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All he wants for Christmas is a Home

I met an old, brown-skinned man. His head had charcoal-colored eyebrows, silver-colored hair, and a white, scruffy beard. A half-smoked cigar smoldered in one hand, and he held a shot of tequila in the other. A red, blue, and green shawl wrapped over his shoulders.
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The Return of the Stay-at-Home Dad

My daughter's mother, my ex, died. The news stopped the flow of blood to my head. The funeral was to happen in 48 hours. I scrambled to find the quickest way back to Minnesota from Bali, Indonesia. I told my daughter to do the best she could with the funeral arrangements until I got there.
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Water Damage Repair Company (service Restoration Orono) is Looking To Hire a Project Coordinator

A water damage repair company in Orono is looking for a water damage project coordinator to work in their office. This position is long-term and comes with a great salary and benefits. A minimum of 4 years of experience in water damage repair is required. The right person will be responsible for managing and assisting contractors, coordinating and leading day-to-day operations of the company, and overseeing the daily tasks and events that keep our company running. For those who are interested in supporting a team that's service-oriented and values its employees, then we encourage them to apply!

The June 15, 1933 Kidnapping of Hamm's Brewery President William Hamm Jr.

SAINT PAUL, MN - Members of the Barker-Karpis Gang kidnapped Hamm's Brewery President William Hamm he walked from his office to have lunch with his mother. At about 12:45 p.m. on June 15, 1933, four men seized the grandson of Theodore Hamm near Greenbrier Street and Minnehaha Avenue East in Saint Paul and pushed him into the back seat of a nearby black sedan. Mr. Hamm was forced to lie down on the floor of the car and a white hood was thrown over his head. The car then drove off.

Water Damage Repair Company is Looking to Hire a Project Manager

A Water Damage Repair Company in Maple Grove, MN, is growing fast and is looking to fill the position of Project Manager with someone who is not only experienced with managing projects but also has full licenses of the company, including the ability to legally operate machinery used for the company. The company is looking for someone who can work from Monday to Friday between 9 to 5 but is flexible with hours since this position also involves being on call for emergency assignments.

Water Damage Repair company is hiring Mitigation Technicians in Bloomington, MN.

Water Damage Repair company is hiring mitigation technicians in Bloomington, MN!. An established and growing water damage repair company in Bloomington, Minnesota, is looking for an experienced professional to fill the position of Field Technician. This company is currently ranked among the fastest-growing restoration companies in Minnesota and is looking to expand its team even further. The ideal candidate would be responsible, dependable, and have a good eye for detail. They are also looking for someone who is licensed, professional, and of good character. This position will have excellent job benefits and a very competitive salary of up to $50,000/yr.

History of Gramma B's in Northeast Minneapolis (1979 - 1984)

Gramma B's opened for business at 1900 Marshall St NE in Northeast Minneapolis in December 1979. To open his own place, its owner, 31-year-old Tony Benincasa, sold his stake in Goofy's, a bar located near downtown Minneapolis. Its four-year history showed an immensely popular, albeit rough place, loved by a rowdy bar crowd and reviled by the surrounding neighborhood.

Vikings V Chargers | WK10 NFL 2021

Vikings sealed the win against the Chargers in convincing fashion. Justin Jefferson is looking like one of the leagues best, going off for 143 yards. The Vikings defense deserves just as much credit as the offense, holding Justin Herbert to 195 passing yards and forcing an interception. Chargers don't look like the same team they did earlier in the season. Eventually they'll have to turn the tied or we'll soon see them preparing for next season. There's plenty of talent on the roster but it might be lack of depth or coaching that could be the issue. #NFL #AmericanFootball #Chargers #Vikings Twitch: Hallonmars1

St. Paul Passes Rent Control

Rent control, according to a Swedish economist, "appears to be the most efficient technique currently known to destroy a city—apart from bombing." We may soon witness the consequences of rent-control laws that are currently in effect in St. Paul, Minnesota, which is a major metropolitan area.

Famous Celebrities From Minneapolis, MN

Many famous people have called Minneapolis home at some point in their lives. Talent isn't limited to places like New York or Los Angeles; it can exist anywhere. This is a quick look at just some of the talented people that come from Minneapolis. Some were born here, some lived here for just a short while, but the city was an important part of their development.

Free Training About Crime Victim Services in Minneapolis

A Biohazard and cleanup of crime scenes service provider located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is organizing a free seminar about the services available to victims of crime in Minneapolis on September 16th, at 10 am in the company's conference hall. Biohazard Pro Minneapolis will hold the event. It will lead attendees through their in-house course that provides helpful guidelines for biohazard remediation, trauma cleanup, and crime scene cleanup.