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Russia election: Opposition complaints on final day of voting

Russian opposition activists have stepped up complaints they are being silenced on digital platforms, on the final day of parliamentary elections. There have also been numerous reports of irregularities, including ballot stuffing and forced voting. The electoral commission has dismissed the complaints, saying they are part of a well-financed campaign...
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Putin’s party set to win Russia’s parliamentary elections

Polls are closing in Russia’s parliamentary elections on Sunday, as the three-day vote is set to deliver another majority to President Vladimir Putin’s party, United Russia. The elections come as Putin’s best-known opponent, Alexei Navalny, sits in jail, with his organization banned and labeled “extremist.” As such, anyone with ties...
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Russia election: Exit polls suggest landslide for pro-Putin United Russia in controversial election

Russia’s ruling party, which supports President Vladimir Putin, has won a landslide victory in parliamentary elections, exit polls suggest.But the heavily-doctored voting process may have brought a few too many dissenting voices for comfort — and it is still too early to see how evidence of voter fraud may play out.The polls say between four and five parties will make it into parliament.Ruling party United Russia is projected 45.2 per cent of the vote, with the Communist party a strong second on 21 percent.The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia — an inappropriately-named nationalistic front — comes third on 8.7 per cent....

the allies of the opposition Alexéi Navalny denounce blockages in its application

This Friday, the social messaging network Telegram “censored” the Smart Voting application, developed by allies of the critic Aléxey Navalny to subtract votes from the ruling United Russia party, according to the opposition. Amid accusations of fraud and few voting options, an atmosphere of skepticism grows about the possibility of a change of course in the country.

Pro-Kremlin party leading vote after crackdown

President Vladimir Putin's United Russia party was ahead with nearly 40 percent of the vote, early results showed Sunday, after a three-day election that followed an unprecedented crackdown on the opposition. With just more than 10 percent of the vote counted, United Russia had taken 39.2 percent, according to results released by the election commission. The Communists were second with 24.7 percent, followed by the nationalist LDPR party with 9.5 percent. In the last elections to the lower house State Duma in 2016, United Russia received 54.2 percent of the vote and the Communists 13.3 percent.
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Russia’s opposition complains of stolen parliamentary elections as reports of ballot stuffing and tampering flood in

MOSCOW — Opposition parties and independent observers reported widespread ballot stuffing and other tampering in Russia's three-day parliamentary elections. President Vladimir Putin's United Russia party was expected to be declared the winner despite low approval ratings in the months leading up to the vote. The third and final day of...

Reported voting violations mar Russia's parliamentary ballot

From the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean Russians across eleven time zones voted Sunday on the third and final day of a national election for a new parliament, a ballot in which the pro-Kremlin ruling party is largely expected to retain its majority after months of relentless crackdown on the opposition.The vote so far has been marked by numerous reports of violations, including ballot-stuffing, inadequate security and pressure on election monitors.The election is widely seen as an important part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to cement his grip on power ahead of the 2024 presidential election,...