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Mc Bride SKate Park Check In

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Welcome to the Mc Bride Skate Park located in Long Beach, California! Our friends with IFSKateCo test out the park and let you know how it is! We also hit the streets for some more skating fun! #hiddengems
Tahoe City, CAPosted by

Snowboarding at Sierra at Tahoe

I planned to check out the Tahoe skate park, but it was covered in snow so instead visited Sierra at Tahoe for a nice day of snowboarding! Make sure to check this place out next season for some great slopes! #hiddengems
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Val de Flores SKate Park Tour

Welcome to the Val De Flores Skate Park located in Rio Vista, California! This is an awesome skate park with a ride range of obstacles great for any skill level! Next time you are skating near Rio Vista I highly recomend checking out this park! #hiddengems