Queen Elizabeth's Sky-Scraping Jubilee 'Tree' Unveiled!

Queen Elizabeth may be small in stature, but she is a towering figure in modern royal history — and today, she was honored with a fitting tribute. The so-called "Tree of Trees," standing 70 ft. tall in honor of the Queen and her astonishing 70 years on the throne, was unveiled outside Buckingham Palace early on Tuesday.
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14 Rooms That Prove Art Can Make or Break a Space

There's no better way to add some personality to a space than with art. But the right art, and how you display it, can either make a room look better or take away from the overall feel. No matter what your décor style is, minimalists, maximalists, and everyone in between can learn some tips from these art-filled spaces.

Platinum Jubilee: Children erect Queen tree sculpture

A giant sculpture made up of baby trees is to be illuminated with 3,500 lights in a night-time ceremony. The structure will be the focal point of a chain of beacons to be lit up to across the world to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The last of 350...

This Brutalist-Meets-Cozy Furniture Style Is Taking Over, and You Can Even Build It Yourself

Maybe it’s supply chain issues — or perhaps fueled by the resurgence of interest in post-World War II Brutalist architecture and forms — but DIYers (Gen Zers and millennials, in particular) have been shopping vintage en masse to furnish their homes alongside building simple furniture out of plain wood and even single sheets of plywood. With their sharp angles and simple, veneer-free finishes, these handcrafted pieces have a severe look but also read as cozy in new contexts, surrounded by disco balls, cloud-like leathers sofas, soft patterned rugs, and squiggle patterns.

Bilbao Unveils Puppy

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao unveils Puppy’s new appearance after a special change of flowers for its 25th Anniversary. The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao has unveiled Puppy’s new image after completing the change in flowers this springtime, a process that is sponsored by Seguros Bilbao, a company that is part of the Catalana Occidente Group. The usual process of replacing the 38,000 plants that cover this floral sculpture, which takes place twice a year, has a different outcome this year thanks to the new design made by the artist Jeff Koons in conjunction with the Museum’s curators to celebrate its 25th Anniversary. This is the first time the sculpture has worn this design.

Senegal's Dakar Biennale: From red swimmers to floating teapots

One of the largest events in the African modern art world, the Dakar Biennale, has returned for its 14th edition - after a four-year gap because of the coronavirus pandemic - featuring hundreds of pieces from artists from around the world. Exhibits have popped up throughout Senegal's capital, including in...

Buckingham Palace sculpture celebrates ‘superhero’ trees

A towering, living Tree Of Trees sculpture in front of Buckingham Palace acts like a beacon sending an “eternal message” that trees are the “superheroes” of our towns and cities, the designer has said.The last branches of the 69ft (21m) tall Platinum Jubilee centrepiece, featuring 350 British-grown trees, were filled on Tuesday morning, with the final piece of trunk being lifted into position on top in the afternoon.Junior foresters visited the Queen’s London home to help complete the creation by planting a batch of 6ft (1.8m) saplings in aluminium pots embossed with the monarch’s cypher.The pots were added to the...

Here's How To Spend One Day in London

London is a popular tourist destination that attracts tens of millions of visitors every year. According to the City of London website, the capital city sees more than 21 million tourists per year. And 19.7 million people visit for just a day. Spending a single day in London may not...