Springfield, Massachusetts

Mayor Sarno Expresses His Sympathy on the Passing of Retired Longtime Chief of Our Park Rangers Joe Luvera

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno states, “I was very sorry to hear about Chief Luvera’s passing. My thoughts, prayers, and encouragement have gone out to his son Michael and family. Chief Luvera was an unsung hero, so dedicated and loyal to our park system, especially our majestic Forest Park – ‘a true dedicated public volunteer/servant.’ Chief, you had a good run and may God rest your soul.”
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Mayor Sarno and Ward 2 City Councilor Fenton Continue Discussions on Enhancing City Projects and Initiatives

Mayor Sarno states, “I am appreciative of Councilor Attorney Michael Fenton’s efforts on behalf of our residents, especially his constituents of Ward 2. My Administration will continue to work with Councilor Fenton to continue to enhance the quality of life in Ward 2 – our Hungry Hill, Liberty Heights and East Springfield Neighborhoods. Stay tuned for future announcements as we continue to review opportunities for the best use of city resources and to maximize the value out of our local investments, especially from the federal ARPA funds and future potential federal infrastructure funding too.”
Picture for Mayor Sarno and Ward 2 City Councilor Fenton Continue Discussions on Enhancing City Projects and Initiatives

Mayor Sarno and City Officials Continue Meetings with Hampden County Judges and Court Officials to Discuss Environmental Conditions at the Halls of Justice

In addition, court officials were impressed and wanted to discuss with Mayor Sarno and city officials how the City of Springfield has continued to address the environmental conditions, air ventilation and other public health and safety measures in local municipal buildings and schools. Especially of notice was how quickly the city invested and retrofitted all facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic and continued preventative maintenance efforts.

Mayor Sarno Kicks Off ‘Fill the Plate’ Fundraiser with Hot Table and The Gray House

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno joined today with The Gray House, Inc. Executive Director Kristen McClintock and Hot Table owner Chris DeVoie to kick off the 7th annual “Fill the Plate, Feed a Family Initiative.” For the seventh year in a row, the Hot Table Tower Square Location and The Gray House have teamed up to support The Gray House’s food assistance program.

Mayor Sarno and City Officials Discuss ARPA Funding with Hungry Hill and East Springfield Neighborhood Councils

Mayor Sarno states, “I want to thank Hungry Hill Neighborhood Council President Cathy Mossi and East Springfield Neighborhood Council President Kathy Brown and their respective board members for taking the time to meet with me and my dedicated ARPA team. They both presented some great ideas and identified local neighborhood specific projects they would like to see happen. We had a great conversation on how we can best utilize the ARPA funding to continue to enhance not just our neighborhoods but the city as a whole under the seven categories my administration announced - job creation/economic development, capital projects, assistance for businesses, non-profits, seniors, our neighborhoods, and housing. These ideas and projects will greatly enhance the quality of life for our residents and business community and I am looking forward to reviewing these ideas and projects with my dedicated and tested-and-true city team and exploring how we can implement these ideas under the ARPA funding or possibly through the upcoming Federal Infrastructure funding bill that is currently pending before Congress.”

Mayor Sarno and City Officials Provide Update on Watershop's Dam

Mayor Sarno states, "To keep our residents and business community informed, we have updated our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that were previously released at the beginning of the project to help answer any questions or concerns. I want to thank Director of Disaster Recovery Tina Quagliato Sullivan, Director of Capital Asset Construction Peter Garvey and Director of Parks, Buildings and Recreation Management Patrick Sullivan for their continued efforts on this project and keeping everyone informed."

Mayor Sarno Winner of 2022 Reader Raves ‘Best City or Town Local Official’ for Eighth Year in a Row

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, for the eighth year in a row, has been voted the "Best City or Town Local Official" in the 2022 Reader Raves poll. Mayor Sarno states, “I am humbled, honored, and elated to once again win this award – ‘8-ball in the corner pocket for the win!’ I love and live this job 24/7. I accept this award again on behalf of my tested and true staff, cabinet heads, down to our rank and file. Thank you, again, Reader Raves voters – Go Team Springfield!”

Springfield Police Department Surpasses 250 Life-Saving Uses of Narcan

Today, Aug. 31, 2021, is recognized as International Overdose Awareness Day. The day serves as a way to raise awareness about fatal and non-fatal overdoses, educate the public, and encourage action and discussion around overdose prevention. It is also meant to recognize the grief felt by family and friends whose loved ones have been lost to addiction or have been permanently injured as a result of an overdose.

