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State funding helps pay for valley groundwater projects

Multiple San Joaquin Valley groundwater projects got a significant shot of state funding this week to kickstart recharge, and other, projects. On Monday, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced $150 million was awarded to 20 agencies through its first round of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Grant Program. That includes almost $84 million for 11 agencies in the San Joaquin Valley.

SJV communities get state cash to plug leaks

An infusion of state cash will plug several leaky drinking water systems that serve rural communities in the San Joaquin Valley in the near future. You need to login to view the rest of the content. Please Login. Not a Member? Join Us.

Third year of drought pushes price of water to $2,000 an acre foot

A sale of agricultural water within the Panoche Water District on the upper west side of the San Joaquin Valley hit the eye-popping price of $2,000 per acre foot recently. The buyer bought 668 acre feet in a deal that was brokered by Nat DiBuduo with Alliance Ag Services. The buyer, whose name was withheld, was willing to pay that cost to assure the future of his crops this year, according to the brokerage company.

Groundwater agencies at the epicenter of sinking beneath the Friant-Kern Canal have restricted pumping, raised fees in hopes of curbing water table free fall

Three Tulare County groundwater agencies that cover areas with severe subsidence due to over pumping spent the last year implementing programs to stem that tide and collected more than $11 million in the process. The Lower Tule River Irrigation District, Pixley Irrigation District and Eastern Tule groundwater sustainability agencies (GSA)...

From bulldozers to helicopters, Boswell-Vidovich battles continue

An ongoing tiff over construction of a large water pipeline in Kings County has gone airborne, according to a lawsuit filed by Sandridge Partners. Sandridge, controlled by John Vidovich, is accusing the J.G. Boswell Company of purposely “buzzing” cattle on its lands using a large helicopter. The actions have been ongoing since late January through the present, according to the lawsuit, and have endangered both animals and workers.

Deadline to apply for $50M to retire farmland coming up April 1

The state has $50 million to spend to retire farmland, which it intends to give out as block grants to local agencies, tribes and nonprofits in the San Joaquin Valley. But there are strings attached to the money. The groups that receive the block grants will have to work directly with farmers and community members to find ways to reduce irrigated cropland while still using the land in a beneficial way. That could be a problem seeing as how outreach in rural areas has proven to be a challenge for other programs.