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Street racers flip over, shoot fireworks at car in Seattle's University District

Posted posted at at cos cos dot dot com. com. It's a person who shot the video, saying street racers flipped over a car late Friday night after some kind of altercation. Ah, firework was then thrown at it. And then moments later, someone driving an SUV. Push the vehicle out of the intersection. Seattle police say they took a number of calls about it 50 cars and about 200 people reported at a street racing event, 47th Street and 11th Avenue in the U. District. A few cars were reported doing donuts and burning tires while doing the drifting maneuvers. When officers arrived, that group had scattered off arrests were made. Two Two hours hours for for the the West West Seattle Seattle Global Global Bridget Bridget will will now now now remain remain remain open open open for for for three three three more more more hours hours hours on on on weekends. weekends. weekends. The The The.

Former FX McRorys owner to open new Kraken Bar & Grill at Northgate Seattle

Kind of dining experience is coming to the crack and training center in North Kate. When it opens this fall. Mike McCue, owner of former iconic Seattle restaurant FX, Macquarie's will now run the crack and bar and grill. It looks down on to ice Franks. You can come in there, anybody can come in and watch the crack and practice no charge. Any time they're in town, The Q tells cover radio story. Months in the restaurant may be new, but it will have the old spirit of McCrory's.

South Seattle man chases, pins down arson suspect

Down an arson suspect after spotting a fire near his home in the middle of the night. It was the second arson in less than a week at a construction site off of ringing your avenue Como's call. Miller talked to the woman who watched her husband leap into action. This apartment complex still being finished. Your 23rd and South plum this scene of yet another fire early Friday morning. It's been really scary. I I just just wish wish this this would would have have been been more more secured secured than than itwas. itwas. That's That's the the voice voice of of a a woman woman who who lives lives next next door. door. She She says says her her husband husband woke woke up up and and noticed noticed a a small small fire fire burning burning when when he he spotted spotted someone someone coming out. That's when he grabbed his bicycle and rode after him. Finally catching up with him near Burger King on Rainier Avenue. Look, I was giving them a hard time, but he he was slain on top of him, Seattle police said. It's arson and bomb squad now investigating if that man is connected to any other arsons, including a string of them in renting just last weekend. We're gonna look into it. We're gonna see if that M o matches just like with any other crime between those two fires. Damage is estimated to be roughly $4 million. That's cool. Most call Miller crews began.

King County Sees Rise in COVID-19 Hospitalizations in Seattle

County's covert numbers have been on the rise for the past few weeks. But public health officer Dr Jeff Duchin says the situation continues to change. Jason's a plateau hospitalization of platitudes at a higher level than we would like to see them. Nonetheless, they factored, he says. The biggest area of concern continues to be in South King County do, Jin says it's important to keep wearing masks and distancing in public and to get the vaccine When you can. He says he expects the risk from covert will have greatly diminished sometime in May.

Three North Seattle light-rail stations to open Oct. 2

Say three light rail stations in north Seattle will open October 2nd to report this week from the agency making that announcement about the new U District. Roosevelt and North Kate stations. The $1.9 billion extension expected to add about 45,000 daily passengers who can travel from North Gate Station to downtown's Westlake Station. In 14 minutes, and it's just over a.

Seattle public schools not accepting help from city to clear nearby homeless encampments

Week since we first reported on the two homeless encampments on property of Seattle schools comes Matt Market, which has been digging into the story. It has some new developments, starting with broad view Thomas K. Through eight. Many are asking. Why isn't the district asking for help? The mayor wants to help Seattle public schools as a separate governmental entity, and it controls its own properties. The city of Seattle. Does not and cannot go onto school grounds and start dealing with in cameras. I asked, the district spokesperson directly has SPS asked the city for help. Allow hope team outreach workers onto school property. The spokesman was noncommittal, saying It is somewhat fluid situation and we appreciate the city's partnership inflexibility as we proceed. Regarding the camp adjacent to me Any middle school, A majority of it is on park property. Miller play field. It's a camp that grew much bigger. After the big Kelly Anderson camp was cleared in December, the city has been doing almost daily outreach their crime.

Alaska, American, Southwest, United Airlines pull Chicago-based Boeing Max jets

No problem with some of Boeing 7 37 Max airplanes is prompting several carriers to pull dozens of the Jets out of service. NPR's David Schaper reports. Boeing says it's electrical problem yet today says Boeing notified the regulatory agency about the electrical problem late Thursday that it could affect the operation of a backup power unit. Alaska American Southwestern United are among the airlines pulling close to 70 of their 7 37 max planes temporarily out of service to address the problem. It appears to be related to a change in the production process and effects only some recently manufactured 7 37 Max jets. The problem is not related to the M cast flight control system. Which is blamed in part for causing to 7 37 Max crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia that killed 346 people.

