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Migration offers an urgent fix for the skills we need right now, but education and training will set us up for the future

Australia is facing serious labour and skills shortages both now and in the longer term. The immediate priority is to help employers fill current vacancies. In the longer term, the government needs to ensure its investments in education and training prepare Australia for future skill needs and opportunities arising from rapid technological change and other grand challenges like climate change. The new minister for skills and training in the Albanese government, Brendan O’Connor, is faced with competing calls to increase the skilled migrant intake and to invest in education and training to meet the demand for skilled workers. Decisions are typically...
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Fintech PayMongo Weans Philippines Shops Off Cash By Simplifying Digital Payments

Armed with fresh funding, payments fintech PayMongo is enabling small businesses in the Philippines to join the digital economy. A three-year-old Philippine fintech firm is helping digitalize the country’s predominantly cash-based economy, one click at a time. Founded in 2019, Manila-based PayMongo has seen its user base and transaction volumes soar as it taps into the country’s vast pool of tiny merchants—from mom-and-pop shops to independent fashion boutiques—that relied on in-person cash dealings before the pandemic.
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How To Start An S Corporation In California

S corporations, or S corps, are an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax designation that is often confused as a business entity. Instead, it is an option that certain business entities (namely LLCs and corporations) are free to elect by submitting Form 2553 to the IRS. As such, it is recommended for businesses to start an S corp by forming themselves as an LLC first and electing this tax status.

6 Tips To Avoid Personal Debt When Building A New Business

When starting up a new business, it takes cash to purchase the necessities of a new business. You need a website, office space and equipment, and many other expenses, depending on the company you are starting. But where do those funds come from?. According to a study led by,...