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John Eastman’s California bar danger could hurt him at the Supreme Court, too

John Eastman, the former Donald Trump lawyer and possible future Trump co-defendant, has added the potential loss of his California law license to his list of troubles. If the state plucks Eastman’s license, that could put the former Justice Clarence Thomas clerk’s Supreme Court bar membership in further jeopardy as well. As it happens, on the subject of fringe election efforts, he’s lead counsel on a Supreme Court amicus brief — meaning a brief filed by an outside party not directly involved in the case — supporting North Carolina Republicans and the so-called independent state legislature theory in Moore v. Harper.
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Canada's Supreme Court Gives Mixed Rulings on Gun Crime Penalties

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canada's Supreme Court found one mandatory minimum sentence for a firearm offence unconstitutional and upheld two others in a pair of decisions published on Friday. Two of the three cases at issue used hypothetical scenarios that defence counsel argued could render these mandatory minimums unconstitutional because they...
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Supreme Court failed to disclose financial arrangement with outside group probing leak: Report

The Supreme Court failed to disclose its long-standing financial arrangements with former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff who independently validated the nine-month investigation into the leaked draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade. Last week, in tandem with Chertoff's oversight, the high court said it has so far failed to identify...

Student debt relief challengers make case to Supreme Court

Challengers to the Biden administration’s student debt relief plan submitted their written arguments to the Supreme Court on Friday, contending the administration overstepped its authority. In their separate briefs, six Republican-led states and two individual loan borrowers who did not qualify for the relief argued the administration should not be allowed to forgive up to…

Supreme Court hears arguments between funds and defaulted borrowers

The Supreme Court of Greece discussed on Thursday a disagreement between funds and banks on one hand and defaulted-loan borrowers on the other, over the legal framework and the rights of the latter. Discussion focused on two conflicting laws (3156/2003 and 4354/2015) specifically relating to whether funds that acquired loans...

An ominously faceless and nameless Supreme Court leaker

It seems as if the American public has once again arrived at the intersection of Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg. Yet this time, the figure with sticky fingers who leaked the Supreme Court abortion draft opinion last May remains ominously faceless and nameless. Last Thursday, the Supreme Court failed to...