City of Springfield Launches Department of Recovery and Business Continuity Webpage

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Mayor Domenic J. Sarno created the Department of Recovery and Business Continuity (“DRBC”), with the objective of effectively, efficiently, and equitably administering ARPA funds within the City of Springfield for all eligible use categories, as determined by the United States Department of the Treasury through its Interim Final Rule. DRBC is responsible for utilizing public input gathered from the City’s residents, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to implement an open and transparent process for ARPA funding to be distributed, so that the maximum benefit is derived for the people of Springfield, in furtherance of the goals and objectives of the Act.

Mayor Sarno Joins Superintendent Warwick for First Day of School Visits

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno joined today with Springfield School Superintendent Daniel Warwick to visit students, teachers, and staff on their first day of the school year. He also joined for the unveiling of Sodexo’s new Homegrown Springfield logo which was designed by students from our very own Roger L. Putnam Vocational Technical Academy and features students from Springfield Public Schools.

Mayor Sarno Joined with Restoration Worship Center for Back to School Event

Over 600 pairs of sneakers and school supplies were given out. Mayor Sarno stated, "I want to thank Pastors Eli Serrano and Matt DeCiccio for the beautiful work they did on behalf of our community. They always do constant outreach work for our neighborhoods. It was a wonderful and heartfelt event with a great showing. It was great seeing the happy and smiling faces on the children as they received their backpack full of school supplies and new sneakers thanks to Samaritan's Feet International. A little prayer never hurt anybody. It just shows the humanity of our City, making sure our children are going to be ready to go back to school. It's all part of the beautiful mosaic of the City of Springfield."

Mayor Sarno Commends and Supports Representatives Ramos, Gonzalez and Williams Bill to Require Reappointment of Judges Every Five Years

House Bill 3840: ‘Proposal for a Legislative Amendment to the Constitution to Require Reappointment of Judges Every 5 Years’ was sponsored by Representative Orlando Ramos and Carlos Gonzalez and cosponsored by Representative Bud Williams. Mayor Sarno states, “Coming off the heels of two public safety neighborhood evening meetings with our...

Mayor Sarno Enjoys a Visit from Rabbi Chiam Kosofsky

Mayor Sarno states, “It is always a pleasure to meet with Rabbi Chiam Kosofsky. I enjoy our conversations and deeply appreciate the time he takes to continue the tradition of his late father-in-law, Rabbi Edelman, and provide me with a blessing and prayer of good health, wisdom and strength. I want to thank Rabbi Chiam Kosofsky for gifting me with this Honey cake as part of the Rosh Hashanah custom and tradition, where Honey symbolizes the hope of a Sweet New Year.”

Mayor Sarno Beats the Heat and Renews his Springfield Thunderbirds Season Tickets

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno stopped by the Springfield Thunderbirds office at the MassMutual Center today to renew his season tickets with team President Nate Costa. Mayor Sarno states, “On one of the hottest days of the summer, what better way to beat the heat than stopping by to renew my season tickets to our beloved T-Birds. I know everyone is looking forward to the return of our Thunderbirds and cheering them on as they heat up the ice. So come on down to get your tickets. I look forward to seeing you all at the games as our T-Birds pursue bringing the Calder Cup back to Springfield – ‘Go T-Birds!’

Mayor Sarno Joined with HHS Commissioner Caulton-Harris and Elder Affairs Director Federico to Welcome Back Our Seniors

Mayor Sarno states, “It was fantastic to see our beloved senior citizens safe and enjoying themselves back in our state-of-the-art Raymond Jordan Senior Center today. No matter your age, socialization and camaraderie is so important, especially for our seniors. I want to thank Health and Human Services Commissioner Helen Caulton-Harris and Director of Elder Affairs Sandy Federico and their dedicated team and staff for all their efforts to making sure our senior citizens have a safe and enjoyable facility to return too. I know from talking with those visiting out center today that besides keeping cool from this heat they were all ecstatic to be back!”

Mayor Sarno Continues Neighborhood Council Listening Tour as Part of the Administrations Community Outreach on ARPA Funding

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno continues with his citywide listening tour as part of the Administrations community outreach initiatives on utilizing American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding. Mayor Sarno has already met with a number of non-profit agencies, business groups and religious organizations to discuss the potential opportunities for the City...