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WHALES: Orcas off West Seattle

Donna, The Whale Trail September 22, 2021 (2:36 pm) They might be further north by now, a group of four. WDFW Enforcement boat was with them but not sure if they still are. Bryan September 22, 2021 (3:35 pm) How do we subscribe to text alerts about the whales on...
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3 bear cubs burned in north central WA wildfires continue to recover

LYNNWOOD - Three bear cubs burned in north central Washington wildfires continue to recover at a Lynnwood animal shelter. One cub was burned in the 55,500-acre Cedar Creek fire near Mazama. The cub was found with a burned snout and paws within the fire area in late July. Staff at the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) say fur is growing back in most of the affected areas of the bear’s face, ears and paws. The cub has some scarring on the right side of her face and right eye and is still unable to fully-open her eye due to the burns. The bear is expected to remain at the shelter for another nine months.
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WEST SEATTLE WILDLIFE: Caution, otters crossing

That’s a River Otter on the beach at Lincoln Park; Linda Rackner sent us the photo earlier this month. Another reader email brings the sad reminder that you have to watch for these creatures inland as well as on the beach or in the water: Mary and Mike emailed earlier this week to report, “On returning from a walk at Lincoln Park, we saw a car heading north swerve and an otter wiggling out the other side. We stopped, called Seal Sitters, and they said Animal Control was the proper entity to call. So they were called. We presume the otter was dead as it no longer moved. A parking patrol made sure Animal Control was coming. Maybe we need an Otter Crossing Sign for Fauntleroy. Sad to see an otter killed, and there was a cat immediately interested.” They say this happened just south of the south entrance to the south Lincoln Park parking lot. Otters cross roads to get to inland dens – they’ve been seen well away from the water.
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Grandmother orca among two missing Southern Resident killer whales

SEATTLE — Two more Southern Resident killer whales are missing and removed from the latest population numbers, the Center for Whale Research (CWR) announced Monday. A 47-year-old grandmother orca is missing from her pod and likely deceased. CWR confirmed a 35-year-old male orca is deceased after showing extreme emaciation. The...

Seattle Now: Spiders in your house and yard

It’s spider season here in the Pacific Northwest. Well, actually for just two types of spiders, but these are ones you’re most likely to notice. Burke Museum curator of arachnids Rod Crawford shares what we need to know about the giant house spider and European orb weaver.

Boss Cat Launches New Freeze Dried Raw Entrées For Cats

(PRESS RELEASE) SEATTLE, WA — Boss Cat introduces Freeze Dried Raw Diet for Cats. It’s the shelf stable version of our Raw Frozen Entrées that come in scoopable deli cups. You’ll find this new selection in a freeze dried small nugg shape that can be easily scooped and served any time of day, depending on the size of cat.

Pet of the Week | Shakira

Likes: Head scratches, deep conversations and soft landings. Dislikes: Belly rubs, loud neighbors and tall counters. Hoot, meow, hoot, hooooo?! Don’t look so surprised. Haven’t you ever seen an OwlCat? Well, we hadn’t either, not until Shakira flew into the shelter late one evening and graced us with her rare presence!

Backyard Birds: Pelicans white and pelicans brown

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones, who has spotted an American white pelican in or around Edmonds in the past few years. There is a reason for this. Since 2016 residents on nearby Whidbey Island have been enjoying the presence of a growing number of white pelicans. According to...

VIRTUAL: KCLS Program - Reading with Rover

For school-age children with adult. Build reading skills and confidence by reading aloud to a certified therapy dog in a live video chat. Reading with Rover is a community-based literacy program working with schools and libraries throughout the greater Seattle area.

WEST SEATTLE WILDLIFE: Owl attacks runner

Early-morning runners, beware. Here’s what happened to Bill, and he’s not the first:. I was attacked by an owl this morning on my run in North Admiral around 5:50am. This happened at the intersection of SW Atlantic St and Sunset Ave SW [map] and the owl followed me for several blocks diving at me trying to attack. It took my hat and scratched up the back of my head. I was able to prevent further injury by walking away backwards, yelling and waving my arms. My research says this can happen around this time of year. Runners in this area should be aware!

WEST SEATTLE BIRDS: 8 new views of our winged neighbors

Thanks to everyone who’s sent photos, we have another gallery of West Seattle bird sightings, always fun on a football afternoon. The top photo is by Kersti Muul, who explains it’s a Virginia Rail:. A rare treat to see in West Seattle. Was called by the Port to assess an...

WHALES: Transient orcas visible from West Seattle

Up for evening whale-watching from West Seattle’s west-facing shore? Kersti Muul reports that transient orcas that spent some time in Elliott Bay earlier are now south of Blake Island, on the west side of the Sound, so you’ll need binoculars. Let us know if you see them!. No Replies to...

Forever Home Dog of the Week - Marley

With input from our friends at Homeward Pet we are featuring a dog that needs a loving home. They are currently doing adoptions by appointment only. Our dog of the week Marley is a wonderful mix of all you could possibly want in a best friend. She’s cuddly, smart, playful, and faithful.

Feel Good Friday: Pets, an Artisan Market, and Welcoming Week

Support furry friends in need of a home by participating in the upcoming Tuxes & Tails charity event. Hosted by the Seattle Humane Society this Saturday, Sept. 18, at 5 p.m., the virtual event includes a live auction and a pet runway show. To participate in the auction this weekend, click here. If you can’t attend but still want to support Seattle Humane, click here.

South Whidbey farm hosts fitness classes

If you’ve ever wanted to do bicep curls while catching a glimpse of a chicken or a goat walking by, now might be your chance. Clinton resident Sarah Santosa is launching group fitness classes open to the public in a renovated barn on her property. Santosa and her husband, Ansel, are the owners of Ballydídean Farm Sanctuary, which is home to about 50 animals who were all rescued in some way.

Six dogs sickened or dead near the Tri-Cities, all thought to have recent contact with Columbia Rive

Charlie was just nosing around in the Columbia River. Her family was off a beach they had visited many times before just north of Richland, Washington. The young Terrier mix -- weighing about 18 pounds -- had been adopted from a shelter recently. After she put her face in the water Sunday, all of a sudden, Charlie started convulsing. The family quickly wrapped the dog in a towel and raced their boat back toward the Snyder Boat launch.