King County's health officer provides snapshot of COVID-19 activity and vaccination efforts

Bad news type of update from the Seattle King County public health officer. Dr. Jeff Duchin likes to start his weekly UPDATES by comparing the covert outbreak to the weather forecast. This week's forecast is for continued mostly cloudy with storms possible. Over the past week, 255 new cases were reported daily, which was similar to the week before end up almost 80% from mid March. But a lot of people coming down with Cove it are not the most vulnerable incident rates have been trending up for all age groups, except for ages. 65 older and under five years with the highest rates in the 18 to 24 year olds, followed by 25 to 49 year old In the 5 to 17 year Old age group. He says he remains the geographic divide in the county. Overall Cove in 19 incidents remains highest in the cities and south and Southeast King County. Including Covington, Enumclaw. Auburn can't federal way Burian renting to quell A and C tech and, well, people continue to be hospitalized. The good news is that deaths have fallen dramatically since the peak of the fallen winter, Serge On average. Over the past week. One King County resident has died of covert 19 each day, compared with nine deaths per day during the winter peak. And although most of our oldest adults are protected through vaccination, not everyone is vaccinated. And went transmission increases in the community. The virus still confined its way to those who are most vulnerable and remain unprotected. And with that in mind,

Neo-Nazi pleads guilty in journalist threat case in Seattle

Pleads guilty to federal conspiracy and hate crimes charges, Federal prosecutors say. 25 year old Cameron Shea of Redmond threatened people who worked to expose anti Semitism. Investigators say he told followers of his neo Nazi group Adam Waffen Division, that he wanted them to put threatening posters on people's homes in Seattle, Phoenix and Tampa. J will be sentenced June 28th in US District Court in Seattle faces up to 15 years in prison Man charged with.

Seattle school board members ask city not to clear homeless camps

At odds with members of the Seattle school Board as we heard from our colleague, Jason Ransom, Katie th Two members trying to stop sweeps of homeless camps set up near to school campuses. They say the sweeps lack compassion. As for the parents, I knew it had gotten bad, but I didn't realize how out of control it was. I just think it's a recipe for the master Parents Tell Carver seven TV. They sent a letter to the board asking them to move forward with clearing the cans. Weather Partly.

Sign up to get notified about COVID-19 vaccines in Seattle

To become vaccinated. Thousands of people got their vaccinations yesterday at Blumenfield comes Abby. A Cockney explains how you can sign up for yours eligible for the cover 19 vaccine until April 15th right now you can go to it. City of Seattle website to be signed up from notifications of open appointments at big vaccination sites like the one Here Lumen Field, You can head to our website cos dot com From war. As for what we saw unfold history before eyes Blumenfield Event center administering 8000 doses. That's the highest number of vaccinations on a single day. Here at this site, the city is hoping to vaccinate 11,000 people on a single day next week, and from there, the goal is to get to 20. 1000.

Ports of Tacoma, Seattle commit to a goal of zero emissions by 2050

Cargo ships. Another ocean going vessels make up nearly 60% of harmful emissions at Northwest ports, so they're working to bring those emissions to zero in less than 30 years. Carrie Brown, environmental director for the Port of Vancouver, BC says they're also working On a transition to cleaner rail, trucking and port equipment. It's also important to consider that port authorities have limited control and influence over these activities. And we'll need to work with government to inform the right policies that promote both clean technology and reinforce competitiveness, Port terminals and Seattle and Tacoma have already made some changes like shore powers of ships can plug in and Turn off their diesel engines while docked. They also acknowledge the changes will require a lot of money and likely some new.

Some Washington State Counties May Need to Go Back to Phase 2 Soon

Leaders warned that several Washington counties are in danger of moving back to phase two of the state recovery plan. See Fehrenbach with the State Department of Health says the virus is spreading at a higher rate than they'd like seeing an increase in disease activity. We are also starting to see an uptick even and hospitalizations. Fortunately, we have vaccinated a very large portion of our seniors. Phase two means only 25% capacity and restaurants and limited gatherings, among other restrictions Among the counties that currently meet the criteria to go back to Phase two are Pierce Lewis and callous counties in western Washington On Monday, the state will decide what to do with the possible rollbacks going into place on Friday. The.

