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Credit Card Skimmers Found at These 8 Michigan Gas Stations

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development announced this week that they found eight credit card skimmers at gas stations across the state. Credit card skimmers are a real problem especially if someone steals your credit card information. The other problem is the fact that it's really hard to tell if someone has placed one of these theft devices on a pump that you're using. The skimmer itself is placed inside the space where customers scan their credit cards to purchase gas.
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Feds secure first conviction in Taylor mayor bribery scandal

Federal prosecutors Friday secured the first conviction in a bribery case against Taylor Mayor Rick Sollars when a downriver real estate mogul admitted bribing the downriver politician with more than $53,000 in cash, appliances, home renovations and gambling money during a Las Vegas trip. Shady Awad, 41, of Allen Park,...
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Police at scene of possible barricaded gunman on Detroit's west side

Police are on the scene of a suspected barricaded gunman situation in the area of Tuller and Ewald Circle on Detroit's west side, officials said. They said officers are working with Michigan State Police troopers, who have closed the Interstate 96 ramps to West Davison Street to traffic. "We'll provide...
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Chip shortage not idling any GM plants come Nov. 1

Detroit — General Motors Co. will take its Silao, Mexico, truck plant down next week, but expects no plants to be down from the global chip shortage come Nov. 1. GM first started taking down plants in February as the effects of the shortage started to show. Throughout the year, the Detroit automaker has tried to protect its most profitable products — trucks and full-size SUVs — as it idled plants.

Bottega Veneta Takes Detroit With Mary J. Blige, Lourdes Leon and Lil Kim

Where in the United States can you get Superman ice cream at a party store, drive south to get to Canada, and set cheese on fire is a cause for celebration? That would be Detroit, Michigan: a humble Midwestern city where two Coney Islands are famously locked in an everlasting rivalry and an entire city block is a renowned found art destination. Over the past century, the Motor City has seen its share of ups and downs, but today it is in the midst of a cultural renaissance—and the fashion world is taking note. Bottega Veneta’s Salon series just presented its new collection in Detroit, and creative director Daniel Lee worked with locals to produce a show worthy of its Motown inspiration at the historic Michigan Theatre.

A 'censored' mural, Mom's Spaghetti comes up, Faster Horses death cause revealed: the top 10 Detroit Metro Times headlines this week

Cincinnati Bengals player Jackson Carman either has a questionable sense of humor, or Eminem's got good lawyers, or both. On Sunday, the player seemed to suggest that he had gotten sick and puked on Ford Field after eating at Eminem's new Mom's Spaghetti restaurant. "Would not recommend eating Moms spaghetti when you visit Detroit" he tweeted. The next day — after, we assume, Em's lawyers had time to react — he walked the story back, writing in a follow-up tweet, "FYI: I did not actually try the Moms Spaghetti Restaurant while I was in Detroit, I was referencing the @Eminem song lyrics." All we'll add is if Carman was trying to make a joke... well, there are other ways he could have done that without appearing to directly imply that the Mom's Spaghetti restaurant was the cause of his on-field illness. Anyway, that was our top story this week.

When Should Michigan Expect Its First Snowfall?

It’s that time of year again- time to start thinking about snow. Say it isn’t so! I’m not a big fan of snow, if you can’t tell. So, when should Michigan expect its first snowfall?. The National Weather Service has released data on the average date West Michigan usually gets...

Michigan Madness highlights: Dancing, dunks, and 3-point contest

ANN ARBOR -- The Michigan basketball programs welcomed hoops fans back to Crisler Center on Thursday night for the first time since March of 2020. Coaches and players from the men’s and women’s teams spoke about the upcoming season and had some friendly competitions as part of the “Michigan Madness” event (see video below or click here). Approximately 3,300 fans attended, according to a Michigan basketball spokesperson.

Beaumont Health says 370 people could lose jobs over vaccine

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — Michigan’s largest health care provider suspended 1% of its workers after they failed to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Beaumont Health had set an Oct. 18 deadline. Vaccines: Michigan won't go further than federal vax-or-test rule. Crain's Detroit Business says the 370 employees now have until Nov. 16...

The Lost Voices group of Ann Arbor uses their music to help young people

Lost Voices is an organization that helps kids, who are victims of trauma, find hope and healing through the power of music. WEMU's Jeremy Baldwin speaks to Lost Voices founder Mike Ball about the history of the group and their involvement in this weekend's Ann Arbor Marathon. TRANSCRIPTION:. Jeremy Baldwin:...