FOCUS ON-Softball at Tokyo Olympics

(Reuters) – Focus on softball at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics:. THE ABSOLUTE BASICS * Softball temporarily returns to the Olympics after losing its permanent spot following Beijing in 2008. Six women’s teams are competing, including reigning champions Japan, Australia, Canada, Italy, Mexico and United States. * They will play each other once over six days, with games lasting seven innings. The two teams with the best records will face off for gold.
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How important is the New York Jets’ newfound culture?

The New York Jets have clearly established a brand-new culture under Robert Saleh. How much of an effect will it have on team success?. From Dan Feeney and the crew heading out to the Coliseum for Islanders games, to Zach Wilson and Elijah Moore frequenting local restaurants together, to George Fant‘s celebrity softball game, this New York Jets team is showcasing off-field chemistry that is unlike anything fans have seen from the organization in a long time – if there even is a Jets team that has showcased comparable camaraderie (at least on a public level).
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Scions E71: Awards Banquet

From the Rumble Seat brings you a new way to experience Georgia Tech sports — through your earholes. Join Jake and Akshay as they talk Georgia Tech sports news, break down games, and banter away during your commute to work or your workout. On this week’s episode:. Team/Program GPA metrics...
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Sunrise Sports: Kolten is back, Remembering Robert Kekaula

Jocelyn Alo has plans to get her masters degree and play pro ball. Campbell grad Jocelyn Alo says she had no idea how many people were watching her and Oklahoma on their national title run. She also has plans for pro softball and her masters degree. Sunrise Interviews. Ohana Matters:...

Jets’ James Morgan robs Michael Carter of a softball home run (Video)

James Morgan literally brought the house down to rob teammate Michael Carter of a home run at George Fant’s Dream Big Celebrity Softball Game in Bowling Green, KY. The New York Jets quarterback became a receiver on Saturday, taking down the home run fencing set up at Hot Rods Stadium (home of the High-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays) to steal a homer from his running back.
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Eli Cranor: Playing games past midnight seems like too much

Dear Athletic Support: My daughter plays on a travel softball team. She’s in sixth grade. We devote almost every weekend in the summer to these tournaments, and we love it! We get to see all these different towns each week and eat at a bunch of great restaurants with some of our closest family and friends. My daughter also loves the competition. So what’s my problem with travel softball? The late nights! They’re horrible. I can’t even begin to tell you how many games we’ve played past midnight. Two weekends ago we had a game at two in the morning! This just seems like too much. Is there any reason why we have to play all these games in one day? I’m pretty sure the boys spread their tournaments out over two days and don’t have to play so late.

Former JMU softball star Oddici Alexander strikes out 8 in professional debut

Odicci Alexander finished her decorated college softball career with 712 strikeouts. Now, she has eight as a professional. Alexander made her pro debut on Thursday night in Florida, pitching for the USSSA Pride, a team that plays exhibition matches against national teams and other All-Star programs. Thursday’s game was against...
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A Dad and A Baseball

It started with a dad and a baseball. The kid is usually around 2 or 3 years old when dads usually start thinking about what sport he wants them to play when they get old enough to do anything remotely athletic. He debates other sports but finally realizes he wants to choose baseball to teach his son.
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Odicci Alexander signs to play for Athletes Unlimited

Odicci Alexander, the energetic pitcher who led James Madison’s storybook run to the Women’s College World Series semifinals, has signed a contract to play professional softball for Athletes Unlimited. ”I’m very excited and will be forever grateful for the opportunity to continue my professional softball career and show my passion...
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College softball: Fewer benefits and even less recognition

All the women across the 286 universities with Division 1 softball teams spend countless hours on the field and in batting cages and gyms, vying for a shot to play in the Women’s College World Series, or WCWS — an event highly anticipated by many, especially since its cancellation last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite all the cuts, bruises, strains and tears, softball players are overlooked, underestimated, undervalued and underappreciated. In this year’s NCAA softball tournament, their mistreatment was undeniable.

From A to Z, Mike Candrea represented Arizona to a 'T'

If there were a Mount Rushmore of softball coaches, Mike Candrea would be Teddy Roosevelt, mustache and all. Truthfully, there are not enough letters in the alphabet to fully celebrate the retiring coach’s impact on the Arizona Wildcats, nor on the sport of softball itself. But we’ll give it a...

Oklahoma Softball Coach Patty Gasso Speaks Out About Inequities For Women's Sports

By now, we've seen time and time again how men's and women's sports just aren't treated equally. Look no further than the pitiful weight room situation during this year's March Madness tournament (the upgraded version after a major public outcry was too little, too late) to the four-time World Cup-winning USWNT's quest for equal pay.