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Second Amendment “Sanctuaries” – The Worst of the Worst

With Joe Biden in the White House, Republicans have once again become interested in blocking enforcement of unconstitutional federal gun control. This led to a flurry of bills introduced in state legislatures this year purporting to create “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.” In fact, many of these bills create sanctuaries for absolutely nothing.

Biden’s Enemies List – Growing By Leaps & Bounds!

Biden’s enemies list HERE. It’s best if you avoid any reverence for Jesus Christ, God, the Bible, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, limited government, 2nd Amendment rights, Free speech, individual liberty or anything else you grew up with if you’re over age 30 today. Seig Heil!!! March in lock step with Uncle Joe and all will be well.
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July update from Sheriff Cox

Hard to believe July is nearly over and soon we will be looking at cooler fall weather. As with most things in life we are constantly dealing with change; some good and some bad. I won't even attempt to tell you what the latest our federal government and CDC is asking of us on Covid-19 and Masks. For most of us, this issue is very frustrating and difficult to follow while making many wonder if our government has a clue about what they are talking about. I can tell you the virus is real. Unfortunately, I know too many people who got ill with Covid and have passed. Maybe they had underlying issues or maybe not, I can say I got the vaccine as I do not want to contract this and pass on to my family, co-workers or you. The vaccine is a personal choice and it is probably best I not share my thoughts on mask mandates in some communities. I wish everyone would respect the thoughts and opinions everyone and businesses have on this matter.
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2 More Iowa Counties Become 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries

(Winterset) Two more Iowa counties have become Second Amendment sanctuaries. Tuesday votes by the Board of Supervisors at both Cedar and Madison counties mean there are now four Iowa counties where sheriff’s offices won’t be enforcing state or federal gun laws that conflict with the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Adams County is also considering a similar resolution at its August 2nd meeting, but all that is pending is a discussion, so far.

The Second Amendment Is About Rifles Not Racism

Below is my column on academic work claiming that the Second Amendment is a relic of slavery. The reframing of the debate follows a familiar pattern in academia. Indeed, the same type of sweeping (and unchallenged) generalities was used recently to declare Olympic surfing a relic of American imperialism. The framing of such claims often precede any search for the facts. However, academics know that there is an eager and unquestioning audience for such publications. Conversely, those academics challenging such claims risk isolation and shunning in today’s intolerant environment. What is most striking about this latest claim is that it is directly and comprehensively contradicted by historical sources. Yet, there are relatively few academics who have publicly challenged the claims as media heralds the theory as a type of breakthrough publication. As discussed earlier, the theory is neither new nor well-founded.
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Oregon Judge Rejects Lawsuit Targeting ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ Rule

An Oregon county judge has dismissed a case that challenged two gun-rights measures that were passed by voters. The Columbia County Board of Commissioners asked the court to review the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance (SASO) and Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance (SAPO), which were adopted by the county’s commissioners. Then, Oregon attorney general and lawyers from Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun-control group, issued their own filings and argued the ordinances violated federal and state laws.
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Owning Guns Isn’t Racist

Do you think the founders of the United States, when they wrote the 2nd amendment to the constitution considered that guarantee as a race-based issue? Americans Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) seems to think so, as they choose to ignore the Supreme Court’s 2007 Heller decision. For more information, Lars speaks with Bernie Giusto, a retired Multnomah County Sheriff.