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Samsung shares more details about its HDR10+ Adaptive technology

The latest high end smart TVs from Samsung come with HDR10+ Adaptive technology and Samsung has now shared some more details about the technology. The HDR10+ Adaptive feature is designed to adjust tour picture and provide you with the same picture quality and lighting etc when the light around your home changes, rooms lighting change of a regular bases due to sunlight and other factors. The photo below shows us how the technology works with changing light conditions.
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Interview: Commerce secretary on U.S. chip crisis

Making more semiconductors in the U.S. is an urgent matter of both economic and national security, commerce secretary Gina Raimondo told Axios on Wednesday. Why it matters: The U.S., which once accounted for more than a third of global chip production, now makes just 12%. The big picture: It's not...
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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4’s sleek design teased in detailed leak

Samsung is apparently gearing up to share its newest smartwatch OS at virtual Mobile World Congress (MWC) next week, and new leaks may have given us a look at the hardware. High-quality renders purport to show off the upcoming Galaxy Watch Active 4, a sleek wearable that’s slated to follow up the Galaxy Watch Active 2.
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LG Velvet 2 Pro leaks show what would have been LG’s last hurrah

LG’s exit from the smartphone market evoked mixed reactions. On the one hand, it wasn’t exactly surprising given the company’s ailing mobile business, but, on the other hand, it was still a sad fate to befall one of the former giants of that industry. Despite its best efforts, LG wasn’t able to make its last phones a reality, including what would have been the world’s first commercial rollable phone. It also canceled the more “normal” LG Velvet 2 Pro, codenamed LG Rainbow, which suddenly popped up out of nowhere to give LG fans a glimpse of what could or should have been.

Developers break ground on 425-acre mixed-use development in Northeast Austin

AUSTIN ( -- Developers broke ground Tuesday on a massive mixed-use development in northeast Austin. The 425-acre EastVillage development, set on East Parmer Lane across from Samsung's corporate complex, will feature a blend of urban density, parkland, single and multi-family residential, and restaurant, retail, and entertainment venues. Developers say the...
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We asked, you told us: Your smartphone still has a headphone port

The headphone port has become a rare sight on flagship phones, with the likes of Asus and Sony being among the few manufacturers launching high-end phones with the 3.5mm port. Otherwise, brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and others have all ditched it on their flagships. We still see it on...
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The Morning After: Remembering the iconic Nintendo 64, 25 years on

Released in Japan 25 years ago, the Nintendo 64 was the company’s last cartridge-based home console before the switch to optical discs — followed more recently by a subsequent ‘Switch’ back to cartridges and downloadable games. The N64 also introduced players to the joys of awkwardly placed joysticks. And then...
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OnePlus Nord CE 5G review: stripped down, stripped back

One year after OnePlus loudly stepped into the midrange and entry-level phone market with the OnePlus Nord, it’s back with the OnePlus Nord CE 5G. That “CE” at the end of its name stands for “Core Edition.” OnePlus claims the new phone strips back some of its predecessor’s less necessary features to focus on offering its “core” features at a more affordable price, similar to what Samsung offers with its “FE” (fan edition) devices.
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OnePlus Nord CE 5G vs. Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

The OnePlus Nord CE 5G (“Core Edition”) is the latest entry in OnePlus’ Nord range of budget smartphones. For a price tag of only $420, it provides a substantial 4,500mAh battery, an impressive 6.43-inch AMOLED display, 5G support, and some highly usable software. It’s a very strong phone for the price, but in a world where surprisingly great budget phones are becoming more common by the month, it faces some stiff competition.
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TCL’s 20 Pro 5G phone now works wirelessly together with TVs, PCs, and tablets

TCL Communications has announced a multiscreen software platform, called Multi-Screen Collaboration, for the TCL 20 Pro 5G smartphone, which will arrive as an update for the recently announced device in the near future. It opens up the ability for the phone to integrate with a compatible television, tablet, or computer. Think of the functionality as being similar to Huawei’s Huawei Share, Samsung’s DeX, and even Google’s Chromecast.

20 Essential Photography Tips For Beginner Photographers

Starting out in photography can be really confusing. There is so much stuff to learn, so many things to do, and so many resources to read, not to mention the insane amount of people screaming opinions at you all the time. It’s hard to fight through all the noise. To...
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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 leaks, ready for 2021

A few images were shared this week that show a device called Galaxy Watch Active 4. If the rumored device ends up being made, revealed, and released by Samsung, it’ll likely be the first of the smartwatches released after the public announcement of Google and Samsung’s teaming up for smartwatch / wearables software. This device will likely look very similar to the images we’re seeing here – maybe a few tones brighter or darker, but similar.

TCL's OLED wearable display will finally launch next month

Chinese electronics manufacturer TCL is launching its long in-the-works wearable display next month in Australia with more regions to follow. The announcement precedes the company's Mobile World Congress showcase, where it will also reveal a new multi-screen software for the TCL 20 Pro 5G phone, an upcoming smartwatch, an outdoor 5G router for operators and a bunch of affordable smartphones.