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Man arrested after attacking police officer

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Springfield Police arrested a man on Thursday after that man attacked a police officer and tried to grab the officer’s gun during a traffic stop. The incident happened in the 700 block of South Durkin Drive around 2 p.m. Officers pulled over 32-year-old Deandre Townes, who then attempted to run away […]
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Illinois LINK System Temporary Outage

The Illinois LINK system will be temporarily unavailable later this month. State officials are informing LINK Card customers that they won’t be able to make purchases or ATM withdrawals from August 20th at 11 p.m. through August 21st at 6 p.m. This is due to scheduled maintenance. Officials say Illinois is transitioning to a new link card system.
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Illinois family charged with kidnapping, forced labor, and conspiracy for forcing victims to years of labor

A federal grand jury in the Central District of Illinois returned a nine-count indictment charging Domingo Francisco-Juan, Lorenza Domingo-Castaneda, and Catarina Domingo-Juan, siblings and Guatemalan nationals, with conspiracy to commit forced labor, forced labor, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, and kidnapping. According to the allegations outlined in the indictment, between December...

You Won’t Believe Why This IL Man Was Arrested At Movie Theater

If you don't want to get arrested at a movie theater in Illinois, then avoid being like this guy. I believe most people have acted obnoxious in a movie theater at least once in their life. Probably when they were teenagers. I will admit that I definitely acted like an idiot during a film several times. That's a thing my friends and I did in our teens. I'm not proud of it but we were young and dumb.

Period of stormy weather on the way to Central Illinois

(WAND WEATHER) - Stormy weather is on the way to Central Illinois. After a nice, long stretch of warm, dry weather, showers and storms are on the way as we head into the weekend. Morning sunshine Friday will give way to more clouds with a few storms approaching our northwestern...

Despite Ordinance, Panhandlers Still In Busy Intersection Medians

Despite a new city ordinance prohibiting pedestrians from standing in the medians of busy Springfield intersections, many panhandlers are still there and still asking for money from motorists at those spots. Springfield Police Chief Ken Scarlette says homeless outreach staffers have gone out to talk to those panhandlers about the...

Five fabulous Illinois State Fair dishes

👋 Hey, it's Monica. My stomach hurts.What's happening: I went to my first Illinois State Fair yesterday and tried to jam as much interesting fare down my gullet before heading to the Governor's Day speeches.Eating the news: I tried 10 things, including sirloin on a stick, pork chop on a stick and a pork twister featuring grilled tenderloin wrapped in bacon at — where else? — the Pork Patio near the Swine Barn.But only five dishes make my must-try list:Walking Deep-Fried Horseshoe ($9): The portable version of Springfield's signature dish of ground beef or chicken, crispy fries and house beer...

Health Alert: A Common Item Is Sending Illinoisans To The Doctor

For those who might be thinking "Oh, great. Another piece about Covid-19, or monkeypox, or whatever the current topical health worry might be," don't worry. This is not about either of those medical difficulties. The bright side about this weird or unusual reason for heading to see your doctor is...

State fair food battle

👋 Hey, it's Monica. This week I got a baptism by fried foods at my first Illinois State Fair. I've since tried more dishes, including: Tastiest: A bag of warm cinnamon mini doughnuts ($8).Weirdest: A dill spear wrapped in cream cheese and pastrami ($3). Worst: Sirloin on a stick with dry, tasteless beef ($10). Photo: Monica Eng/Axios The intrigue: Fellow Axios Local reporters have sampled their share of wacky fair food this year — maybe even weirder than ours — and they shared their reports.Iowa: Axios Des Moines' Jason Clayworth indulged in a deep-fried queso burger featuring batter-encased beef...

One Of The Top Ranked Weirdest Festivals In U.S. Is In Wisconsin

If you want to experience a festival that is strange and unusual, then Wisconsin has the perfect place for you. Illinois And Wisconsin Don't Really Hate Each Other. There is an assumption that Illinois and Wisconsin hate each other. Of course, there's definitely a friendly rivalry between the two states but hate is way too strong of a word for their relationship. I would say it's more of like siblings. Well, except when it comes to sports teams.

Sangamon County Sees First COVID Death Since Late July

Sangamon County has seen its first COVID-related death in almost three weeks. A man in his 80s, who was fully vaccinated and boosted, died Tuesday of complications from the virus. It was the first reported death in the county from COVID since July 29th. 402 Sangamon County residents have died...

Here’s the Best Place to Eat Illinois’ Most Famous Sandwich

When I think of food in Illinois, I consider pizza, Italian beef, hot dogs, and burgers. Some of the best of each of those categories can be found within The Land of Lincoln. I've got to be honest with you here, when I saw this yesterday from Insider, an article called The Most Famous Local Sandwich From Every State, I fully thought it would be an Italian beef.