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All You Need To Know About Shaving Creams!

Grooming for men raises a question in many people’s minds. Even they spend time grooming themselves. Nowadays, we all go for anything that says herbal body care products. The information we have on that product is very little. One such essential product is Shaving Cream. Role of Shaving Cream. The...
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The Best Electric Shavers for a Quick, Close Shave

Shaving is important, especially if you don’t want a 5 o’clock shadow or a beard. But it also takes time, especially if you want to get rid of all that scruff. So if you need to look clean shaven, but you don’t have much time to spare, then you’re probably going to want an electric shaver. Electric shavers have been around for decades now, and have saved men countless hours getting ready for work in the morning or cleaning up before a date or party. And while they may not be quite as effective as shaving with a razor and shaving...
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Businessman shot at in south Kolkata in attack by 15-18 men: Police

Kolkata: A businessman was shot at in south Kolkata’s Elgin area in the early hours of Monday after his car was allegedly stopped by 15-18 men who were on motorcycles, police said. Pankaj Singh, a resident of Howrah, was returning home with a few friends around midnight after attending an...

Top 10 best shaving machine for boys

Having a shaving machine is a must for teenage boys today for grooming. There Best Shaving Machine for Boys are so many choices especially the electrical razors that make everything easier for you. There are highly practical, versatile, and known for their amazing technology. Some of these can be expensive yet the price provides a great value based on performance and quality. A lot of boys invest in high-end razors but it can be really challenging for you to get the best shave. From Philips to Braun, there are Best PC Sticks companies, that provide the perfect technology for boys for grooming.

Dollar Shave Club Box Just $5 Shipped (Includes Razor, Refills, & More!)

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Road Over Jira River Gets Washed Away, Close Shave for Biker

Bargarh: It was a close shave for a biker, who with his bike was swept away while using the fair-weather road on the Jira river that connects Bargarh town with Ambapalli. The biker who was swept away by the flash flood in the river caused by heavy rain over the last two days was rescued by locals, reports said.

A Close Shave!!!

As Mike is still working at home and is pretty much stuck indoors all day he very much appreciates his after-work constitutional, not only for the opportunity to get some air but also the potential to meet up with neighbours along the way. One fine evening, end of August, he met neighbour-man Steve with Alfie-The-Dog and Steve told him of something exciting, though disconcerting, which had happened to him that day.
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Lidl and Aldi middle aisles: The best deals available this weekend

Aldi and Lidl have announced a range of new items hitting the shelves in the middle aisles of their stores this weekend. From hobbies and crafts to personal care, you'll be able to pick up a bargain from the supermarket chains over the weekend. We've rounded-up some of the highlights...

Our Favorite Versatile Men’s Shaver Is Discounted at Amazon Today

One of the best and most versatile shavers is on sale at Amazon right now, meaning you can buy the fantastic Andis Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver for just $58, reduced from $80. If you’re looking for a great shaver for handling your entire head with ease, you’ll be delighted at how convenient this one is. Be quick though as stock is sure to be limited.

Best Shaving Soaps

Classic shaving and shaving with a safety razor is a ritual that has been enjoyed by many for over a hundred years. The most important ingredient for a quality and enjoyable shave is shaving soap. Although ready-made foams and shaving gels can be considered an alternative to genuine shaving soap, they will never be able to give you the same result and the refreshing and comfortable feeling on your face. Shaving soaps are genuine soaps made in traditional ways, leveraging centuries-old knowledge and artisanry. It is always best to use the shaving soap with a very high-quality brush and with a bowl or mug. A natural hair shaving brush such as a badger or boar hair will give you great results.

This portable shaver with ceramic blades will literally ‘erase’ your stubble to give you the cleanest shave

Rather aptly named for a portable shaver, the Erazor was designed to erase stubble right off your face. Armed with ceramic blades housed inside a compact design that’s no bigger than a shaving brush, the Erazor is a portable grooming device that takes a fraction of the time as opposed to your shaving kit, and doesn’t create a mess either.