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Check out these Granbury homes on the market

Whether you’re looking for a new home on acreage or a fixer-upper close to amenities, you can probably find a listing here to suit you: It's like stepping into a Tree House. Unique Lake House built into the side of a hill with decks & tree top views you
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Analysis shows most expensive gas in Granbury

(GRANBURY, TX) If you’re paying more than $2.80 for gas in the Granbury area, you could be getting a better deal. If you choose the most expensive station in the area, you could be paying as much as an extra $0.42 per gallon, according to an analysis by GasBuddy Sunday.
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3 ideas for jumping on Sunday’s sunny forecast in Granbury

(GRANBURY, TX) The forecast is calling for sun today in Granbury. Here are three ideas for how to make the most of it, along with a four-day forecast. Have a picnic: Especially in the era of COVID-19 restrictions, a novel way to safely engage in the beloved pastime of a shared meal can be hard to find. Why not get creative and meet a friend somewhere pretty with a basketful of snacks and a blanket? Risk levels should always be taken into account along with advice from health authorities on gathering sizes.
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Granbury events coming soon

1. Music, Massage & Merlot; 2. Kids Camp; 3. Last Saturday Gallery Night; 4. Black Crow Productions Presents : Southern Glory at Diamond D's in Grandbury; 5. Local Goat Distillery Tour & Tasting;
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Walk Where Dinosaurs Once Walked

Ever wonder what it would be like to walk amongst dinosaurs? While places like Jurassic Park might not be the safest, there is a way that you can still in part do just that, with a visit to Dinosaur Valley State Park. Located in Glen Rose, Texas this area has been linked back to several types of dinosaurs which once roamed and left their imprints in the waterways. You can now enjoy the park for a variety of outdoor activities in addition to literally walking where the Dinos once walked.
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Access new worlds just up the road at Acton Nature Center

The Acton Nature Center is an excellent spot for those wanting to enjoy hiking, bird watching, a butterfly garden, and more in Hood County. Wednesday morning proved to be a perfect time for Charlotte, Abigail, and Hannah Schumann to accompany their grandmother Lee Ann Cunningham on their first visit to another of Hood County’s hidden gems.

Sales Tax holiday timed for back-to-school

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar recently reminded shoppers they can save money on clothes and school supplies during the state’s sales tax holiday on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 6-8. State law exempts sales tax on qualified items — such as clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks — priced below $100,...

Granbury Regional Airport Master Plan Public Information Meeting

A public information meeting will be held to inform interested members of the community about plans for the Granbury Regional Airport. This is the third meeting held as part of the Airport Master Plan and will present anticipated needs for the airport over the next 20 years. The Airport Master Planning process and details of the project will be discussed. Share your input and learn about the future of the Granbury Regional Airport.
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Summer workouts heat up in Tolar

Wednesday was a classic rock day at Tolar High School. “We like to mix it up and play different music,” Rattlers coach Jeremy Mullins said. “Me being a country boy, I like to slip in a Texas country music now and then.”. The music being played is just a tiny...
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Glen Rose community news in brief

Explore the interesting history of moonshine in Texas. On this hike, we will learn how people made, hid, sold, and survived on moonshine in Prohibition-Era Texas. Along the way, you will see if you have what it takes to make it as a true Texas moonshiner by playing a game of luck.

What-a-store! New, improved Whataburger comes to Stephenville

Over the summer, Stephenville residents have witnessed the birth of a new Whataburger store located right next door to the well-used current store. The new store has caused excitement among current Whataburger employees for what is to come in the next few weeks as the construction on the store approaches an end.
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Touring The Home Of The Infamous Dublin Dr Pepper

Do you remember those infamous Dublin Dr Peppers? Perhaps you have a few hanging around as collectibles gathering dust but adding in value by the day. Did you know those Dr Peppers were not the only thing bottled at the bottling company in Dublin, TX? You can now take tours of the place that put Dr Pepper in the bottle and on the map with a unique stop in Dublin, TX. Today we are visiting the small community which was able to keep the 23 ingredients secret for years and learning more about the history with a tour of the facilities and so much more!
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Firefly Grilling 'shines' as new pop-up

Street tacos, Mexican street corn (elote) cups and hand-ground brisket burgers are all popular staples at Firefly Grilling Co., a new pop-up food venue that’s been making the rounds recently at Silver Saddle Saloon and Revolver Brewing here in Granbury. Firefly is described as a “one-stop shop” by owner John...
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Mr. Whiskers will get you hooked on catfish

If you want to land more catfish, you need to bait your treble hook with Mr. Whiskers bait. That is a bold statement when it comes to fishing, but the proof is in the pudding. In this case, the evidence is in a container of goop that smells like something you forgot and left in the back of your fridge for six months.
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150+ Furry Friends in Need

“WE NEED HELP,” a July 4 post on the Erath County Humane Society began. At that time, the facility was “way over capacity” with 91 dogs and 97 cats. Animal lovers opened their hearts and homes following the post to bring down those numbers to 77 dogs and 79 cats but ECHS director Serena Wright reports the facility still has some big needs.

ASAS names Smith 2021 Outstanding Young Animal Scientist

STEPHENVILLE — Tarleton State University’s Dr. Brandon Smith this week received the 2021 Outstanding Young Animal Scientist Award in Education, presented during the annual meeting of the Southern Section of the American Society of Animal Science in Louisville, Ky. “This award couldn’t mean more to me,” Smith said. “To be...