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National Restaurant Chain Targets ND Man In Ad Campaign

You might see something a little strange over the next week or so. The national restaurant chain, "Checkers" and "Rally's" (Same ownership) is launching an ad campaign to convince one man to make a change. National Day Calendar. I'm sure you've heard of the National Day Calendar, and have probably...
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Mandan’s Marvels – Do You Need All That Space?? YES

Every once in a while I let my mind drift off and wonder what it would be like living in a mansion, and what would you do with all that space???. So my first question is, what would you qualify as a "mansion"? Anything just a tad bigger than your two-bedroom apartment? I look at a bunch of variables for someplace to be labeled "mansion" in my book. The two places I "visited" this afternoon are quite impressive. They both will cost you over two million dollars.

NDSU Bison Thundering To Get Alcohol At Games

It seems to be on track to potentially happen in 2022. Alcohol is no longer taboo in college sports. With the lone exception of the North Dakota State Bison football program, every other team in the Missouri Valley Football Conference allows some form of on-site alcohol sales during games. It...

North Dakota Darlings – What’s Dr. Phil Like In Person?

The heartache of "yesterday" ends in a magical way. Personally, I was so glad to see this story the day it came out, I didn't have a whole lot of information to go on, except for the few details I saw on our local news. Brianne and Bryce from Grand Forks met, fell in love, and got married - that's what true life is all about. The ONE thing that derailed EVERYTHING was discovered three months after the wedding, the company - Glasser Images - that captured all of their photos had just closed its doors for good. The couple lost a big part of their savings and had no memories to show for it, only a miracle could bring joy and happiness, and tears.

North Dakota, Buy The Bismarck Motor Motel Before It’s Gone.

HEY! You better shut up! Five million is a helluva deal. Don't think for a minute that this viable commercial property ain't worth all of five million. Sure, you all have your snarky comments but once the new buyer is printing money after buying the Bismarck Motor Motel, you'll have your comeuppance. That's a real word.

Minot’s Maddening Rage Room – Destroy At Will!

I first heard about this over the weekend and immediately a million questions ( maybe just a few ) popped into my head. Did you ever see the movie Office Space? There was a scene that about 99% of us can all relate to, an office printer that had terrorized the employees for who knows how long. The inefficient machine met its untimely destruction when the three workers joined in and bashed it to oblivion with a baseball bat. Have you ever wanted to simply wreck something, either at work or home? NOW there is a place in Minot that welcomes and invites you over to indulge in your "human wrecking ball" fantasy, and it's perfect.

5 Things In North Dakota That Make You Do A Double-Take

So exactly what is a "Double-Take?" I'll try and describe what it means in my own words, ahhh let's say you are out and about in Bismarck/Mandan on a hot summer day, and you look over and see someone walking a cat on a leash. Your brain tells you almost instantly that what you saw was definitely not something you see every day, or in your life for that matter - so you look over real quick again ( a double-take ) just to make sure you're not going crazy. I was thinking this morning about how many things we/us/I come across in North Dakota that cause us to do a patented Double-Take.

Roundabouts In Bismarck, You’re Still Doing It Wrong! (VIDEO)

Bismarck Mandan has its fair share of roundabouts now, and It's a pretty good bet that more and more roundabouts will be coming. I can't help but chuckle a little bit. Why? Well, the majority of you are still doing it wrong. Yep, there's one essential thing you are forgetting to do while driving through one of the several roundabouts we have in Bismarck, Mandan & Lincoln. Any idea what that is?

Bismarck’s Future Superstar ( Count On It ) – Katie Bartnick

I LOVE writing articles about BisMan people who are filled with honest passion. This is 19-year-old Katie Bartnick. I met her just over a week ago. Thanks to her father Bryan, she was listening to us in the car and called in and won a prize. Off the air, I took her information and could tell instantly by her enthusiasm that she had that future stardom personality. I found that she is majoring in broadcasting and journalism in her 2nd year at Minnesota State University Moorhead. So my main goal was to bring her out to our studios here on the strip in Mandan. This morning was the day.

North Bismarck’s Erbert and Gerbert’s Closing For Good

No matter what the business is in Bismarck/Mandan it is always sad when they close their doors for good. It's one of the toughest, most challenging things to do in any city, big or small. Running a business takes planning, good old-fashioned hard workers with a goal in mind, and a little luck goes a long way. There are two Erbert and Gerbert restaurants in Bismarck, to me, there is nothing better than a big old sandwich lined with turkey, avocado, and provolone cheese - The North and South end of town eateries has provided great food for quite a while, sadly though one of them is closing their doors.

Mandan Residents – Take It Easy On The Water Today

So if you heard some chatter surrounding Mandan this morning, AND you live IN MANDAN, then check this out.... Today is Friday, the 1st of July ( Hard to believe ) and we are just days away from the 4th of July of course. With the fireworks all poised and ready to blast off on Monday, you can only imagine just how many people took today off making it an extra-long weekend - and I don't blame them. So with more people at home today ( here in Mandan ) it is virtually a no-brainer that residents will be using more water. The most obvious is that we all take for granted simply turning a faucet and out it comes. When was the last time you had to worry about conserving water?

15-Year-Old From Minot Sings Her Way To College

According to, Madie Roberts is singing her way to the top. The source says Roberts attends Central High School in Minot, and is only 15 years old. A music competition recently took place in Bismarck, called "High School Battle of the Bands". -- You may have heard of it.

Bisman Chalk Drawings Creepy Or Just A Bit Of Fun?

While walking around Bisman, I've noticed quite a few chalk drawings. Most of them are of flowers and smiley faces, but there are a few that stand out from the others. Take a look. (For privacy reasons, I won't tell you where I stumbled across these works of art.) Now,...

What Do North Dakotans Stress Out The Most Over?

There's a blogger slash content creator on Instagram and Facebook by the name of Matt Surelee who likes to publish maps. He likes to ask his followers questions about their states and then he puts together a map. Matt has a wide range of topics from "The Most Overrated Attraction...