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7 Things to Do This Weekend (July 30-Aug. 1)

Organized by a group of Midwestern artists, the inaugural Blkout Walls mural festival will begin this weekend. Over the course of the event, which kicked off on July 24, commercial structures throughout Detroit’s North End neighborhood have been adorned by 20 hand-selected muralists. In addition to observing the creators live at work, the public can enjoy music, food, walking mural tours, and panel discussions with artists like Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith, Sheefy McFly, and Sydney James. No cost. Through July 31. Detroit’s North End; blkoutwalls.com.
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7 Important Things You Need To Do To Boost Your Brain’s Performance

Deterioration of the brain is something that just happens with time. There isn’t much you can do to stop it, but you can slow down the rate of deterioration. You can improve your mind and therefore quality of life while you are young by keeping it sharp and working on your memory. There are a plethora of ways to do this, but we have put together a list of 7 things that will help you boost your brain’s performance.

7 Things to Do in Milwaukee This Weekend: July 30-Aug.1

Brewers fans of all ages are invited to a slumber party at American Family Field. Bring your camping gear and spend the night on the outfield! The entire field level will become a playground – watch the Brewers vs. Braves game on the big screen and shake hands with the Famous Racing Sausages® and Bernie Brewer. Tickets include food, beverages and a number of other activities.
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7 Things I Do When My Anxiety Skyrockets

I grew up a pretty anxious kid. I hated school, mostly because I didn’t want to talk in class. I was convinced public speaking was the worst thing in the world. I would have never imagined I’d grow up to become a professional speaker. Now, I can stand on stage in front of thousands of people without much anxiety at all (usually).
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7 Things Richa Moorjani Can’t Live Without

We interviewed this celebrity because we think you'll like their picks. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. If you have yet to binge-watch season 2 of Netflix's Never Have I Ever,...
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7 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before I Got My Eyebrows Microbladed

You’ve probably heard of microblading (aka, a semi-permanent tattoo for your eyebrows). The specialty salon service is all the rage right now, and while it’s been around for years, I was a bit of a late adopter. I admit to being completely squeamish about the concept of a “tattoo” on my face (right?). But, like all good girls who were teenagers in the 90’s, I, regrettably overplucked my brows, leaving me with a lifelong love-hate relationship with eyebrow pencils and powders. Exhausted with my daily brow regimen, I began to wonder if I had the courage to take the microblading plunge, and a few months ago, I finally did!

Sneezing and Sniffling? 7 Ways to Keep Your Home Allergy Free

Allergies are one of the most annoying things you will ever come across. When you are constantly sneezing, itching, sniffling, it can completely ruin your mind. And if you have a guest at your home, constant sneezing is the last embarrassment you want to come across. That’s why I will share 7 ways to keep your home allergy-free and help you stop getting embarrassed. Let’s get into it.

7 Important Things You Need To Do If You Get Injured While Traveling

A trip to a new place is always exciting as it gives travelers great cultural insight and a memorable experience. Nonetheless, it is extremely frightening and irritating to deal with an emergency, especially in a new place where the culture and even the language are unfamiliar to you. Thus, before heading any trip, arm yourself with some helpful guides on what to do in case you are unfortunately injured to ensure your safety.

Top 7 Things to Look Out for in an Online Bingo Site

Online bingo is one of the unexpected success stories of the past decade. Since the initial boom the game saw in the 1960s, bingo’s popularity and relevance gradually diminished but the early 2000s saw the marked return of land-based bingo halls—especially among a new generation of younger players—and subsequently their online counterparts.

The Poodle – 7 Things To Know About Its Temperament and Personality

Regardless of the size it comes in, standard, miniature or toy, the Poodle is undoubtedly one of the most popular dog breeds nowadays. It is generally known as being a rather spoiled animal, although that is a perception that people are to blame for and that doesn’t necessarily need to be correct. Of course, if you spoil a dog while it is still a puppy, it won’t exactly know better than to be spoiled even when it reaches a certain age. Still, regardless of the way you have been raising them, Poodles will be much more than spoiled creatures, so it is time to bust that myth. Here is what’s good and what’s not so good about them.
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Humana Q2 results: 7 things to know

Humana released its second-quarter earnings results July 28 on the tails of payers still reporting a dropoff in profits. 1. At the front of Humana's earnings report is a 67.8 percent dip in second-quarter profits, from $1.83 billion in 2020 to $588 million in 2021. 2. However, revenue increased to...

7 Things You Should Know Before Opting for Invisalign

Not everyone is blessed with a perfect smile. A misaligned set of teeth could be embarrassing and may have a detrimental effect on other aspects of your life. For example, if you do not like your look, you will avoid interactions at social gatherings and workplaces. That said, it is...
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7 Things to Do When You Suddenly Realize Your Career Is Going Nowhere

Getting locked into a career that’s going nowhere is never a positive experience. You feel like you’ve traveled a long way, but there’s no room left to run. You have a choice of sticking it out or starting all over again, making things look bleak. It’s never a good feeling when you realize your career is going nowhere, but there are some things you can do.