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MIT Sloan Professor Analyzes How Markets Can Be Structured

Financial markets are complex structures, even after attempts to rationalize them - and an MIT Sloan professor offers an insight into how its quirks and behaviors work. Haoxiang Zhu, a Gordon Y. Billard Professor of Management and Finance at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Sloan School of Management, has focused efforts over the last decade to conduct theoretical and empirical studies to shed light on how markets are designed.

Three-Wheeled Flying Car Can Now Legally Operate in European Highways

The three-wheeled flying car made from the Netherlands has acquired the approval to drive on roads, making it legal for them to operate on the highways of the standard cars. The car is named PAL-V Liberty which costs £270,000 (US $349,000). It has been permitted to be registered as a car by Europe's motor vehicle operator, MailOnline reported.

Do Mammals Have Biofluorescent Fur?

Biofluorescence occurs when fluorescent proteins in organisms reflect absorbed light. Previously associated with organisms such as algae, fish, and amphibians, scientists report the first observations of a blue-green hue emitted from the Australian platypus. The study was recently published in the journal Mammalia. This is the first time that scientists...

Lazarus Taxons: 5 Species That Returned From Extinction

In the fields of paleontology, biology, or ecology, the term "Lazarus taxon" refers to a species that disappears for a time - either from the fossil records or directly believed to be extinct - only to return at a later time. Throughout history, animals become irreversibly extinct, which is an...

Here's a Look At November's Stargazing Events

In October, we witnessed the Harvest Moon and a blue moon on Halloween. We were also visited by the galaxy Andromeda which had a spiral appearance similar to the Milky Way. Mars was also present in the night sky as it reached its highest point in the sky at midnight. It was a constant reminder of the current spacecraft missions to the Red Planet and an inspiration for the upcoming human explorations.