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How To Recognize The Signs Of Codependency In Kids & Adults

"Codependency" is a word people throw around quite often, but it's not always used in the proper context. That can make it hard to really know if you or someone you know is displaying clear signs of codependency or if you're just not great at creating healthy boundaries. Moreover, it can sometimes be hard to figure out where your codependent traits originated. Was it a traumatic childhood or an abusive ex? While it's easy to blame overprotective parents, that often ignores some other situations that can trigger codependency.
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7 Best Non-Coffee Drinks At Starbucks For When You Need To Lay Off The Java

Listen, some mornings can only be salvaged by a very large cup of coffee. Big facts. But there are other days when you can get by with simply a delicious drink rather than a boatload of caffeine. Enter: the best non-coffee drinks at Starbucks. Though the chain may specialize in coffee drinks, it also offers a healthy amount of non-coffee drinks (including plenty of tea beverages).
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For The First Time Ever, The Median Age Of Motherhood Is 30

Let’s be real: no matter how many parenting books you’ve read or how much money you’ve saved up, feeling 100% ready to have a baby is rarely in the cards. Still, it makes sense to get your ducks in a row before bringing a new life into this increasingly chaotic world, especially one where the U.S. has stripped away the constitutional right of access to a safe and legal abortion. Now more than ever, proactive family planning is critical, and it appears that more and more women are putting off having children until they are older and more situated in life.

Victoria Beckham Recalls Being Publicly Weighed Two Months After Giving Birth

It might seems like we have a long way to go in terms of the media scrutinizing women’s bodies (and we do), but if you need proof that we’ve at least made baby steps, it’s this horrifying clip from 1999 where British TV and radio personality Chris Evans not only asked Victoria Beckham about how she got her body “back” two months after giving birth to her first child, Brooklyn, but brought out a scale to weigh her on live TV.

Finally, Elmo Gets His COVID-19 Vaccine

The long-time childhood classic show, Sesame Street, continues with its efforts to spread awareness of COVID-19 vaccinations, and their latest content features Elmo himself getting the shot now that kids under 5 are eligible. In a video posted to the show's official Instagram, Elmo is shown having a conversation with his father Louie that encourages families to talk to their pediatricians if they have questions about the shot for younger kids.

Tom Hiddleston and Fiancée Zawe Ashton Are Expecting A Baby

Tom Hiddleston and his soon-to-be wife Zawe Ashton have shared baby news, and they did it in style. The actress arrived with a few fellow co-stars (but not Hiddleston) at the private screening of Mr. Malcom’s List in New York City on Wednesday, in which the paparazzi got more than a red carpet look, they also got confirmation that Ashton was expecting.

Even Holidays Like The 4th Of July Can Be Hard On Your Divorced Friends

When I was married, we visited my ex-husband’s very small hometown every year for the week of the 4th of July. There were lots of barbecues, badminton matches, and lazy days floating in the river watching fireworks from the boat. I looked forward to the trip every year; more importantly, my kids loved it. There was barely any cell reception, and they could spend the day in and out of the water, eating junk food. Their dad took the week off which meant lots of family time. And then we split up.

I’m So Sick Of Overthinking Text Messages — And Everything Else

I sit at the counter, phone in hand, staring at a text message. Someone had reached out with an idea — an invitation to do something. The timing and logistics don’t really work for my family; they need a little tweaking. So I sit, thoughtfully, brainstorming a careful response. I don’t want to seem ungrateful for the offer. I don’t want to offend the sender, but it is important that I speak my truth, and do what works for the six people under my roof. I craft a text, complete with gratitude and an alternative suggestion, and I press send. Ten minutes later the response comes through — ding! — and it reads: “Okay.” Instantly, my mind launches into overdrive.

Why Is Period Tracking Such A Hot Button Topic Post-Roe V. Wade?

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, each passing hour brings new and even more troublesome ways this will affect bodily autonomy. You may have been quick to delete your period-tracking apps to keep your fertility information private. But, now what? With an abundance of apps available, the last few years have made it easier than ever for period-havers to both get pregnant and avoid getting pregnant. These are complicated times, though (to say the least). Period-tracking apps have become something experts are warning period-havers against. And yet, living in a post-Roe U.S. further necessitates period tracking as an extra safeguard against getting pregnant now that safe, legal abortions are banned in many states.

This Ikea Bread Bin Nightstand Hack Will Make You Feel Like A Mid-Century Modern MacGuyver

What do you do when you want an "authentic"-looking mid-century modern nightstand but don't have the wiggle room in your budget to buy two of anything from that period? It turns out furniture genius Ikea, along with a little craftiness, might be your answer. If you feel capable with some glue and a drill, you're all set to follow one TikToker's super easy (and crazy cheap) Ikea hack that turns two bread bins into a petite nightstand.

I Was Not Prepared For Stinky Pits This Early

“Did I forget deodorant today?” I asked myself as my kids ran past me playing hide-and-go-seek in the women’s section of the department store. I stood amidst the clothing and discreetly bent my head toward my armpit to take a sniff. Oh good, not me. “Someone really stinks,” I said to myself, then felt bad about thinking that, as I am always striving to be a less judgmental person.

New Photos From 'Barbie' Movie Set Are Peak '90s Nostalgia

The Barbie excitement just keeps on growing as from the set of the Greta Gerwig directed movie just hit the internet. In the pictures taken in Venice, California, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are Barbie and Ken come to life as they don neon pink and green spandex ensembles and roller skates — their matching bright blond locks glistening in the sun.

50 Boundaries Quotes, Because Saying “No” Is Healthy, Normal, & Necessary

As Shonda Rhimes once said, "No is a complete sentence." Though, she left out the part about "no" being hard to say when you're trying to set boundaries. For instance, if spending quality time together is your love language, you may find it particularly difficult to turn down plans with friends. People who express love through words may have a tough time putting down the phone or knowing when to draw the line during a friend's vent-sesh. But at some point, you have to ask yourself: Is this person reciprocating? Do they pick up the phone when you need advice? Do they respect your me-time and personal space? If not, it may be time to set some boundaries — and boundaries quotes can help you get a sense of why that's so important.

Lauren Conrad Shares Her Personal Story After Roe V. Wade Reversal

In the days following news that the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, women have been coming out in droves to share their personal experiences with pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, loss and life-saving healthcare. One of the public figures to do so was Laguna Beach and The Hills star Lauren Conrad, who opened up about facing pregnancy loss to shed light on the importance of women’s reproductive rights.

Chris Pratt Is Still Broken Up About The Response To His “Healthy Baby” Comment

Chris Pratt has gone from being a lovable Everyman on Parks & Recreation to a chiseled movie star at the center of regular swirls of internet controversy. One of these controversies stems from an Instagram post Pratt made praising his current wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, for, among other things, giving him “a gorgeous healthy daughter” with their child, Lyla, now 2 years old.