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Six Great Ways to Expand Your Acoustic Guitar Tone

The old adage that a guitarist’s sound lies mostly in his or her hands is especially true when it comes to the acoustic instrument. Of all the factors involved, attack is the most important. Here are a few ideas to consider as you hone your ultimate acoustic guitar tone. 1....
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‘Wild World’: 72-Year-Old Musician Drops Debut Album

Richard Schulte has lived a life most only can dream of. From playing drums in a band in the ’60s at age 12, to joining a motorcycle gang, to serving as a newspaper editor, and graduating to a host of other varied occupations – the musician (a.k.a. Ditchweed) conveys all of these experiences have one thing in common: They served as a backdrop to his musical career.

Top 10 Snow Patrol Songs

Our Top 10 Snow Patrol songs list looks at the great rock and roll pop songs of a rock and roll band from the city of Dundee, Scotland formed in 1994. The group would become part of the new Britpop movement that started with Oasis in the mid to late 90s and into 21st century that has had fabulous success on both sides of the Atlantic. After releasing a series of independent albums in the late 90s, and early 2000s, Snow Patrol signed a major label record deal with Polydor Records in 2002. The band gained international fame in 2006 with the success of their massive hit single “Chasing Cars.” Over a twenty year period, Snow Patrol has released seven studio albums between the years 1998 and 2018. Our top 10 Snow Patrol songs takes a listen to ten of their best songs from that period.

Acoustic guitar lesson: learn to play in open D minor tuning

Guitar lessons: Whether you’re a glass-half-full or half-empty kind of person, exploring the world of open tunings on acoustic guitar can either be a goldmine of inspiration or a minefield of frustration. Many of us have tried a little drop-D, or maybe DADGAD in search of new sounds, and are...

RG Rhythm Guitar plugin by Rob Papen on sale at 60% OFF

Plugin Boutique is offering a 60% discount on the RG Rhythm Guitar unique groove plugin that is far more than just a virtual rhythm guitar player. RG delivers electric and acoustic guitar grooves with a sequencer and synth effects. By using the RG on board sequencer it is possible to...
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Joey Jordison Plays (sic) On An Acoustic Guitar

Joey Jordison was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with his band VIMIC recently and it looks like he popped out the front of his hotel to hang out with some fans and shoot the shit, which was nice of him. He gave (sic) a go on an acoustic guitar, which doesn’t...