A Couple Claims to Be Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene Reincarnated

Self-claimed Jesus Christ and Mary MagdaleneDivine Truth/ WIKI CC-BY-3.0 Not every day do you hear that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, is here on earth with us, living and thriving in the 21st century. But, while it might be too much to take in, AJ Miller and his wife Mary Luck believe that Mr. Miller is Jesus Christ himself while his wife Mary is none other than Mary Magdalene herself.
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The Black Couple Who Gave Birth to a White Baby

Ben Ihegboro and Angela Ihegboro with their white daughterScreengrab from the Sun. While many people choose to have babies after getting married, it’s natural for hopeful parents to expect their children to look like them. However, science fiction became a reality for one Nigerian immigrant family in England. The couple were both black but gave birth to a perfectly healthy white baby. Not only did the baby not look like Ben and Angela Ihegboro and their other two children, who were black, but their newborn daughter looked nothing like their race. Instead, the baby daughter, whom they named Nmachi, was blue-eyed, blond, and white.
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Water park accused of racism for cancelling Black teen’s party as 250 guests arrived

A water park outside Kansas city is under fire for racial discrimination after abruptly cancelling a Black teen’s birthday party as guests began to arrive.Chris Evans, who organised the party for 17-year-old Isaiah Evans, said he had signed a $1,900 contract to reserve the Summit Waves Aquatic Facility in suburban Lee’s Summit city and host up to 250 guests at the party on Saturday. But when guests began showing up at the park, they were denied access to the facility. Mr Evans said while he and his wife were en route to the park to join the festivities, he recieved...

21 Years Ago, a Woman Left for a Romantic 4th of July Trip With Her Married Co-Worker. She Was Never Seen Again.

Between being a single mother and holding down a full-time job at a Honda factory in Marysville, Ohio, 29-year-old Patti Adkins led a busy life with little to no room for much else, let alone a love life. However, she wouldn’t have to look far. A year before she went missing, she became completely enamored with a married co-worker and began an illicit affair.

Trans streamer Keffals swatted and arrested in her home

The Twitch streamer Keffals, real name Clara Sorrenti, known for her political commentary and advocacy for the trans community, was swatted and arrested in her home Aug. 5 after malicious actors sent a false email threatening others in her name. Keffals on Tuesday posted a video describing the incident, and...

‘Groomer’ smears exploded on social media after Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, report finds

Hateful references to LGBT+ people and their allies exploded on social media platforms following Florida’s passage of what opponents have called the “Don’t Say Gay” law, while online networks have failed to combat surging homophobic and transphobic attacks, according to a report.Research from the Human Rights Campaign and the Center for Countering Digital Hate found that the use of slurs like “groomer” and “pedophile” surged by more than 400 per cent within the month after the bill was signed into law, which broadly prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity and could open schools to lawsuits aimed...

Man doesn’t expect his fiancée to give birth to a mixed race baby after she cheats

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events I experienced firsthand; used with permission.*. My old friend Angela is on her fourth engagement now. She’s only been married once, and that didn’t last more than a year and a half, so she’s been engaged much longer than married, too. This surprises me, because she has done such awful things to her fiancées that I can’t believe they stayed by her let alone (one) married her.