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SpaceX’s Starlink satellite Internet may soon power in-flight Wi-Fi

SpaceX’s satellite Internet service Starlink may soon power Wi-Fi services on some flights, offering travelers a new option for connecting to their favorite services while traveling. According to SpaceX’s VP Jonathan Hofeller, Starlink has already performed some demonstrations of an ‘aviation product,’ which the company says it aims to finalize for use on aircraft soon.
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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says Starship will take over Starlink launches

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has reiterated plans for Starship to take over Starlink launches, eventually fully replacing Falcon 9’s role in the constellation. Since dedicated Starlink launches began in May 2019, Musk, COO and President Gwynne Shotwell, and a few other SpaceX officials and executives have made it clear that the company would ultimately transition the task of launching and maintaining the Starlink constellation from Falcon 9 to Starship. Barring major surprises, Starship is being designed to be fully and rapidly reusable from the ground up, nominally making the system far cheaper to launch.
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GPS III SV-05 encapsulated ahead of June 17 launch

The fifth GPS III satellite was encapsulated within a SpaceX payload fairing on June 9 in preparation for its June 17 launch. The U.S. Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center’s Lockheed Martin-built GPS III Space Vehicle 05 satellite was encapsulated within a SpaceX payload fairing at Astrotech Space Operations Florida facility on June 9 in preparation for launch, scheduled for June 17 from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

South African Billionaire: Elon Musk Manipulates Bitcoin’s Price For His Own Benefit

While indicating that BTC is here to stay in one form or another, Sygnia’s CEO accused Elon Musk of manipulating the markets for personal benefits. Elon Musk manipulates the financial markets, including the cryptocurrency one, for his own personal gain, alleged the South African billionaire Magda Wierzycka. The founder of Sygnia further blamed the recent BTC volatility on Tesla’s CEO.
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Non-Profit Asks Cameron County To Stop Closing Beach For SpaceX

A non-profit organization is asking Cameron County to deny SpaceX permission to close access to Boca Chica Beach for the rest of the year. The group Save RGV wrote a letter to Cameron County’s judge and district attorney last week asking them to stop any future closures of the beach and Highway 4 near the company’s launch facility.
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Elon Musk Really Wants To Bring Better WiFi to Your Next Flight

SpaceX has plans to use its low-Earth orbit Starlink satellites to offer in-flight WiFi for "several" airlines. Most airlines do already offer in-flight WiFi, usually for a fee, but it's more primitive. There's no timeline for the Starlink airline project yet, but when it does go live, it will significantly...
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UK space race investment 'is heating up'

A UK firm that was the world's first dedicated space technology investor is preparing to list fund shares on the London Stock Exchange. The public will be able to invest in a portfolio of new private space firms through Seraphim Capital's fund. The news comes amid a public consultation on...

Study compares the four largest internet meganetworks

In recent months, people have reported seeing a parade of star-like points passing across the night sky. The formation is not extraterrestrial, or even astrophysical in origin, but is in fact a line of satellites, recently launched by SpaceX, that will eventually be joined by many more to form Starlink, a "megaconstellation" that will wrap around the Earth as a global network designed to beam high-speed internet to users anywhere in the world.

Elon Musk Declares New ‘Space Race’ Between Bitcoin and Dogecoin

The race to send the first cryptocurrency into space has begun. Cryptocurrency exchange Bitmex will mint a one-of-a-kind physical currency, which will contain one bitcoin at an address yet to be revealed. The coin will be brought to the Moon through Astrobotic Technology, a Pennsylvania-based space robotics company. The mission...