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This study shows the deep cause of alcohol addiction

In a recent study published in Science Advances, researchers found the physical origin of alcohol addiction is located in a network of the human brain that regulates our response to danger. The study is at the University of Warwick. One author is Professor Jianfeng Feng. The medial orbitofrontal cortex (mOFC)...
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Child Meltdowns and Media

Infant media use is rising; parents report that, on average, children younger than two are on screens for about one hour a day. Some media forms use can hurt a toddler's cognitive development and shorten attention span especially depending on content and context of media. Parents who soothe toddlers by...
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Reflecting On The Mental Health Of Immigrant Children Like Myself

July is Minority Mental Health Month. Not all minorities are immigrants, but many, including myself, are. By definition, an immigrant child is one who was born to at least one foreign-born parent. As a sexagenarian, I don’t often talk about myself as an immigrant child, but I am. My mother...
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What Is a Projection Defense Mechanism?

Projection is a defense mechanism in which an individual recognizes their unacceptable traits or impulses in someone else to avoid recognizing those traits or impulses in themself subconsciously. For example, someone who bullies another for being anxious and insecure may be doing so to avoid acknowledging they exhibit those same...

Made in His Image founder writes book on trauma, forgiveness, and healing

Maura Preszler, author of 'Choosing to See Beauty'. Credit: Hannah Quintana Photography. Denver Newsroom, Jul 29, 2021 / 10:54 am (CNA). Maura Preszler grew up in an abusive household, despite the family’s outward Catholic appearance. They went to Mass on Sundays, prayed the rosary together and celebrated the saints’ feast days, but her home was filled with domestic violence behind closed doors. She learned how to keep secrets, she said, and to internalize her feelings, which resulted in a debilitating eating disorder and depression in early adolescence.

EXCLUSIVE: Flight Club go track-by-track on new album, ‘Until the Sun Drowns’

Richmond, Virginia rockers Flight Club first came on our radar here at Substream back in 2019, when we teamed up with the band to premiere their single, “Discount Drugs.” At the time, the band had just signed to Richmond based Open Your Ears Records and were gearing up to release the Alan Day (of Four Year Strong) produced EP, Recreational Love.
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Nothing Along My Journey to Become an Adoptive Dad Was as Simple as Black or White

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a dad. Raggedy as they may have been, Ann and Andy were under my charge and were well taken care of. And with a few years of adolescence under my belt and fully indoctrinated in 1970s afternoon TV, my play took on a more nuanced family style. If the Brady’s and the Ricardo’s could take cross country road trips, surely my Weebles could take imaginary jaunts to the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and some incredible Frank Lloyd Wright homes along the Great Allegheny Passage. Even as a very young kid, I knew that I had what it took to be a great father.
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Burglars vandalize Bay Theatre, steal whiskey and exit signs

Paul Dunlap has spent the past four years meticulously restoring the World War II-era Bay Theatre on Main Street in Old Town Seal Beach. But it only took four hours for a posse of youngsters to desecrate and set back progress on his labor of love. On Friday, June 25,...
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Choice of the day: “The search for love”

The new miniseries “The Pursuit of Love” features two narrative tropes that tend to annoy me: the juxtaposition of the free-spirited woman and her best friend Wallflower, and the woman who values ​​romantic (straight) love above pretty much everything else. And yet I found this show charming and challenging in equal measure, perhaps because it questions the dynamics of its central characters even while reveling in them.
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Author Q&A:Melissa Febos

As with her 2010 memoir Whip Smart and previous essay collection Abandon Me, former dominatrix turned award-winning writer Melissa Febos draws on her past for her latest work of non-fiction. In Girlhood, however, Febos also looks beyond her own experiences and blends them with investigative journalism to considerable effect. In seven powerful essays she sets out to reframe a set of values and beliefs that do not prioritise girls’ personal safety, happiness or freedom.

Rotary Club of Tema-Community 25 distributes sustainable menstrual health and hygiene products to selected schools

The Rotary club of Tema Community 25 recently embarked on a sustinable Menstrual Health and Hygiene (MHH) project. This project was to enable the club provide education to young girls from six(6) selected schools within the Kpone Katamanso enclave within the Greater Accra region. The beneficial schools included Ebenezer Hills “1” and “2” basic schools, Gbetsile KKMA No. 1 and 2 Primary as well as Sebrepor Presby A and B basic schools.

Anime Review: When Marnie Was There (2014) by Hiromasa Yonebayashi

Panos Kotzathanasis panos.kotzathanasispkotzathanasisPKotzathanasis. Studio Ghibli’s first film after the supposed retirement of Hayao Miyazaki was a mediocre success in Japan, although it won an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature Film. Buy This Title. The script is based on the homonymous novel by Joan G. Robinson and goes like this:...
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Clinkenbeard Agency welcomes Lineberry

Jessica Lineberry has recently started her career in real estate. Although she has only been licensed for a short while, she has been in the real estate world her whole life. Her parents were realtors, brokers, and appraisers during her adolescence. She grew up watching them work tirelessly for the community and surrounding areas. She is diligent in carrying on their work ethic with a great…
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Navigating Girlhood in a Society That Restricts Their Humanity

Research interviews with 123 adolescent girls revealed 72% of them feel restricted in their self-expression. Adolescent girls have reported that they face pressures to disconnect from themselves to maintain superficial relationships. For adolescent girls, the act of disconnecting from themselves is linked to depression and anxiety. This is a guest...
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Lesson Learned (July 29)

Lessons Learned opportunities during my Upshur County Schools days related to grief are numerous. I have approached them according to my own stage of growth and development. Here I offer them up in a community column, providing a way for us all to help children deal with loss and grief.