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Cleveland Orchestra’s insurance refuses to pay for needed procedures after employee’s gender-affirmation surgery, lawsuit says

CLEVELAND, Ohio— Cleveland Orchestra’s health insurance refused to pay for necessary surgeries for an employee who suffered complications from her gender-affirmation surgery, according to a lawsuit filed late Wednesday. Rem Wransky filed the allegations in federal court in Cleveland against the orchestra and the third-party administrator of its...

The Cleveland Browns may not have a shot at Will Fuller if Deshuan Watson is suspended for a year

Will Fuller seems like a long shot for the Cleveland Browns. The Cleveland Browns now need even more help at receiver than they did last week, with the injury to Jakeem Grant. While Grant hadn’t been a big receiver option in years past, the Browns were giving him reps and were giving him good reviews. Yet, his injury not only ends his season but potentially his career. This means that everyone is once again looking the way of Will Fuller.

Plans underway to demolish PearlBrook shopping center to build a Sheetz

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Plans are underway to demolish the PearlBrook shopping center on the border of Cleveland and Parma to make way for a Sheetz gas station. The new gas station would sit on the northwest corner of Brookpark and Pearl roads — just south of Interstate 480 — and be built on the west side of the property, according to a site plan submitted to the Cleveland Planning Commission. The plan leaves space for “future development” on the north and east side of the parcel.
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Cleveland Classics: Barberton-Style Chicken is a Feast for the Ages

In their book 500 Things to Eat Before It's too Late, award-winning food journalists Jane and Michael Stern set out to catalog the nation's finest regional cuisine. The fruit of nearly 35 years on the road, the book guides diners to local specialties that are so good, they warrant an out-of-the-way trip. Commanding almost a full page are the fried chicken restaurants of rural Barberton, with special attention paid to Belgrade Gardens, the progenitor of them all.

The Pit Bull Who Was Saved From A Dumpster Now Has A New Life

Knowing that there are individuals in the world who dare to harm animals, especially dogs, a creature that simply wants to love us without condition, makes me very sad. In the American city of Warren, Ohio, a dog was dumped into the trash as if it were just unwanted rubbish. Given the size of the container, it was clear that the dog could not have gotten there on his own, making this a case for further investigation.

Three great pizza places in Ohio

Photo by Aurélien Lemasson-Théobald via Unsplash. If you love eating pizza and you happen to live in Ohio then you are in the right place because that's what this article is all about - three amazing pizza spots in Ohio that you should definitely visit if you want to eat good pizza. If you have already been to any of these pizza places, leave us your honest review in the comment section. If you haven't, make sure to add them to your list because these pizza places are definitely worth a try. The food is delicious and the service is amazing so there is really no reason to not visit them next time you are in the area. Are you curious to see what places made it on the list? Here they are: