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Miami’s huge rally falls short in ninth straight loss to FSU

CORAL GABLES — Miami trailed rival Florida State by 26 points early in the second half after starting the game flat. A little more than nineteen minutes of game-time later, the Hurricanes had the ball in their hands with a chance to win the game in its final seconds.
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COVID-19 Update: Montana Adds 1,983 New Cases, 10 More Deaths

As of Friday morning, Montana has confirmed 222,093 positive COVID-19 cases. Montana's COVID-19 case tracking map shows 1,983 new confirmed cases. There are currently 13,855 active cases in the state. According to the Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services, 1,367,505 COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered and 546,545...
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Cádiz is excited about a victory that sinks Levante a little more

The last two classified in the table faced their emergencies in a match in which Levante, bottom team, started well, gave in to Cádiz at the end of the first half and their improvement in the second half he didn’t give enough of himself to achieve not even a draw.

Here are 5 ways to test if the honey you're buying is pure or fake

For the majority of people, honey is a must-have product at home. Not only does it have loads of health benefits, but you can also use it to treat some ailments as well as make face masks for a smooth blemish free skin and even exfoliate your lips. However, unbeknownst to many people, there’s fake honey being sold in the supermarkets.

Eric Judor in Week-end Family: “I'm a little more severe in person as a father”

At the Alpe d'Huez festival, Eric Judor presented today his new series, for Disney +, in which he plays the patriarch of a fun blended family. New style exercise for Eric Judor! Actor joins the Disney family with an all-new series called Family Weekend, which will launch on February 23 on Disney+. Half of Eric and Ramzy had the opportunity to present this comedy at the Alpe d'Huez 2022 festival and the small tribe of which he will be the leader, under the direction of PEF (Pierre-François Martin-Laval) and Sophia Queen.

Sightly bigger super mutants

I got the pack overlord and first for my little mutant warband. I’m gonna use the same painting guide as for my other mutants, but I’m gonna do a little more with the base colour wise. The model was primed with AP Leather Brown just like before.

Jay Z Reasonable Doubt Album is....

Initially his image and persona was weak. he just couldnt sell it. once he became an established name, RD was properly appreciated. anyway does anyone know y theres a diaeresis on "Y" wonder how many reasonable doubts are literally in the crates and the artist never got a big pimpin...
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Super Simple Valentine’s Owl Card

The final card in our set of 6 Super Simple Valentines Card! We have 6 wonderful and super easy Valentine’s Day cards for you to check out and have a go at. Finally, we have our oh so cute and simple Valentines Owl Card for. As with all our DIY Valentines Day Cards for kids, this is designed to provide you with inspiration and you can make it your own!

Dave Taylor & Jeff Hall Decorate Dungeon Terrain In February!

Dave Taylor Miniatures and Jeff Hall are going to be coming on Kickstarter in February with a brand new book! If you're into building fascinating dungeons then how about having a look at The Tremendous Tome Of Decorating Dungeons?. The Tremendous Tome Of Decorating Dungeons // Dave Taylor Miniatures. As...

Free official Humankind mod and map make history a little more sci-fi

If you've been enjoying Amplitude Studios' 4X strategy game Humankind but have a hankering for something a little more alternative in your historical timeline, you might like to cast your gaze in the direction of the developer's newly released official Endless mod and map. As its name suggests, Humankind's Endless...

Days out in North Yorkshire

Whether indoor or outdoor, sightseeing or something a little more active, there really is fun to be had for the whole family in North Yorkshire. Monk Park Farm, Big Sheep & Little Cow Farm and Playdale Farm Park. For young children, you really can’t beat a day out to one...
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In the kitchen with Sharon

In the kitchen with Sharon this week is my friend and co-worker John Hackley. He comes to work every Monday with something new he has fixed for himself and his fiancé Amy. He has the cooking skills. He cooks a little more fancy than me, but it all looks delicious.