Adrenaline junkie paralysed in a freak accident reveals how his best friend saved his life

An adrenaline junkie with a passion for everything from skiing to surfing who has even cycled across Europe had never broken a bone until a freak mountain bike accident in a local park earlier this year left him paralysed from the chest down.His devoted partner-of-eight years Alex Brown, 30, has now helped raise £46K towards the £50K needed for the intensive specialist physiotherapy the professional Bristol couple hope will give Will Taylor, 32, the best chance of regaining movement.Alex, who has enjoyed trips with Will in the couple’s campervan to Devon, Cornwall, Wales and the south of France, is committed...
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Who Is Nadia Ferreira? All About Marc Anthony's Fiancée

The Paraguayan model is no stranger to the public eye as she's walked runways, graced magazine covers, and performed on stages all over the world. While she's made a name for herself through her numerous pageantry titles and modeling career successes, the 23-year-old recently made headlines when she announced her engagement to Latin singer Marc Anthony on May 13.

How Super Mario Kart and dance music created WipEout

The latest issue of Retro Gamer celebrates Sony’s long-running WipEout series, from the original PlayStation release through to its recent outing on mobile phones. “Nick Burcombe used to play Mario Kart while listening to really loud dance music, and he thought how ace it would be to develop a game that put those two things together,” Nicky Place told us.

How Long Does a Runner's High Last?

A runner’s high is a brief period of relaxing feeling and euphoria (intense happiness) that can last anywhere from a few minutes to hours. However, it depends on several biological elements and the intensity and duration of your physical activity. A runner’s high is a short-lasting experience of euphoria...

Traveler's Story: How A Trip To St. Lucia Helped Me Nurture A Social Media Friendship

If I stuck to my original plan of going to St. Lucia alone, the trip would have been very different. Not better or worse necessarily, just different. Meeting your internet friends in person can be a rewarding decision. When I was a child growing up on York Avenue, a very white part of Manhattan, there wasn’t much opportunity to interact with other Black children. I was determined to add more melanin to my circle as I got older. Social media has been the bridge between me and some incredible Black folks I might not have met otherwise.
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Stuck in the Rockies: Making sense of the dust on snow phenomenon

The transformation of the Roaring Fork Valley each spring from its dormant winter state to an awakened living environment is a beautiful thing to witness. Birds arrive, the creeks start flowing, the trees bud— everything comes to life. This year, as the valley slowly morphs into its green, verdant state, the little snow that remains on the nearby mountains is brown.