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Vaccination rate in Solano County? Dead last among Bay Area and nearby counties.

What is our vaccination rate and how do we compare with other California counties?. The numbers are always changing, of course. And Solano County doesn’t report it on their COVID Dashboard. So I went digging. Pretty interesting…. Los Angeles Times – Tracking coronavirus vaccinations in California. I went to
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SF Bars Now Requiring Proof of Vaccination

COVID-19 numbers in the Bay Area have been trending up and bars in San Francisco are reacting accordingly. If you're planning to visit the city this weekend, you might want to carry your vaccination card as many bars are now requiring to see proof of immunization. Aside from your ID...
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Solano County,

Solano County at 55.6% vaccinated, 7-day average of 15.6 daily cases per 100K residents

[Editor: Among California counties, Solano currently ranks near average in percent vaccinated (55.6%), and well above average in 7-day cases per 100K residents (15.6). See chart below. -R.S.]. COVID spreading fast in well-vaccinated California counties. Cases falling in counties with below-average vaccination. Vallejo Times-Herald, by John Woolfolk & Harriet Rowan,...
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East Bay Health Workers Battle COVID Vaccine Misinformation, Hesitance

HAYWARD (KPIX) — The Delta variant is allowing COVID-19 to make a comeback and health officials are scrambling to convince those who are hesitant to get vaccinated. On Saturday, across the East Bay, there were events offering incentives for people to get the shot. The fight against the coronavirus is now being waged neighborhood by neighborhood such as at a small pop-up event in Hayward’s Cherryland District. “Those big mega-centers started dwindling in numbers so now it’s really going to those hard-to-reach communities and going out where they’re at — not having them come to us,” said clinic organizer Denize Maldonado. A community...
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Lesson from a 107-year-old man who is now fully vaccinated

Sky Link TV, a Chinese television station in San Francisco, produced a video of wheelchair bound Shek-Woon Ng getting his second shot of the COVID-19 vaccine in June 2021. Ng is 107 years old and has been homebound in recent years. He retired at the age of 99 from his acupuncture practice located on Stockton Street in Chinatown. His son, Jonathan Ng, was hesitant about giving his elderly father the vaccine, initially. “The main reason we got it is that my mom got vaccinated first,” he admitted. His mom, Fung Chow Ng, is 80 years old. “I feel relieved now,” she said on camera after her husband received his vaccine jab.
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Should vaccinated people wear masks indoors?

With the highly infectious delta coronavirus variant spreading at an alarming rate, the World Health Organization in late June 2021 urged people to again wear masks indoors — even those who are fully vaccinated. And on July 15, Los Angeles County, California, announced that it would again require masking up in public indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status. This was followed by a recommendation — though not a mandate — from seven Bay Area counties for all to again don masks in public indoor settings.
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If college campuses are embracing vaccine mandates, businesses should, too

This article is from Capital & Main, an award-winning publication that reports from California on economic, political, and social issues. When it’s isolated and examined, the decision by the University of California almost looks courageous: Get vaccinated or you’re not allowed on any UC campus this fall. This is a policy, after all, that will almost certainly lead to some protest, and it automatically invites national scorn from conservative media moneymakers and dedicated anti-vaxxers.