Microsoft just unveiled Windows 11: Here's everything it announced

Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 during a live-streamed event on Thursday. Microsoft revealed Windows 11 during an online event on Thursday. The announcement comes almost six years after the introduction of Windows 10, which is the world's most widely used PC operating system, with over 1.3 billion devices using it. Windows,...
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Microsoft has officially disclosed Windows 11 now

Today, in a special Windows Event, Microsoft has formally announced Windows 11, the brand new operating system that is going to take the place of the existing Windows 10. It seems that Windows 11 is going to feature a more streamlined design layout along with a centralized toolbar and windows with more curved edges. Although it has a very similar design to macOS that’s surely not a bad thing.
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Microsoft teases new File Explorer for Windows 11

Microsoft made Windows 11 official today, but one part of the operating system the company didn’t show during its event was File Explorer. Just like the rest of Windows 11, it looks like File Explorer is getting a significant overhaul. In a video entitled “how Windows 11 is being designed,” Microsoft reveals the new File Explorer UI alongside some changes to the Microsoft Office UI.
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Microsoft's security tool can now spot rogue devices on your network

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint's new ability to monitor and protect unmanaged devices has now reached general availability. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (formerly Defender ATP), gives security teams visibility over unmanaged devices running on their networks. It's a cloud-based security service that gives security teams incident response and investigation tools and lives as an instance in Azure. It's distinct from Microsoft Defender antivirus that ships with Windows 10.

BIOSConnect code execution bugs impact millions of Dell devices

Researchers have discovered a set of vulnerabilities that can be chained together to perform code execution attacks on Dell machines. On Thursday, Eclypsium said the vulnerabilities, which together equate to a critical chain with a cumulative CVSS score of 8.3, were discovered in the BIOSConnect feature within Dell SupportAssist. Altogether,...

Google warns: Watch out, this security update could break links to your Drive files

Google has issued an alert for Workspace admins that an upcoming update to improve the security of sharing links from Google Drive will actually break links to some files. This could create headaches for Google Workspace business users who need to access files from Drive. The update involves updating Drive file links and may lead to "some new file access requests", according to Google.

Microsoft confirms Windows 11 is a free upgrade for Windows 10

Microsoft is making Windows 11 available as a free upgrade to all Windows 10 users. In theory, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 users will also get the update for free if they upgrade to Windows 10. It’s not yet clear if there will be a direct update path to Windows 11 from Windows 7 or 8.1.

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Here’s everything Microsoft is removing from Windows 11

Microsoft just announced Windows 11, which brings a new design, a centered Start menu, the ability to run Android apps, and a whole lot more. But alongside everything new revealed on Thursday, Microsoft also shared details on features that will be deprecated or removed, and you might want to check out what’s changing in case there’s anything you might have to adjust to in your day-to-day use.
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Microsoft kicks Cortana out of the boot experience for Windows 11

My job requires me to set up several Windows PCs per week. That means several times per week, I have to hear the following:. “Hi there! I’m Cortana, and I’m here to help. A little sign-in here, a touch of Wi-Fi there, and we’ll have your PC ready for all you plan to do.”

Microsoft unveils Windows 11 operating system

Microsoft has unveiled Windows 11, its "next generation" operating system, at a virtual event. The new software will let Android apps run on the Windows desktop. Product manager Panos Panay promised smaller, faster security updates - a common complaint for Windows users - and said they would happen in the background.
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Synology DSM 7.0 update wants to be your Google Photos replacement

A huge portion of computing in the past years has focused on the “cloud”, but there have been new movements recently to bring computing back down to Earth, so to speak. Just as microcomputers marked the decentralization of computing away from mainframes, hybrid and edge computing are now bringing some of the responsibility back to on-premise devices, such as IoT appliances and NAS. To keep up with the trends, Synology is pushing a big version 7.0 update to its DiskStation Manager OS, introducing features that not only adapt to the complex needs of users and businesses but also set up Synology NAS devices to become makeshift Google Photos replacements.
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Windows 11 Home will require a Microsoft account and an internet connection at setup

Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 on Thursday, and its least expensive version Windows 11 Home will now require an internet connection at setup — and a Microsoft account. Previous versions would let you opt out of Microsoft accounts by creating a local account instead, though the company didn’t necessarily make it easy to find and pushed you to use Microsoft’s login instead. It’s possible you’ll still be able to use a local account afterwards.

Windows 11 TPM 2.0 support error message: Why can’t my PC run Windows 11?

When it releases, those trying to install Windows 11 may find they’re met with an error stating that “This PC can’t run Windows 11” accompanied by a message saying, “The PC must support TPM 2.0.” Unfortunately, this error doesn’t make it clear as to what TPM 2.0 is, or how or if it can be installed. Unfortunately, TPM 2.0 is a complex topic, and users may find they’re in over their head when trying to research it.
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Microsoft is changing the Windows 11 minimum requirements

Now that Microsoft has announced Windows 11, you may be wondering what you’ll need to install it. Confirming information pulled from last week’s leak, all you’ll need to run it is a 64-bit CPU (or SoC), 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage, specs that are only slightly higher than Windows 10’s current requirements. This marks the end of Windows support for older 32-bit hardware platforms, even though it will continue to run 32-bit software.
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How to watch Microsoft’s Windows 11 event

Microsoft is hosting a special Windows event later today where we’re expecting the company to unveil Windows 11. Microsoft has been teasing a “next generation” of Windows for months, and a leaked copy of Windows 11 suggests we’re going to see a number of changes during Microsoft’s event today. Microsoft...