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Spirit Halloween store robbed in Millbrae

Four women stole $250 in merchandise from the Spirit Halloween store at 959 El Camino Real in Millbrae Monday afternoon, according to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. At about 1:56 p.m., four women came into the store, took the merchandise and pushed someone while committing the heinous deed. They had a small dog, perhaps a pug, and fled south on El Camino Real in a while Infiniti sedan, according to the Sheriff’s Office.
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San Francisco Fails Equity Test in Tenderloin

Unequal and Disparate Treatment in Progressive San Francisco. San Francisco strives to promote equity. Yet only blocks from City Hall, San Francisco badly fails the equity test. The Tenderloin, a low-income, multi-racial, kid-filled neighborhood in a gentrified city, is unequally and disparately treated in many ways. Most impactful— the Tenderloin...
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This startup says it has found a way to cut the cost of making solar cells in half

Solar power is growing quickly, but it still makes up only around 3% of the world’s electricity production—and to address climate change, that number may need to grow to 60% or more. The supply chain is one of the factors limiting growth: Bottlenecks in the production of key components are slowing down production. But in a lab in Oakland, California, a startup is working on a redesigned solar cell that could cut the cost of manufacturing in half—and make it easier to make solar cells in the U.S. and other parts of the world.
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Opinion: Plan Bay Area misses the mark for the working class

For decades, Bay Area papers have run opinion pieces agonizing over the changing nature of our region: Can artists in the Mission survive a rental market that caters to unicorn tech firms? If NIMBYs turn out in great enough numbers, will local government ignore the possibility of real supportive housing?

The ‘original’ COVID-19 is essentially gone

Of course you know alpha, beta and delta (in Prince-like fashion, the virus previously known as B.1.617.2). But do you know delta AY? And epsilon, gamma, iota, lambda, mu and theta? These variants of SARS-CoV-2 have all been logged in Southern California, and dozens more versions of the virus are circulating across the globe, battling for world domination like tiny Dr. Evils in an Austin Powers movie.
San Mateo Daily Journal

New Public Works director named for Foster City

Louis Sun, most recently the deputy director of Public Works for the city of Pacifica, was named as the next Foster City Public Works director and will start Monday, Nov. 1. Sun has more than 16 years of experience in the public sector and was also the chief plant operator for the city of Pacifica. He is also a part-time adjunct lead faculty for the Water and Wastewater Technology Program at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose. He also worked in the private sector as a design engineer and construction superintendent.

Oregon State Football Depth Chart for Utah Utes

The 5-2 Oregon State Beavers are back on the road this week to face the California Golden Bears in Berkeley, California. Here is a look who the Beavers expect to have ready for Saturday's game per the official two deep depth chart released by Oregon State. NOT A MEMBER? JOIN...

San Francisco's colorful homes were once painted gray

San Francisco is perhaps best-known for two things: its infamous, dripping fog and its colorful homes, painted in every shade, from daring to pastel, of the rainbow. Today, San Francisco’s Victorians and other color-rich homes face a rising threat: the popularity of gray, a trend that threatens to wash over the unique architectural heritage of the city.

Before Comstock Saloon, the historic site was home to a bar frequented by boxers and the mafia

It’s been an unofficial boxing hangout, an illicit speakeasy and a Filipino restaurant across its 114-year history. As Jonny Raglin, co-owner of Comstock Saloon, finishes last-minute touches on his bar on the eve of its grand reopening Tuesday, he reflects on the raucous past behind the space and the slew of businesses that previously ran at the very spot he stands on.

How Much Does the First Year of Homeownership Cost in Large U.S. Cities? – 2021 Study

The first year of homeownership can often be the most expensive, especially when paying a sizable down payment and taking closing costs into account. More times than not, the most affordable places to buy homes are smaller and more rural. But … Continue reading → The post How Much Does the First Year of Homeownership Cost in Large U.S. Cities? – 2021 Study appeared first on SmartAsset Blog.

Alejandro Castillo Llamas Is Making Napa Cabernet With Famous Grapes Planted by His Family

Long before he settled in the Napa Valley and began producing his family wine, Alejandro Castillo Llamas grew up following the harvest cycle. The California-born son of migrant workers from Guadalajara, Mexico, spent much of his childhood with his family, traveling from California’s Coachella Valley, where he was born, up north to Oregon and back down to Mexico picking cherries, pears, olives, and grapes. It was during this period Llamas learned a skill set that would later become the core of his work as a winemaker.