until then.

Marvel's limited-edition advent calendar comes with 24 pins themed to its Disney+ series

December is the time for year-end reviews, and anyone looking back at Marvel's past 12 months knows how big of a year it has had on TV. WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What If…?, and now Hawkeye have kept the media franchise's rapturous fans hooked, making up for the two years between Spider-Man: Far From Home and Black Widow, when theaters went without a Marvel release.

We Try It: Farmyard Animals themed Advent Calendar

In this edition of “We Try It,” Amber’s daughter Avery tries out an Advent Calendar that helps the time before Christmas pass by faster and is perfect for ages 2 and up!. The farmyard animals are very excited. All of a sudden, a few days before Christmas, lots of beautifully wrapped gifts appear. Maybe Santa accidentally lost them? Theo the raven is determined to find out. The animals also need Theo’s help with all the preparations that need to be done before Christmas. So the little raven has plenty to do – the children learn what he needs to do every day when they open a calendar door. Lovingly designed play material lets them actively experience and recreate the story.

The RPS Advent Calendar 2021, December 2nd

It's day two of our 2021 Calendar! Welcome to the show! Tell us a little bit about yourself; what's your name and where d'you come from? We're gonna have a lorra lorra laughs tonight, so let's bring on the person you're going to - oh my god he's got a knife!!

8 Vegan Advent Calendars That Will Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, advent calendars are a fun way to participate in holiday festivities, and to reward yourself with some well-deserved treats every day during the month of December. And although advent calendars are traditionally stocked with milk chocolate candies, there are fortunately so many vegan advent calendars out there, as well. That way, plant-based folks can get in on the fun, too.