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Trump Org. jury seeks clarity as deliberations continue

Jurors in the Trump Organization’s criminal tax fraud deliberated for a second day Tuesday, weighing charges that former President Donald Trump’s company helped executives dodge personal income taxes on perks such as Manhattan apartments and luxury cars.Jurors returned to the courtroom twice with questions Tuesday seeking a refresher on some of the charges in the complex, numbers-heavy case. First, they asked the judge to reread three counts of falsifying business records pertaining to the creation of W-2 tax forms for longtime Trump Organization finance chief Allen Weisselberg.Then, they asked to hear a fourth falsifying business records charge, which involves...
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RNC chair defends mail-in voting, even as Trump trashes the practice

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel unequivocally endorsed mail-in balloting Tuesday, distancing herself from former President Donald Trump on an issue that is fracturing the GOP in the wake of disappointing election results this fall. “What we do need is our voters need to vote early,” McDaniel, a longtime Trump...
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Capitalists have two parties, can’t we workers have at least one?

There are a variety of economic classes in the United States today. We have our big capitalists who employ hundreds of thousands of workers, our medium-size capitalists who have hundreds of workers, and our small capitalists who may have anywhere from one to several dozen employees. Then we have our...

MATTHEWS: House Democrats elect an election denier as minority leader

For the last two years, Democrats who previously raised questions about election results ― and in some cases actually formally objected to the certification of electoral votes in presidential elections ― have told us that doing such things threatens our democracy and undermines our sacred institutions. Oddly enough,...

The 33 worst days of Trump's political career, ranked

Tuesday was a bad day for Donald Trump. The former president invested heavily in the election of his old friend Herschel Walker to the Senate from Georgia. That Walker failed to win outright in November was one of many ways in which the limits of Trump's political power were shown by the 2022 midterms, but at least Trump might see redemption if Walker prevailed in the runoff.

The War Caucus Always Wins

The dominant political story emanating from Washington, D.C., these days centers around the battles between the Trumpist movement and the bipartisan “adults in the room” caucus — the Democratic Party and fragments of the Republican Party consisting of lawmakers and politicians who have affirmed the legitimacy of President Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory. Often obscured by the media focus on this clash is the enduring influence of a long-standing faction of the U.S. power structure: the bipartisan war caucus. Throughout the Trump and Biden administrations, the U.S. has been on an escalating trajectory toward a new Cold War featuring the prime adversaries from the original, Russia and China. The ratcheted-up rhetoric from U.S. politicians — combined with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the tensions between China and Taiwan, and Beijing’s major advancements and investments in weapons systems and war technology — has heralded a bonanza for the defense industry.

What Musk and Co. Want You to Forget About #TwitterFiles

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Twitter, the FBI, and the First Amendment

TWITTER, THE FBI, AND THE FIRST AMENDMENT. New Twitter owner Elon Musk made a lot of news in the conservative world on Friday when he released information about Twitter's infamous suppression of the October 2020 New York Post story about Joe Biden and influence peddling, a story based on evidence from Biden's son Hunter's laptop. The article, published in the last three weeks of the 2020 presidential campaign, noted that Hunter Biden was engaged in shady business dealings in Ukraine and reported that one of his Ukrainian associates thanked him for arranging for the associate to meet Hunter's father, then the vice president of the United States. One reasonable inference to draw from the story was that Hunter and Joe Biden worked together to reward the people who were paying Hunter Biden at least $50,000 a month to do nothing in particular.
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Political Divides Grow

The recent midterm elections highlighted the growing educational divide between voters as well as the increasing political polarization in the country—both of which are areas of concern for higher education but not ones that colleges and universities can address on their own. An initial analysis of polling data from...

Lee Zeldin Puts Ronna McDaniel On Notice: “RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel should not run for a 4th term, it’s time the GOP elects new leadership”

GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin put Ronna Romney McDaniel on notice and called for new leadership at the Republican National Committee. Lee was threatening a run against her but said he will not this time because the election seems ‘pre-baked. But called for new leadership saying Ronna should not run...

NEW REPORT AND POLLING: States United Action Releases Final Replacing the Refs Report, New Survey on Voters’ Rejection of Election Denier Candidates

Replacing the Refs Final Report and New Polling Find that Election Denial Movement is Unpopular With Voters. Washington, D.C. — Today, States United Action released its final Replacing the Refs report of the year. The report tracks the trend of Election Denier candidates who ran in 2022 for key statewide offices that run, oversee, and protect our elections. States United Action found that American voters decisively rejected Election Denier candidates and the election denialism movement.
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What was Sonoma’s voter turnout in 2022 midterm elections?

The voters in the city of Sonoma turned out in better numbers than the county overall in 2022, but also reported the lowest number of votes since the 2016 election, according to Sonoma County Registrar of Voters. “There were 5,625 ballots actually cast for the city of Sonoma, which is...

Lee Zeldin Announces Whether He Will Challenge Ronna McDaniel for RNC Chair

GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin, who came very close to upsetting Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul last month in the predominantly blue state of New York, announced on Wednesday that he’s holding off – for now – on running for Republican National Committee chair, in what would be a direct challenge to current RNC chair Ronna McDaniel.

FBI Official Casts Doubt on Twitter’s Rationale for Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story

An FBI official’s testimony last week is setting up a potential showdown with Twitter over the social media company’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election. FBI supervisory special agent Elvis Chan disputed former Twitter executive Yoel Roth’s claims that the FBI warned that...