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Metallica's Miracle: Beating Iron Maiden Was Unimaginable, Anthrax's Scott Ian Says

Metallica is a heavy metal group renowned for its aggression and volume. In 1981, it was founded in Los Angeles, with Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo as the active band members today.. Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield were also among the band's early members. They have gained tremendous reputation in the music industry and have a vast fan base. Since 1981, their music career has been more or less, stable - and so is their income streams.
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Coheed and Cambria on new album, cruise life, evolving sound

NEW YORK (AP) — It’s a rock musical space odyssey. Star Wars goes to Warped Tour, all grown up. And it’ll make you want to dance. Coheed and Cambria’s “Vaxis II” is a sprawling 13-track prog-rock symphony, out Friday. The latest in a long line of concept albums, set to the backdrop of the comic book series “The Amory Wars,” that the band has been building on for more than two decades.
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Why Bob Dylan Recorded Songs That Will Be Sold to One Owner

Bob Dylan collaborator T Bone Burnett explained why the pair had recorded a series of songs to be released on a “one-of-one” basis. The first of those, a new version of “Blowin’ in the Wind,” will be auctioned on July 7 and it’s expected to sell for between $700,000 and $1,200,000. It’s recorded on a format being marketed under the brand name Ionic Originals, based on a hybrid medium that’s said to use the best elements of CD and vinyl to generate a more faithful reproduction of the performance.

Behind the Band Name: Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode roughly translates to “fashion news” in French, and the band name was pulled from the now-defunct fashion magazine Depeche Mode. The earliest formation of Depeche Mode formed in Basildon, England in 1977 with classmates Andy Fletcher, who was finding his way around an instrument at the time and eventually landed on bass (later transitioning to keyboards), and Vince Clarke on guitar and vocals.

The Dreadnoughts’ New Album ‘Roll & Go’ Is About ‘Brotherhood’ When Facing New Adventures

After years of being scattered across the world and unable to move due to lockdown, The Dreadnoughts are itching to taste the freedom of the road. That eagerness is found in the band’s fifth album, Roll and Go. Out today (June 24) on Stomp Records, Roll and Go is a Celtic splash of accordion-fueled punk dynamite. The band – Nicholas Smyth (Accordion, Guitars, Lead Vocals), Marco Bieri (Drums, BG Vocals), Andrew Hay (Bass), Kyle Taylor (Piano, BG Vocals, Violin), and Aled Jenkins (Mandolin, Bouzouki, BG Vocals) – have come together for a burst of energy, a loud, raucous bash of a barnburner where everyone is invited to join the part.

Wolf Alice review, Glastonbury 2022: Rock band call on their reserves after almost missing Pyramid Stage set

Of all the bands spearheading the indie revival, none shapeshift quite like Wolf Alice. Theirs is a palimpsest of styles: some shoegaze here, some garage rock there. Folk, grunge and electronica also fall into the mix.Emerging at a time when guitar music was becoming increasingly moribund, they’ve done pretty well to get where they have. Three top-five records (the last of which went to No 1). A Mercury prize. A Brit award. A Grammy nomination. Key to their alchemy is frontwoman Ellie Rowsell, whose flair for storytelling is matched by a voice that can flit from shimmering falsetto to brawling...

Freddie De Tommaso, Anna Harvey & Asmik Grigorian Lead CD/DVD Releases

This week audiences will get to hear the second album by one of the rising tenors in the opera world as well as world premiere recordings and a DVD recording of a Wagner work. Supertrain Records is set to release Jeff Beal’s titular song cycle performed by the brilliant soprano Hilá Plitmann and Eastman Philharmonia and conducted by Leonard Slatkin. The text derived from Beal’s own great-grandmother’s memoirs about life as a widowed mother of six in Idaho at the turn of the 21st century. The album also contains “Things Unseen,” a piece that explores mysticism and superstition, performed by the New Hollywood String Quartet.

Sam Fender review, Glastonbury 2022: Radio-targeted, entry level guitar rock

“Me and the boys have never been here before,” Sam Fender admits, and perhaps three or four members of his field-filling Pyramid Stage audience might be surprised. His music isn’t exactly steeped in the psychedelic ciders or 12th-dimensional mindset of this mystic vale. Rather, it’s radio-targeted, entry level guitar rock, The Courteeners with training wheels. We’d politely call it “playlist indie”, a cheekbone-led phenomenon that has evolved from the glut of post-Oasis anthem rock and the monumental success of stadium folk dullards Mumford & Sons. It’s conquered Reading & Leeds and, judging by Fender’s vast and enthusiastic crowd, he’s the...