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Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG is now available in early access for Android

Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG is a unique game that makes players stronger every time they are defeated. Developed and published by Dreamplay Games, Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG is now available in early access on Android. About the game. Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG sees players adventuring as a being with a mechanical body who...
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Monster Hunter Rise “Mega Man collab” announced, adds Rush

The fourth collab between Monster Hunter Rise and Capcom is underway — and it’s all about Mega Man! The next update will come on September 24 and will allow players to use Rush from Mega Man 11 in-game, as seen in the latest trailer. “A new Event Quest to unlock...
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Smash Legends to host a celebration event for reaching 5 million downloads worldwide

LINE Games Corporation announced that its Multiplayer Action PvP Smash Legends, developed by 5minlab and published by LINE Games, has surpassed 5 million downloads worldwide. Smash Legends is a real-time brawler featuring action-packed 3-minute battles played with easy controls. With its intuitive gameplay and attractive character designs based on a reinterpretation of fairy tales, Smash Legends is being loved by casual action game players from all over the world and is maintaining a global average of 4.0 ratings on both Google Play and App Store.
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Aragami 2 Review in 3 Minutes – Solid Stealth Ninja Action

Aragami 2 is a third-person stealth action game from Lince Works where you take control of the titular Aragami warrior, a soulless ninja summoned from the shadows, to fulfill your master’s contract. As an Aragami who has recently and mysteriously been freed from their obligations, you’re found by a hidden community of other lost Aragami and quickly tasked with helping to discover your shared origins in the hopes of restoring your humanity.

Fighting Games: Striving for Perfection

Welcome to Save State, where we talk about fighting games despite being absolutely no good at them whatsoever. It should come as no surprise, given my JRPG-playing proclivities, that I also enjoy fast paced fighting games like Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Melty Blood oh whoops all of those games are by Arc System Works. My tastes are actually broader than that, but there’s just something brilliant about ArcSys games a significant portion of the time that draws me into the title. The game I’m going to talk about this week is ArcSys’s latest, Guilty Gear -Strive-, released on PS4, PS5, and PC in June of this year.

6 Best Games Like Deathloop To Murder In

Arkane Studios’ latest outing has turned out to be a massive hit for the company. The game scored higher than any of their prior titles, including Dishonored 1 and Dishonored 2. Deathloop has come out to near-universal acclaim with dozens of outlets giving it perfect scores. Many critics noted the game’s freedom of approach and non-linear level design as a particular highlight and its highly unique time loop structure that makes the player consider each activity like a puzzle to solve and make them think like a professional Hitman. We recently wrote about Games Like Psychonauts 2, so must check that as well. Now without any further wait, let’s jump into this Deathloop Games List.

10 hidden gems coming to Xbox in Fall and Holiday of 2021

Some folks are saying that 2021 is a slow year for video games, but my release calendar and backlog beg to differ. And it's not just big games either. Our last list touched on the 10 biggest games coming to Xbox before the end of the year. Here we'll be focusing on a selection of lesser-known titles that are totally worth putting on your radar. After scouring the internet for gaming treasures, I've uncovered even more games worth being excited for. So today, I'll be highlighting 10 hidden gems coming to Xbox in the fall and holiday of 2021.

Top 20 Best Sega Master Games (20-11)

For many gamers, especially in North America, their first introduction to Sega was with their 16-bit console, the Genesis. But Sega had been around for a long time before they released that system in 1989 and even released an 8-bit competition to the NES… that didn’t do so well. While the Nintendo Entertainment System was a juggernaut in the 1980s the Sega Master System was essentially an also-ran. But while it may not have blown up the sales charts, the system was home to some truly remarkable games. So as the Sega Master System celebrates its 35th anniversary this month, we’re here to shine the spotlight on the 20 best games for Sega’s spunky little console.

GAMING: Outcast 2 Resurrects די 1999 קולט קלאַסיק

1999’s Outcast was a beloved adventure game that won praise from critics and fans–we named it out 1999 adventure game of the year. Infogrames attempted to create a sequel but it failed. THQ Nordic later acquired the rights and today at the company’s 10th anniversary event, announced Outcast 2: A New Beginning.

10 Best Godzilla Video Games, Ranked | ScreenRant – Screen Rant

With the Godzilla franchise continuing to take the world by storm thanks to the success of the recent Godzilla Vs. Kong, audiences are perhaps interested in the anti-hero Kaiju more than ever. Godzilla actually has quite a complex history in video games, and some are certainly better than others. There...