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The truth about Chesa Boudin and San Francisco crime

It's hard to find a local elected official more polarizing than San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin. A progressive prosecutor, child of Weather Underground radicals and subject of a recall campaign, Boudin has become a lightning rod for criticism and the face of the general perception that San Francisco has devolved into lawlessness.
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Former SFPD deputy chief Michael Connolly enters plea on charges he illegally installed himself as chief of small-town police department

This morning, former SFPD deputy chief Michael Connolly pleaded not guilty to all charges alleging he illegally engineered his own election as Broadmoor police chief while also serving as chairman of the Broadmoor police commission. Last week, San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe’s office filed three misdemeanor charges against...
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San Francisco's Taraval Street is a hidden dumpling row

If you walk down Taraval Street in San Francisco’s Parkside neighborhood, the fact that it is dumpling heaven is not apparent at first glance. Beginning on 19th Avenue, you’ll pass restaurants like Mr. Szechuan, House of Pancakes and Sushi Zen, reflecting the neighborhood's many Asian American residents. The street is also home to San Francisco’s only Guilin noodle restaurant.
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Day Around the Bay: Homelessness Dept. Wants $15M So It Can Keep Spending $60K Per Tent Per Year

SF Supervisors continue to balk at the insane price tag for the city's "Safe Sleeping Villages," the staffed tent encampments that are providing makeshift shelter to around 250 homeless people, but the Department of Homelessness wants to keep it going. They're seeking $15 million in the upcoming budget to keep spending $5,000 per month for each tent, which includes the cost of maintaining security, bathrooms, and providing three meals per day. [Chronicle]
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Family of SF Hit-and-Run Victim Files Claim Against City

Six months after Hanako Abe, 27, was hit and killed in a San Francisco cross walk by a parolee, her family is taking action by filing a claim against the city of San Francisco and San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin. They hope will honor their daughter by making the...
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"Enough is enough!" Robbers target restaurant that started reward fund to stop crimes targeting Asians

A well known Asian-owned Bay Area restaurant chain teamed up with police to end Asian hate crimes. Now they've been targeted - again.Golden Gate Media. A Bay Area restaurant group helped set up a reward fund to solicit tips on crimes targeting Asians earlier this year. Now they’re offering their own reward after robbers targeted one of their businesses over the weekend.
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I hiked to a BARTable swimming hole right here in the East Bay

At Don Castro Regional Park in Hayward, you don’t have to venture far for a dip. The swimming hole — it’s called the lagoon — is just steps from the parking lot, which was altogether empty on an early morning this week, save for a few fishers hoping to reel in a big catch before lunchtime.