Five Seattle Starbucks stores test reusable ‘Borrow A Cup’ program

A coffee giant makes another run at reducing cup waste pandemic has upended a lot of efforts to reduce waste like disposable coffee cups. Now Starbucks is testing a borrow a cup program. Five Seattle area locations where customers can order their hot or cold drink in a newly designed reusable cup. For a $1 refundable deposit to return just skin and drop off at a contact This kiosk customers, then get credit back on their reward account as well as 10 bonus stars. There's also the option of returning the cups from home where a collection company can take them away. Once collected. The cups are cleaned, sanitized and put.

Boeing puts up for sale its Commercial Airplanes headquarters campus outside Seattle

Estate footprint. The company says its commercial airplanes headquarters in Renton Is up for sale more from Cuomo's Corwin Hate in Boeing's heyday as a local company, the old Long acres campus was the nerve center of its power and influence. Now, The Seattle Times reports, the 215 acre campus is officially on the market. The potential sale comes as no surprise, Boeing said six months ago it might sell the property and many other local sites in what President Greg Smith described As a thorough review of the company's real estate holdings were reviewing every piece of real estate. Every building every lease every warehouse every sight to look at how we can be more efficient, Smith said last October, the pandemic has helped Boeing understand it is possible for local executives to work remotely. Still, the potential sale is sure to reignite questions about whether Boeing plans to further shrink its presence in the Puget Sound area. Corwin Hague Co. Moh news. It's 704.

Seattle Seahawks: Dunbar out, Dunlap in

Quinton Dunbar was a Seahawk for one injury plagued season. He won't be back. He'll play for the Lions next season. Dunbar's agreed to a one year deal. Carlos Dunlap is coming back with with defensive defensive lineman lineman came came the the Seahawks Seahawks in in a a midseason midseason trade. trade. Last Last year, year, he he was was cutting cutting a a salary salary cap cap move move that that brought brought back back with with a a different different contract, contract, and and now now he's he's ready ready to to be be a a mainstay. mainstay. With With Seahawks Seahawks pass pass.

Controversial needle exchange program suspended in Seattle's King County

Poses as a drug user and claims outreach workers gave her 100 clean needles. Now it has the mayor of federal Way, pushing paws on King County's Needle Exchange program. It was time we will toss a live without. The program has been suspended in the city. After pleas from neighbors tonight, Tammy. Said, And this was a huge topic. A lot of people signed up to talk at this council meeting about this needle exchange program, voicing concern neighbors saying that crime is up and needles are turning up everywhere in the community. But others who've been struggling with addiction say if the program is gone for good, it'll only make things worse. I'm seeing people. They're just in the parking lot shooting up or they go down a couple of blocks and he's shooting up, fed up with pervasive drug use and littered needles captured in these neighborhood Photos Grace LeBron Oh says she posed as a drug user to stake out a King County needle exchange program in action, Gray says she set up an appointment with the South County outreach, referral and exchange program or score. She met a van at a park and ride and they went up to the van and I said Don't have a needle to exchange Can I still get something? And the guy? Hands me a box of 100 needles, and that was it. Tonight, The Mayor and council passed a resolution temporarily suspending needle exchange programs in federal way until the city in King County can come up with another plan on its website, King County Public Health says in the last two years, the needle exchange program place 739 people and drug treatment, some have struggled with addiction voice. Concerned about suspending the program in federal way, There's someone who's been there. It's really upsetting. To see running the needle exchange to out of town is not gonna do anything to reduce drug use. In fact, it's just gonna increase HIV rates. People will not have a chance to recover if they're dead,

Second Gentleman, Washington Governor Inslee visit FEMA mass vaccination site in Yakima

Joined by Vice President Harris's husband, Doug em off in Yakama today. Check out the mass vaccination site set up by FEMA em off, says it shows good cooperation between federal, state and local governments. Partnership. Look what's going on here. You're serving a community that has not been really served before your building trust in this community. Inslee says they want to get out shots as quickly and efficiently as possible in an extremely efficient operation, with an average weight time of 17 minutes, getting thousands of people through the weekend hours, everyone over the age of 16 will be eligible for the vaccine in Washington on April 15th. Several Asian.

Seattle state senator faces backlash for joining a Zoom hearing while driving

Story, A state senator facing backlash after attending a committee hearing. While driving more from Como's Jeff Pooja left Seattle Democrat Rebecca Cell, Danya is vice chair of the Senate Transportation Committee Man this morning there was a hearing on a new funding proposal called Forward Washington. Like the rest of her colleagues. So Dona appeared by zoom and with a fake background, But it was pretty obvious she was driving and at one point she even admitted it. You know, I'm driving my old vehicle right now. And a lot of Washingtonians. You know, I have to drive farther. Third rural communities were told to expect the statement from the senator, but so far we've heard nothing from her about the.