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Two of the Best Restaurants Around Jackson Square

Jackson Square is a San Francisco neighborhood that can be found right between Embarcadero and Chinatown. It is definitely on the smaller side and actually only consists of a few blocks. Jackson Square is situated right between Washington Street, Columbus Ave, Broadway, and Battery Street with a total area of just under fifteen acres. This neighborhood is special for San Francisco as it is the home to many of the historical buildings that have survived from the 1800's. The area also has a plethora of top quality art and antique dealers around town. While there might be a lot of traffic around the nearby neighborhoods, Jackson Square is extremely quite compared to them. One fun fact is that in the past, the east coast of San Francisco actually started around Battery Street which made Jackson Square one of the neighborhood right along the shoreline a few hundred years ago.
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The 13 Best Seafood Restaurants in San Francisco

From lobsters, oysters, and Dungeness crab to SF’s signature cioppino. Considering our city’s location between the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay, it’s no surprise that we have some of the best seafood in the country. This is especially true for the SF trifecta of Dungeness crab, oysters, and our signature cioppino—an Italian-American fish stew that originated in our fine City by the Bay. But with great seafood comes a great number of standout seafood restaurants. That’s why we’ve fished around to find the very best spots to enjoy the best traditional and creative preparations of crustaceans, mollusks, and other bounties from the ocean. These include a few pricey upscale restaurants, some worthwhile tourist destinations, and a couple of raw bars and crab shacks where you won’t have to, ahem, shell out a ton of clams for an unforgettable seafood feast. Here are our 13 favorite seafood restaurants in San Francisco:
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San Francisco Bars Consider Requiring Proof of Vaccination

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — You could be showing more than ID at some bars in San Francisco soon. They could be asking to see proof that you’re not just 21 but vaccinated against COVID-19 as well. With the Delta variant surging and a huge spike in vaccinated bar staff contracting COVID-19, the San Francisco Bar Owner Alliance is asking a question. “We’re wondering what responsibility we have to our staffs and we absolutely have to do everything in our power to protect them and their families,” said Ben Bleiman. Right now, 82 percent of the owners in the alliance say they support vaccine...

SF Bay Area restaurants are still struggling. Returning customers don't see that.

At Vanessa’s Bistro in Berkeley, owner Vi Nguyen recently encountered a customer who stood in her kitchen doorway to yell at her after a server made a simple mistake. “Not talk, yell,” Nguyen emphasized, sounding increasingly exasperated as she told the story. “This was the beginning of the reopening, and we had a line of takeout orders. Her husband stood at the doorway and was like, ‘She's hungry! She needs her food right now!’”
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7 Bay Area Restaurants Rank in Top 25 List

Four Bay Area restaurants are among the best in the country, according to TripAdvisor users. The annual Traveler’s Choice Best of the Best list announced yesterday ranks San Francisco’s Kokkari Estiatorio in tenth place in the survey’s fine dining category. Three North Bay restaurants also made the top 25, including Valette in Healdsburg at number 17 and Yountville’s French Laundry and Bistro Jeanty at 21st and 22nd respectively. Finishing in first place in TripAdvisor’s fine dining category is the Inn at Little Washington in Virginia.
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Some San Francisco bars and restaurants are requiring proof of vaccination

SAN FRANCISCO - The weekend is almost here and many people are looking for a night out on the town. But in San Francisco, that could mean bringing proof of vaccination against COVID-19. San Francisco's COVID-19 positivity rate has steadily increased over the last month. Now, some restaurants and bars are saying they will require customers to show proof they've been vaccinated before being allowed indoors.

East Bay Eats: An Insider’s Guide to Dublin

The second installment of Diablo’s East Bay Eats online series featured a trip to Dublin’s Amakara, 
a longtime favorite sushi spot. Once again, food 
editor Ethan Fletcher hosted this exclusive deep dive into Dublin’s dining scene, as he was joined 
by sushi bar manager Jonathan Ha in an expert demonstration of the eatery’s signature Spicy Crunchy Rainbow roll. Amakara, which means “sweet and spicy” in Japanese, is beloved for many of its other rolls, grilled edamame, fried calamari, and more. Also in attendance were restaurant 
manager Myly Carpio and Ken Maxey, the director of external affairs at Comcast.
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A Sacramento tiki bar is hosting a Disneyland event this week

The Bay Area has some of the best tiki bars of, well, anywhere — but there’s one kind of tiki bar that not even Trader Vic himself can compete with: the magical Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at Disneyland, the only place in California where every cocktail comes with a taste of the most magical place on earth. The only problem? It’s 400 miles away.
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Where to Find the Best Bars in San Francisco for Recent Graduates

In the city of San Francisco, diversity is one of the most common themes with a huge array of residents and establishments found all over the city. One exception to this trend might be the neighborhood to the north of the city called the Marina District. The Marina District is found right alongside the shoreline on the northern border of San Francisco. The area is beautiful with amazing views right over the water to Alcatraz and the Gold Gate Bridge. The Palace of Fine Arts is also one of the defining landmarks in the neighborhood of the Marina District. Despite the wide array of personalities throughout the city, the type of residents and characters that are commonly found in the Marina District follows strictly along the stereotypes of young frat bros.
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Eight-Story Condo Development With Replacement Grubstake Diner on Ground Floor Wins Planning Approval

Fans of the historic Grubstake diner in Polk Gulch were saddened six years ago when new owners of the property announced plans to raze the building in order to build condos on the site. As these things often go, the project hasn't moved very quickly and the beloved diner has remained open despite an earlier plan to close it in 2017. Now, a finalized project has won its approval, and plans are in place for a new Grubstake on the ground floor.