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Adonis is a six-year-old male pit bull terrier/boxer mix available for adoption from the Tracy Animal Shelter. Adonis is energetic, loves to run, play with toys and play fetch. Once he has gotten to play and run around, all he wants to do is to be with people and receive affection and attention. When meeting new people, Adonis is very social, affectionate, and playful. He is vaccinated and ready for adoption.
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The One Reason Andre The Giant Couldn't Stand Randy Savage

Even if you weren't a wrestling fan during his heyday, chances are you knew who Andre the Giant was. Billed at 7-feet-4-inches and over 500 pounds, the Frenchman was the true definition of the term "special attraction" in the world of pro wrestling. And while his only WWE Championship reign lasted just one day due to storyline shenanigans, Andre didn't need any titles to prove he was a big deal. His size and strength alone took care of that, and for a man of such tremendous size, he was a solid in-ring worker for most of his career in North America. And let's not forget one of the reasons why even non-fans knew him — well before The Rock and other WWE Superstars crossed over to Hollywood, he had an unforgettable role as the gentle giant Fezzik in the 1987 film "The Princess Bride."
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Adonis Cocktail

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy. The Adonis cocktail brings together vermouth, a couple of styles of sherry, orange bitters, and a twist. A cocktail classic named for that uber-handsome Greek god and, more specifically, the Broadway show that came later. Adapted from Barbara Scott-Goodman...

Everett High Rolls in GBL Football Opener

The Everett High School football team opened the Greater Boston League portion of its schedule and raced to a 38-6 victory over Somerville Friday night at Everett Veterans Memorial Stadium. The Tide (2-0) were coming off a thrilling 21-19 victory over Xaverian and Coach Rob DiLoreto’s contingent kept the momentum...

Stewart goes on injured list (plus lineups, Urías scratched)

The Orioles have placed outfielder DJ Stewart on the 60-day injured list with a right knee osteochondral defect and selected the contract of reliever César Valdez from Triple-A Norfolk. Putting Stewart on the 60-day IL created a spot for Valdez on the 40-man roster. Stewart wasn’t going to return before...

Sleep, Squats & Small Meals: The Secrets Of Ronaldo’s Age-Defying Fitness Regime

Cristiano Ronaldo’s amazing body has taken decades of work. He was just 11 years old when he first decided he would bulk up. Fully aware he had the talent to succeed, playing youth football for CD Nacional and Sporting Lisbon, he grew tired of people doubting his size. Sneaking out of the club dormitory at night to go and work out, Ronaldo got bigger and stronger, fast.

How tough love spurred full-back into full stride

Melbourne defender Michael Hibberd has explained how some home truths delivered by Simon Goodwin to Steven May were the catalyst for propelling the former Sun to prominence. Speaking to The Age's Jake Niall, Hibberd stated that after May joined Melbourne at the cessation of the 2018 season, the now 29-year-old did so as an unfit backman that lacked the requisite level of professionalism.

How to Take Gaming to the Pros

It’s a brave new world, ladies and gentlemen. One where playing Mario Kart is in fact a job description. Even better, it’s a self-employed venture bringing income and, for the moment, a mostly mid-level tier of celebrity where people know who you are but don’t care enough to cancel or mob you.

‘Jagged Alliance 3’ Brings Players To The Land Of Grand Chien

After 23 years, the strategy RPG series Jagged Alliance returns with a third installment from Haemimont Games and THQ Nordic. The newest game takes players to the land of Grand Chien, and puts them in control of mercenaries aiming to re-take the country from a paramilitary force. The game’s Steam page goes into detail: