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WTF California: Totalitarian Behavior, Antioch School Board President Invokes Her Inner Donald Trump

On this episode of WTF California, we discuss the continuation of the debacle of the Antioch Unified School District Board of Education and the rogue behavior of President Ellie Householder. We argue that she runs a meeting in the similar manner as Donald Trump. Antioch School Unions also vote “No Confidence” in Householders abilities. We get into many other things across the state including retail theft in San Francisco, crime, homelessness and other items.
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Report: Trump campaign knew voting machine claims were false

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Former President Donald Trump’s claims of voting machines showing abnormalities were false, according to court documents obtained by the New York Times Monday. Trump’s campaign held a press conference on Nov. 19 — two weeks after the 2020 election — claiming a voting machine company worked...
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How San Francisco neighborhoods voted in the Newsom recall

Gov. Gavin Newsom could always count on his hometown to help him survive the recall. But San Francisco isn’t a monolith, even when it comes to choosing between a Democrat and the likes of conservative talk show host Larry Elder. Just take a look at the latest tally of election...

Woke OCDA candidate Pete Hardin is an L.A. resident and he was caught trashing O.C. voters

(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) – Criminal attorney Pete Hardin was recently caught on tape insulting Orange County and its voters, calling them the “ugly stepchild” to Los Angeles. In addition to the derogatory comments about Orange County, Hardin can also be heard bragging about his plans to buy the election with the help of millions of dollars from the same billionaires and Super PACs that propelled George Gascon to office in Los Angeles, and Chesa Boudin in San Francisco.

SF State professor and recall candidate hosts election party

The California National Party held an election night viewing party for their recall replacement candidate for governor, Michael Loebs, Sept. 21 at a San Francisco bar. Loebs, who has been a political science SF State professor since 2013, conversed and enjoyed drinks throughout the evening at Liquid Gold, a craft beer wine and taproom on Hyde Street.

Nearly 8 in 10 Tiburon Peninsula voters backed Newsom in recall vote

Tiburon Peninsula voters overwhelmingly backed Gov. Gavin Newsom in last week’s failed recall election that attempted to kick the Democrat out of office 15 months early. In fact, despite a number of tight statewide polls and Democratic concerns there would be in-party apathy and Republican enthusiasm at the ballot box, early returns show voters on the peninsula and statewide backed Newsom by a higher percentage on Sept. 14 than they did to put him into California’s top office three years ago.

We Value Your Opinion

Belvedere Residents may be selected to participate in an important poll regarding City matters this week. If you are contacted by e-mail or phone, please take the time to respond to the poll (and please check your spam filter). Thank you!
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Confused about San Mateo change to district elections?

Most voters don’t know what this is all about or why it is necessary. Even though San Mateo and other cities and school districts have gone or are going through the process of informing the community and asking for their input, it is mainly those pushing for these changes who are interested.
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The Right Stuff: Harris a heartbeat from presidency

You had better pray for the health and well-being of President Joe Biden. The alternative is worse, if Biden is mentally or physically incapacitated, resigns, is impeached or is removed by a vote of his own cabinet, the 25th Amendment will replace him with Kamala Harris. Invoking this amendment is a serious matter that has never been tested. It is disingenuous to not discuss Biden’s capabilities to discharge the duties of his office. A professional clinical evaluation of his capabilities is warranted.
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District elections in Millbrae

In December 2020, I sent a letter to the City of Millbrae calling for an immediate transition to district elections (see: Former candidate challenges Millbrae’s election system in the Dec. 9, 2020, edition of the Daily Journal). In the past year, many of our neighbors have begun switching from at-large to district-based elections, including San Mateo, Burlingame and the San Mateo-Foster City School District. Earlier this week, I was informed that the city of Millbrae will change to district-based elections. This is a victory for all who have been restlessly campaigning for more fairness and equity in our local democracies.

School trustees made right call to slow down district election process

Pleasanton school trustees made the right call last week when they took a collective deep breath and slowed the process of switching from at-large elections to district-based elections. Trustees were scheduled to approve district elections at their meeting last week until Joan Laursen raised concerns about the timeline and the...
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Opinion: Election Day recap

According to Google the estimated $3 million special election has come and gone. It was my $3 million and your $3 million the state forced the counties to spend on what turned into a waste of time and money. It was spent trying to oust Governor Nephew from office. I like to call him Gov. Nephew because his aunts are Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein.
San Francisco Chronicle

Letters: Biden must stop oil pipeline's pollution

Pipelines such as Enbridge’s Line 3 oil pipeline replacement project ensure climate catastrophe. The science is clear; we have to stop building fossil fuel infrastructure and start focusing on climate remediation, now. Along with destroying climate, Line 3 will pollute vast stretches of water. It would cross 227 lakes and...

Virginia Voters’ Choice: Forward with Voting Rights Champ for Governor or Backward With Team Trump

Virginia’s voters will pick the state’s next governor in November. The choice couldn’t be clearer and neither could the national implications of this race in a bellwether state. Not only is the Virginia election a curtain-raiser for the midterm elections of 2022, it’s also the biggest test so far of whether the Trumpified GOP can win major races.